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Message From The Parish Priest

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Sunday 4th March 2007


My Dear People,

We have Father Ryan of the Columban Fathers this weekend who is making an appeal for the Missions at all the Masses in St Kentigerns and he will come later on to St Edwards. He is very welcome and I am sure you will give him a generous reception.

A great piece of news for St Kentigern's and for the whole Irish community in Manchester was the IRISH WORLD 20th Anniversary NEWSPAPER AWARD to Kevin Fitzpatrick the Manager and Director of the Social Club for his services to the Community. The Awards Ceremony was like the Oscars at the Galtymore in Cricklewood, London on Monday.

He was the only person to receive an Award from the North West. In the citation it was awarded for the great work he has done for the Community whilst being Director of the Social Club for sponsoring GAA Sport teams, for conducting Auctions for Charity which has raised thousands of pounds and for establishing the Golf Society which has run events which has raised huge sponsorship for Irish Community Care in Manchester.

It was a star studded evening with Joe Dolan and Henry Kelly getting an award and Dana and so many from stage and screen and music. I have no space to mention. I was there with Kevin's mother, Mary and his close family and friends and collaborators. You can see for yourself the beauty of the actual award Globe. It is a work of art in Glass and you can view it near Our Lady's side. I am so proud that our Kevin has been recognised by the wider community by this prestigious award and whoever nominated him deserves our heartfelt thanks for it could not go to a more worthy gentleman. Well done Kevin.

Well Lent is well and truly with us now - the second week. The Gospel of the Transfiguration demonstrates many layers of meaning. Christ is the Second Moses whose face shone so brightly when he had spoken to God that he had to cover his face with a veil and here we have the Divine Son whose whole body and garments take on a light Brighter than the sun according to the witnesses, Peter, James and John.

Remember too that these same three were the ones our Lord asked to stay closely by him in the Agony in the Garden. They witnessed him sweating blood. Our Blessed Lord realised that Peter, James and John, Pillars of the apostolic community, would be greatly stressed by the sight of their Master in his Agony and his Passion. Here he strengthens their understanding of his Mission by showing him talking to Moses and Elijah - "The Law and the prophets", in case they should doubt that he fulfils them in his coming Passion.

THE THREE APOSTLES EXPERIENCED THE VEIL HIDING OUR LORD'S DIVINITY BEING DRAWN BACK. They were so deliriously happy that Peter cried out - let us just stay here. But it was to end and the cloud disappeared , the Voice of the Father saying "This is my bellowed Son - listen to him" was silent and only Jesus stood there with them and commanded them to tell no one until after his resurrection and of course they had not a clue what he was telling them but they did afterwards.

We too will see "afterwards". There is no growth without the Cross. There is no light without the darkness and no heaven if we have not passed through the passion with the Redeemer. We have to die to sin and live to Him. That is what all of life is about and we focus on this constant truth in Lent. Remember the Lenten Message of Pope Benedict to "gaze upon the One who has been pierced" and let us do it.

God Bless,

Fr Tom Connolly


CHILD PROTECTION: would all who attended the meeting on Tuesday please collect the Declaration from the sacristy and fill the long one in and place it in the sealed envelope. I will take them to the diocese. You may still attend with the other other form for you to fill, to one of the other meeting with the Team from the diocese at St Bernardette's or St Joseph's Longsight - see the list for times. Sorry about the mess up.