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Message From The Parish Priest

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Sunday 8th April 2007


My Dear People,

First of all - happy Easter to you all.

In the ancient and haunting hymn of Easter praise to the new Paschal candle - the priest singing the EXSULTET proclaims the follows wonderful phrase:


That is my wish for you all on this Easter Day. It has been a Holy Week full of intense spiritual activity and inward graces. The Procession with our Bishop from St Edwards to St Kentigerns with the Cross of the Youth for Sydney was a truly wonderful occasion with so many youth from all parts of our diocese and such a mixture of adults with the children and babes in arms and pensioners. Even tow dogs came with their owners! Thank you all parishioners for such great support locally. Father Flynn (who is going to Sydney in 2008) reckoned there was about 300 + on the procession. It was a joyful witness and the sun shone on us all the way and yet it was nice and cool - Perfect Procession weather. Maybe we should have a May Procession on the same route or even a Corpus Christi Procession?? A thought I leave you with.

It was the anniversary of the late and much revered Pontiff - John Paul II during the week on the 2nd April. Pope Benedict spoke so beautifully of him at the Audience that day. He talked about his sanctity beginning in his youth and one which faced such terrible trials as the Nazi occupation and the death camps. He spoke of the witness he bore to Christ in the world - travelling the earth to bring this witness to Christ. He spoke of his love for the youth and his belief in them and that in decline he was transformed as was Christ to his finest hours - as he lived the suffering of Jesus in his own body as his strength left him. The "aroma" of sanctity exuded from him as those who worked closely with him , witnessed. Finally he taught the world to die well and the whole world tried to come to his funeral. The Pope, Benedict XVI, was saying these words in Holy Week of course and linking them to the Easter joy of the late Pope's life so that in the end his soul soured straight to God. Already at his funeral the people were proclaiming him a saint. A nun in France has recently been cured miraculously of Parkinson's in the a very advanced state and I would urge you to pray to the late Pope for favours. I have experienced a great favour from him in the last year for a rather tragic young man whose life was saved after I had blessed him with a relic of Pope John Paul.

Thus the reality of the Resurrection dimension shows itself in the life of the Communion of Saints. The Risen Lord's presence is everywhere in the Church just as it was in these first days of the Resurrection. Our Lord kept appearing to groups of disciple and to Peter himself in a one-to-one. He constantly comes to us in the sacraments, in the teaching , in the daily lives of fellow believers and in the prayers we utter and the words we hear in church. HE IS TRULY RISEN - NEVER TO DIE AGAIN AND WE WILL REIGN WITH HIM.

Enjoy the Joy.

Father Tom Connolly

THANKS to all the organisers of the Procession and Youth celebration on Palm Sunday on both ends!

FEAST OF THE DIVINE MERCY: Sunday 15th April at St Catherine's School Lane at 3pm all welcome - See the Poster in the porch.

CATHOLIC CHILDREN'S RESCUE SOCIETY. CHARITY DINNER DANCE FOR THE RESCUE. FRIDAY 20TH APRIL. The Alma Lodge Hotel, 149 Buxton Rd Stockport SK2 6EL. From 7.30pm Dress lounge suit - tickets 24 - see notice Board for tickets. Please support this excellent charity for our orphans.