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Sunday 13th May 2007


My Dear people,

After Father Flynn's great editorial last week on the history of his vocation a good few people have given me more towards the Seminary Fund so we have nearly reach 1000. I am sure we will make it soon.

This Sunday at 4pm St Edward's children will Confirmed and next Sunday 20th May at 4pm St Kentigern's children will be confirmed. Pray for them in this holy time of their lives when they are sealed with the Gift of the Breath of Life. They will need all the graces they can receive if they are to remain militant for Christ and remain steadfast on Christ's side against the snares of the devil.

The Gospel tell us that if we love Jesus Christ he will come to dwell within us with the Father and the Holy Spirit for where he, Christ is, the Two Divine Persons are also present.

Notice our Blessed Lord says - "we shall make our home with him/her". What an extraordinary thing this indwelling of the Living God is in the human soul. God makes his HOME within us through our Love for Jesus. The source that Baptism opens up within the human soul and body is tremendous and our Lord thought we were worth dying for.

One gets the impression that those who rule us have contempt, not love for us. They want to suppress God's indwelling in the soul of humanity so that man becomes coarsened in his behaviour as he departs from the indwelling of God. That is the way our society seems to be going and the blind lead the blind as those in the ruling class keep repeating the same immoral legislation with terrible results. Society is not cured of its ills but made worse. It cannot survive for it is doomed to destruction. Pope John Paul called it "the culture of Death".

The second thing we can take away today from the Divine Teaching is the promise of Christ that he would send the Holy Spirit to remind the Church of "everything I have said to you."

The sublime and authoritative teaching of the Church comes from that Promise and mandate. The Catholic Church teaches all the things which Christ wants us to know for it is especially gifted with this promise.

Modern moral problems face us which have never been problems before - they are the result of new advances in knowledge and skills. Many of them have to be scrutinised to see if they are according to the Divine Will. After great reflection of its Tradition - coming down from the Apostles, the Church Teaches with the Divine Authority and it will not be mistaken. That is a great gift in an age where anything goes.

Already in the Acts of the Apostles Paul and Barnabas take on those who were in error about how much the new Christian were to adopt Jewish rites and they took it to the highest authority and got such teaching rules as error. That is what the Church does when it thinks there is error or immorality. The Catholic Church today is struggling with the reassignment of genders for example done by Governments who are totally blind to the Divine and Natural Law. They are doomed for this and like the Communist and Fascist laws of the 1930's their false legislation will one day be swept away as mankind finds its feet again, free from such grave errors. Remember though it was only the Pope who weighed into the Nazis with their "pure race" notions. Pope Pius XI's letter condemning such laws was banned in Germany and had to be smuggled in under the noses of the SS. It is still happening in our own land and those who believe in the Christian revelation will be prosecuted for believing in morality. Watch this space!!

You will come and visit me in Strangeways won't you?

Come O Holy Spirit - fill the hearts of the Faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love.

God Bless,

Father Tom Connolly

DEAF This week is the International Deaf awareness week in the Church - "what did he say?" Those of you with hearing aids should know by now that we have the Loop system and you should switch your hearing aid to P and you will hear us clergy breathe and swear at the altar servers!!


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Fr Chris Dawson of St Augustines is running the Manchester Marathon for Cafod with 10 of his students. It is for famine relief in Daarfur. See the sponsor ship forms in the porch and take one and get your family and friends to sponsor him.

Bidding Prayers


Priest: Christ has promised to make his home with the Father and the Holy Spirit within the hearts of the faithful. May we be worthy homes and welcome his Divine presence with all our hearts as we turn to the Living Father in his Son's name.

Reader: We pray for the Universal ministry of Pope Benedict during his Apostolic visit to the great nation of Brazil - we pray that the spread of the false religious sects in Brazil may be halted by the Pope's witness to the Divine Master. Lord, in your mercy. Hear our Prayer.

For our country as it faces new political developments - that our we may remain secure and at peace. Lord in your mercy.

For all those who lack a home, a house and shelter - that through our good works and the spread of just institutions - all may find their dignity upheld and find a place to make a home. Lord in your mercy.

The Twelve Foundation stones described in the Book of Revelation are symbol of the 12 apostles - we pray for their successors as the Bishops ordain men to the priesthood at this time. We pray for all those new priests and the great work they will do in bringing God to the multitude. Keep them faithful and true. Lord hear us.

For all the children of St Edwards who will be confirmed this afternoon - that they will be faithful to the Gift bestowed on them. Lord in your mercy.

For the McCann family and their little girl Madeline - that she be found safe and well and restored to her grieving parents and sisters. Lord in your mercy.

That God may heal and restore those of our community who are sick and inform:- John Rooney, Mary Boylan, Stephen Tivnan, Elaine Farrelly,, Bridget Mooney, Ged Mannion, Madge Mahoney, Tom Lynch, Ester White, Lord in your mercy.

For all those who have been called from this life recently: The young girl Kamilah Peniston, David Francis Roebuck, Brendan Forkan, Margaret Anderson, Sarah Lindley, James Neary, Mary Kerrigan, Brendan Walsh, Susan McCann


For those whose anniversaries fall about this time... Margaret Dunne, Sarah Byrne, Margaret Collins, Eileen Lally.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

Priest: O God of Tender mercy and eternal faithfulness, bring your divine presence to abide constantly within us and hear and answer our heartfelt prayers. Through Christ our Lord . Amen.