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Sunday 16th September 2007



My Dear People,

Today can I thank you for your generosity to Fr. John Chiman. St Kentigern's gave 380 . He is overwhelmed by your kindness from both parish communities and he thanks you. Some have even asked him in they can sponsor a poor child's education in his parish on a regular basis. That is what we call solidarity isn't it? Well done everyone. Father departs on Thursday after Mass to spend a few days with relations in Coventry-Birmingham and then he returns to his village parish. Thank you Father John for all the help you have been and for sharing with us the experience you have of serving the Master in India.

Today we have three parables of God's tender and loving mercy. Our children learn two of them for their First Confession. They learn about the Lost Sheep and the rejoicing over the One out of the Hundred which left the flock but was found. They then learn about the Prodigal Son too and the love of his father for him despite his terrible betrayal. In this I tell you the children rejoice for they begin to learn then about the mercy of God.

Only Jesus Christ - the Son of God - the Word made flesh who has come from the Father - come from Heaven itself - only He can really tell us accurately the disposition of the "heart and mind of God" towards the sinner.

Some would say that the Father is too soft with the prodigal son who has wasted his father's money and property on a really sinful lifestyle . After all the elder brother tells us what the younger one spent his money on and he was right. However Jesus Christ tells us that the father's attitude to the younger son is one of profound and tender love, pity and compassion.

The father looked out for him each day. When the son appeared on the horizon, feeling so sorry for himself and hoping he will be let back in the household as a servant - the father actually runs out to him and embraces him and kisses him and smothers him really with love.

He does not "deserve" it - of course not. You might say the father would be justified in giving him a bit of a cold shoulder for a few days and making him sweat. However - that is not God's heart to the sinner - no matter how grave the sin. He wants the sinner back. Jesus has paid the price of our sins with his Blood so we do not have to "pay the fine" as it were. He has paid the price. The son came back because he had had a enough of bad living and was reduced to being a beggar. Well the humility needed to come and say sorry without condition to your father having sinned so seriously against him is itself a sign of the young man's true sorrow. What caused him to return was poverty and hunger and guilt but he knew in some way that his father would not shut him out. May be he was a bit surprised at the ease with which the father received him. It is a favourite subject of great painters - "The Prodigal's Return". It is the greatest parable of Jesus on the forgiveness of God and we must do likewise must we not with our children?

Read it and read it again and be consoled by it and you prodigal sons and daughters out there - take note and do likewise. You are one Confession away from reunion with the Heart of Jesus who is the harbour of all hearts and their consolation and only hope. AMEN to that.!!

Father Tom Connolly P.P.

Mike Connolly, my brother is doing very well since his heart attack. and thanks you as I do for all your prayers for him. Fr T.C.

FOUNDATION GOVERNORS FOR CATHOLIC SCHOOLS. The Bishop has asked me to ask you if you would like to put yourselves forward as candidates to be nominated by him as Foundations Governors. You are appointed by the Bishop to be a majority on the Governing Body to ensure fidelity to the principles of Catholic education. See me or Fr. Flynn if you are interested. It involves three meetings or four per academic year. A course of preparation is available soon if you would care to do it but not mandatory.

CATHOLICS AND ECUMENISM to be held in St Patrick's Livesey Street on Oct 3rd at 7.30pm. Mgr Paul Smith. Greater Manchester Churches Together. Anglican-Catholic Dialogue. Thursday 20th September at St John's Cathedral Rooms. At 7.30pm: "The Grace Given you in Christ", Thursday 11th October St John's Cathedral Rooms at 7.30pm. Just turn up.

UNIT MANAGER wanted - CATHOLIC CHILDREN'S RESCUE SOCIETY. CLOSING DATE 21ST SEPT 37 hours + sleep in duties. SCP 27-31 =21,588 - 24,708 . Apply @ Phone 445 7741

OUR LADY OF WALSINGHAM ASSOCIATION CELEBRATION AT SALFORD CATHEDRAL. MONDAY SEPT 24TH ROSARY AT 7.00PM MASS AT 7.30 PM. MAIN CELEBRANT IS MGR MARK DAVIES VICAR GENERAL. After Mass - refreshments. Date for your diary: Next Years Pilgrimage to Walsingham with our Diocese is Saturday 24th May 2008.

TWENTY SOMETHINGS In your 20s? Looking to meet up with other Catholics of your age. The Twenty somethings do walks, meals, prayers, parties, football, holidays, weekends away and pilgrimages etc. to get copy of programme txt or ring Clare on 07950 202 205 or email

Bidding Prayers

Bidding prayers for 24th Sunday of the Year cycle c 07.


Reader: That the Fruits of the International Youth Gather with the Pope in Sydney in 2008 will be born out in the Christian life of the Youth of the Church and so show the Church to be eternally youthful. Lord hear us.

For the great work of the St Barnabas Society - in helping clergy of other communions to embrace the Catholic Faith - that they may prosper and that many others might embrace their way of Conversion to the Roman and Apostolic Faith. Lord hear us.

We pray for family life and especially for the unity of the home. We pray for spouses that they may always make up and forgive - for the offspring- that they make up and forgive after quarrels and that they help to create a peace and goodness in the home. Lord hear us.

For the mercy of God to be more widely known and acclaimed on this Sunday of the Prodigal Son - that sinners may have the confidence to return and that enemies be reconciled. Lord hear us.

On this Home Mission Sunday that all who work truly for good of the Church and for its mission in our islands may be blessed with fruitfulness - we pray especially for those who catechise in our parish communities adults and children. Lord hear us.

For all the sick that our Lord's healing hand may touch them and strengthen them: Eileen Chapman, Elizabeth Wallace. Lord hear us.

For all who have died recently that they may know God's Mercy: John Langtree, Aloysius McNally and for all whose anniversaries fall about this time: Martin Tivnan (VIGIL), Helen O'Keefe (11am) Norma Clavin, Mary Clarke, Mary Bilocha, Vera Jennings and the dead of the September Eleventh Terrorist attack in the USA and Jack Whitley.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Mary is known as the Mother of Mercy, may her prayers assist her children as we cry in out in our need ...Hail Mary, full of grace.

Priest: It is your will Lord God to show us your mercy and love. Grant that with this help from on high we may find the courage to seek you and your will with all our hearts. Grant these prayers and petitions through Christ our Lord. Amen.