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Sunday 17th June 2007


Today (Miss Roddy's) and next week at 11am Mass our St Kentigerns children will receive their First Holy Communion and then on the third week the children of St Edwards will receive their First Communion. So it is a feast of First Communions at this time of the year - near the feast of Corpus Christi.

I can still remember my First Holy Communion at English Martyrs, Whalley Range in 1955. I was Miss Branston's Class and how I bless the Lord for such a good Catholic Teacher. People like Miss Branston and Miss Hedwig (God reward them) were like bright lights in the constellation. They never frightened us and they were so kind to us even though there was 49 in our class and none of us showered daily in those days!!

How they taught the Faith and I knew at the age of Seven the entire doctrine of the Church on the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. I knew it as clearly then as I do now and not one lecture in seminary has ever added to the Faith I was taught by my teacher in that class. We practised with Walls Ice Cream wafers so we knew how to swallow. The lessons we learn then are with us for life and I have never doubted the Lord's Bodily and Real Presence in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

So I thank the parents for bringing these lovely children to this Sacrament. I thank them for turning up at all the meeting and for turning them out so very smart today for Miss Roddy's class and Mrs O'Keefe's next week. They are even more smart in their souls for they all went to confession just before they made their First Holy Communion. The are each given a medal after they have made their First Holy Communion to wear around their necks showing St John been given Communion by our Lord at the last Supper. What a joyful time it is as our children receive our Lord for the first time in their lives the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity our Our Saviour. I pray for you all that you will remain faithful to Jesus who gives himself so generously to you in the Sacrament.

May they be like the followers of Christ described in the readings today. The Woman who was a sinner came and wept as our Lord sat at the supper of a snob and wiped our Lord's feet with her hair and our Lord said that the great love she showed, matched in a way her great sin and she became one of those holy women disciples who accompanied him even to the Crucifixion. No matter how far we wonder our Lord awaits us in Penance and in the Blessed Sacrament to come back and be loved by him.

God Bless,

Father Tom Connolly

Mrs Bea-Anne Grady and family wish to thank all who sent Mass cards and consolation during their recent bereavement. Holy Mass will be offered for your intentions and Jack Grady's Month's Mind will be on Friday 29th June at 7.00pm SS Peter and Paul.

Bidding Prayers

Priest: The Saviour invites all mankind to taste the sweetness of his Mercy in his most Sacred Heart. Filled with confidence in the Lord's goodness we approach the throne of mercy. For all our dear children making their first Holy Communion today - that they will always be the friends of Jesus. Lord hear us. ST KENTIGERNS ONLY)

Reader: For the universal church as Pope meets President - we pray for the whole world's redemption and that it might find the path to God and so to peace and justice. Lord hear us.

For all those who doubt God's mercy towards them- that the example of the woman who wept at the feet of Jesus and dried his feet with her hair may encourage them to approach the sacraments of forgiveness. Lord hear us.

For the troubled land of our Lord's birth and the internal strife in the Palestinian Territories - we pray to God particularly for the Palestinian Christian community who are and persecuted by Islamic fundamentalism. We pray for our brethren in Iraq and Iran and Lebanon who also are persecuted. Lord hear us.

On Father's day we pray for all the fathers of the world and especially our own fathers - that God will bless them and given them the strength and to be good fathers of the children they bring into the world. Lord hear us.

To the Divine healer we bring our sick: Elizabeth Mallett, Sylvia Cummings, Ester White, Mary Boylan, Elaine Farrelly, Stephen Tivnan, Eileen Egan, Bernard Murray and Sheila O'Keefe, Kevin McNulty, Patrick Cawley. Lord hear us

We commend to the abyss of the love at the heart of Jesus our friends who have died recently that they will be rewarded in Paradise: Jack Grady, Cliff Metcalfe, Peter Connolly and Brendan Forkan


All whose anniversaries fall about now: Mary Ellen Crehan, Charlotte Millan, Mary Duggan, David Royce, Susan Doherty, Tommy Rimmer, John Scannell (9am) Thomas Waring and Pat Sweeney George Leach, Joseph Kearney. May their souls and the souls... and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God...

Mary is the Mother of all the Living and the Help of Christians we salute her as our mother - Hail Mary...

Priest: O God, listen to the prayers of your people who approach you in confident faith. We are in your providential hands. Raise us up O Lord and hear our Prayer. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.