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Sunday 18th November 2007



My Dear People,

November seems to be more and more a month for the completion of life with five funerals this week already celebrated and two or even three next week to come. Pray for those souls and those who weep and mourn for them.

Today the readings are to do with the Last Things or The End Time. Malachi uses the phrase ..."all the arrogant and the evil doers will be like stubble" (before the fire) and you see how quickly stubble is burnt when the harvest is over.

It is sad to say but there is arrogance about the way our society and the West in general is going. It is preoccupied with making new anti "Hate" crimes when by doing so they suppress the free speech of those who wish to express and have an opinion that certain things should not be praised and seen as normal. By believing in the kind of Morality that has been in our culture for 2000 years we now put ourselves in the category of "hate criminals". They exonerate the real evil doers and praise them and even appoint them to high Office whereas the humble folk are even deprived of giving an orphan a good home because the couple might hold Christian understanding of male and female - good and evil. The Cardinal recently said in a speech that it was a bad day for freedom when the rights of religious believers were totally persecuted in favour of the new morality. It is no longer live and let live but - You mate must hold to be true what I say otherwise you are guilty of hate but I am not guilty of hate against you!! The Cardinal said that the freedom to believe is being reduced to ones inner conscience and cannot be expressed in the public forum on questions of morality. Well - at the Marriage course for example I will continue to teach the sanctity of the marriage of man and woman as the plan of God following the Natural law.

I saw all this begin when in Dublin of all places some young students were protesting about attempts to have an abortion Law in Ireland. They were arrested for offending public decency because they carried a model in platic of the human baby at various stages of development. They got off but I thought to myself at the time is this is happening in Catholic Ireland it won't be long before it comes to Britain and it has.

So the Final Judgement is awaited for us all. It won't be a matter of a breakdown of our civilization but more cosmic than that. All the science tells us about the history of the universe presupposes we had a beginning whether it was the Big bang or not and therefore there will be an end. Believers see it as a Final Judgement when Christ will be all in all and there will be a final reckoning and all evil doers will be exposed for what they are. They won't all be unbelievers either! They won't all be lay folk either!! However all will be exposed in an instant. The very heavens will show fearful signs our Lord tells us - earthquakes and plagues - famines - betrayals even from within the family ...these things have already happened in many places but our Lord talks about the whole world as we know it being caught up in this as a sign that the end is near.

However - we are to stand firm with our heads held high awaiting our deliverance for it will surely come and our Lord will take us and our faithful endurance will win us our lives and our souls.

Now - there is something to cheer you up!

God bless from me and Fr Flynn,

Fr Tom Connolly

ADVENT DAY OF RECOLLECTION at 2.30 at st Edwards, open to both parishes.

Lourdes for the Immaculate Conception 8th Dec see Mancunia Notice on the outside board.

MARIST SISTERS are celebrating 40 years in Nell Lane on Friday 23 Nov at 7.30pm in the chapel next to the school. Refreshments afterwards OR/AND Drop-In on Sat 24th after 1pm to say Hello.

CHRISTMAS MEAL FOR OAPs put on by the Catholic Students of the University of Manchester Chaplaincy is on Sunday December 9th at 2.30pm and we are fully booked with our ten places for St Kentigerns. Ten will be going from St Edwards and that is fully booked too.

GRAVE CANDLES There are grave candles left in the Sacristy if anyone wants one for a grave.

Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers 33rd Sunday C

Priest: Lord accept these prayers we offer you and grant that your Church may experience the power of your Holy Spirit and receive an answer to all our prayers.

Reader: For the whole world and especially the Middle East and Iraq - that the conflicts and wars of mankind may never lead us to despair for Peace in the world. O Prince of Peace come to our aid and the aid of our fellow men and women and fellow Christians who suffer in these conflicts. Lord hear us.

For all our youth - so precious in Godís eyes - that they may experience the love of the Lord for them and experience our love for them. Safeguard them from the pitfalls that can so hurt them and damage their relationships. Lord. Lord hear us.

For all who are dying in our parish communities that the fear of death may be lifted from their hearts and that they will know the power of your saving love & hold their heads high. Lord hear us.

For all those who have died in the Great Conflicts of the last Century and this Century and for our Armed Forces now - the War dead - that - we may be filled with gratitude for the gift they made of their lives for freedom for us all. Lord hear us.

For all those who are suffering and sick and for those who care for them: Robert Clayton, Mary Colbert, Paddy McGovern, Kitty Higgins, Peggy Walsh, Paddy Boyle, Sheila Delaney and Maureen McGough, Lord hear us.

For all those who have died recently: John Joe McDonnell, Brdget Conway and Cherelle Hewitt and for all those souls on the November dead lists and those whose anniversaries occur about this time: Julia Serrano, (11am) Tom & Bridie Greely (Sunday evening) Sean Daly (Vigil Mass) Jessica Fagan & Mary Ellen Brady (Mon 19th).

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Mary is the Hope of all Believers and the true light for the souls in purgatory, we honour her: Hail Mary, full of grace...

Priest: O Lord we commend ourselves and all our expressed needs and the needs of the whole world to your loving Providence. Hear and answer us in your great mercy. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.