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Tuesday 25th December 2007


My Dear People,

These closing days of the holy Season of Advent have been rather special for me this year. Our Holy Father, Benedict XVI wrote a letter to the Church about the Christian virtue of Hope ("Spe Salvi") through which we firmly trust that God will give us eternal life and all the means necessary to obtain it if we do what He requires of us. The Pope says "Man needs God, otherwise he remains without hope".

Almighty God has made it so easy for us by sending us His Only begotten Son - born before the Ages and now born for us and for our redemption. Who can doubt that God wants us to have eternal life and happiness in Heaven with Him when they gaze upon the Crib and the Holy Child born of Mary? The Cosmos in the Star of Bethlehem witnesses to his tender love and mercy. The Virgin believes Gabriel's message and ministers his Divine Presence to the poor shepherds and the Three Wise men from the East. They, in turn, kneel and worship the Infant King born in the stable and offer him mystical gifts. Indeed to each of us, she presents her Son for we are her children and she is our mother.

May the joys and the sorrows, the hope and the dreams you experienced in 2007 be completed now, entrusting all to the loving Providence of the Infant of Bethlehem, knowing that he has taken on our human condition in all its joys and sorrows. He is with us until He comes again. May the Christmas celebration fill your hearts with the joy of Mary. God Bless all your beloved families.


Father Tom Connolly

Father John Flynn

Bidding Prayers


Priest: God our Father, this morning (day) (night) we eagerly greet the Birth of your Son Jesus Christ who is our brother and our Saviour. He is the Daystar from on High, the Bearer of Light who brings the dawn to us who wait patiently for his coming.

Reader: Father, Bless on this holy DAY/NIGHT the Church throughout the world. May she light afresh in men's hearts the lamp of hope and peace. Lord in your mercy.

Your Son has come to us in the fullness of time - let those who wait for him recognise his coming. Lord in your mercy.

His birth bound heaven to earth in harmony and peace - establish that same peace amongst the nations who are at war or are suffering from war - Iraq, Afghanistan and the Sudan and succour all our fellow Christians who are persecuted for bearing the name Christian. Lord in your mercy.

We join the shepherds in adoring you, we kneel before you, Holy Child of Bethlehem - protect our young children from all harm and especially the corruptive polices of the state in our schools - watch over them Holy Child and protect their childhood. Lord in your mercy.

Word of the father you became man for us and raised us to new life - may the dead share with us your Glory, born in our midst - we pray for those who have died recently

For all our sick that the joy of Christ's birth may cheer them and give them Hope. We pray for Peggy Walsh.


For all those whose anniversaries fall about this time or the souls of those we want to pray for this Christmas time: Paddy Dolan (9am), Margaret Lyons (11am ), Michael McHugh, Patrick and Margery Garrett, , Noreen Finn, Molly Daly,(Boxing day), George Lindsay, Freddie King, Fr Charles Mulholland, Harry King, Robert Burke, Joyce Cook, Bill Cook, Gregory Leach Joseph Kearney, June and Philip Keegan, Chris Keegan, Wasim Gorghee, Afrim Zair, Michael O'Malley, Eileen Chapman, Jack Grady

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God..

Mary is the one chosen by God to bring forth the Christ child and show him to the waiting world - may she show us now the blessed fruit of her womb - Jesus. Hail Mary...

Priest: Almighty God, the Incarnate Word fill us with the new light brought to mankind. Let the light of faith in our hearts shine through all that we do or say. Hear and answer our prayers. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.