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Message From The Parish Priest

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Sunday 26th August 2007



My Dear People,

Bank Holiday Monday Requiem Mass at 11am in Southern Cemetary - do try to come if you can.

The Gospel today fills me with tremors!! The age old question the person puts to our Lord about how many souls will make it to heaven makes us all wait for the answer with baited breath. Our Lord is the only one who would know the answer isn't he and yet he answers with an admonition -"Try your best to enter by the NARROW DOOR, because I tell you many will try to enter and not succeed." That is what causes me to tremble.

Our Lady of Fatima (in 1917) allowed the children to see a vision of hell and souls entering like snow flakes one of them said afterwards. Though take note that the Russian revolution was about to take place and the greatest holocaust of Christian human beings about to take place under Lenin and Stalin.

The truth is though that it is within our hands if we are to accept our Blessed Lord's invitation to enter by the narrow gate. It is a narrow gate not because he does not what us to enter but because it is not the WIDE gate that would make it dead easy to enter. It is the road not taken by many. It requires a certain discipline and focus for our attention.

No Olympic athlete thinks that they will even take part if they slack up on the training. As St Paul says - "and this is for a worldly crown." How much more is it worth a focus for us to train for the life of the world to come? Who wants to be locked out saying "But you know me Lord?"

So pray for a prepared end and not an unprovided death and know that our Lord calls us to himself at the best time for us not the worst. Make sure that you go to confession regularly so that whatever happens you are in a state of grace. It is not a piece of cake and the salvation of one's soul is a serious business. Indeed it is the one thing required of us.

Happy Bank Holiday - No Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on the Bank holiday.

God bless,

Father Tom Connolly