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Sunday 3rd February 2008



My Dear People,

In the Beatitudes we have a perfect description of the Lord Himself. Each one is a strand in our Lord's own human make up. "The Beatitudinal Man" is the man/woman who has "put on" Christ. He is the "new creation". These characteristics form the human person in the Christian era and the Christian culture. They are indeed the divine teaching which - when practised - leads us to joy and happiness and full contentment in this life and in the life to come - eternal life. Man is formed by all kinds of ideology. We are formed by Christ. We bear his likeness.

Each one of them (The Beatitudes) form a part of our innermost personality. For instance the quality of mercy must be uppermost in our minds and hearts so that we would find it very difficult to be cruel or unkind or hurtful intentionally to any soul. To be "pure in heart" is to be able to see God in all things. We must imitate Christ in all things and become more and more like him. We are to have the mind of Christ and to have an outlook like his for he is the model for all humanity - God made Man. Our Lord teaches us and forms us in the Holy Spirit by infused grace, the grace of the sacraments and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. He teaches us by example too, so when we read and listen to him in the gospels we begin to be influenced by him in everything he does and says. The Pope's teaching too, within the Magisterium too - forms the children of Mother Church.

Now we are coming to the beginning of that season of renewal we call LENT. Here is the penitential time of six weeks given to God's people every year of our lives on earth for us to be renewed. I see it as a kind of annual "service". The MOT of the soul is a good comparison. Each of us needs to make good confession pretty early on in Lent. To confess one's sins is most pleasing to God. I have printed a help for you to go to Confession. Please take one from the back of the Church.

We begin on 6th February with ASH WEDNESDAY. It is not an Obligation day but it is good for us if we receive the Holy Ashes on that day of penance. IT IS A DAY OF FASTING AND ABSTINENCE FROM MEAT FOR folk over 16 and under 65. Fasting is one meatless meal and two collations (snacks). The only other Fast day is GOOD FRIDAY so be a Christian will you and keep the fast on Wednesday if you are in sound health?

Mass here at St. Kentigerns will be at 9.30 am with a school Mass at 10.30 in the Hall of St Kentigerns. Mass at St Edwards is at 9.30 and the school will attend that Mass. Loreto High School will also be having the Ashes in school and Xavarien VI Form College - all serviced by the chaplaincy of Father Flynn.

Holy Name Mass is at 5.15 pm and will be Solemn and sung. Often the Bishop presides at that Mass. One of the three legs of Lent is ALMSGIVING. This year our Lenten alms will go to AID TO THE CHURCH IN NEED, a most excellent charity giving aid of all kinds to the poor church in deprived nations. The other legs of Lent are Prayer and Penance. Penance is to mortify the soul. I know many who give up drink and ciggies for the whole of Lent. Now that is something! We can all do something solid in depriving our bodily appetites. To pray better is always a great reward. We have many opportunities. There is the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every Monday to Friday between 2 and 4pm at St Kentigern's Church. There is the daily Mass in both places and opportunities in the groups to grow in the power of prayer.

So think now what you are going to do for Lent and stick to it. You will be rewarded.

Fr Tom Connolly.


The Marriage Course continues at 2.30 for the Sundays of February. 40 couples are attending this years course, do pray for them - they need God's grace.

Lenten Station Masses 2008

Wednesday 13th Feb St Mary's Levenshulme.

Wednesday 20th February St Joseph's ,Longsight.

Wednesday 27th February , |St Bernard's. Burnage.

Wednesday 5th March St Bernadette's, Withington - Bishop Brain Presiding.

Wednesday 12 March , St Kentigern's, Fallowfield.


International Day of Prayer for the Sick is 11th Feb the Feast of our Lady of Lourdes. Those who are on drug treatment for illness or who suffer maladies or if you are elderly you will qualify to receive the Sacrament of the Sick that day after the Gospel at Mass that day.

LOURDES PRAYER BOOK I have got a lovely prayer book for your use in this year of the 150th Anniversary of Our Lady appearing to Bernadette in Lourdes. It cost 2.65 and is on sale in the porch.

Lenten Wills McKenna Solicitors are offering again to make your Last Will and Testament at a knock down price in exchange for you leaving in your Will a little something in cash for the Catholic Children's Rescue Society. For example a Will for a Couple is 150 + VAT and they will do it for Half that. You owe it to your next of kin and family to make a Will so if you have not made one - here is a good opportunity - they are at 182A Heaton Moor Rd tel 432 5757

Forward Planner. Irish Festival, Young, Gifted and Green The Lowry Sat 8th March 0870 787 5790.

Sir Gerald Kaufman has written to me to say he will not vote for the Fertilization and Embryology Bill.

CATHOLIC CHILDREN'S RESCUE SOCIETY - volunteers needed. See article on the activities page.

Bidding Prayers


Priest: With Christ our Beloved Saviour - we enter the wilderness of our broken world and seek pardon and peace and goodness for us and for all our fellowmen and women.

Reader: For all who have entered into the wilderness of Temptation and have come through faithful to God and for those who have compromised with the Evil One that the holy ones may pray for us and that those who have fallen may have the grace this Lent to rise again in the sacrament of forgiveness. Lord hear us.

For the work of the Aid to the Church in Need that the relief they bring to the Suffering Church may be blessed by our generosity. Lord hear us.

We pray to God in this Holy Season of lent for the Universal Church presided over by our beloved Holy Father Pope Benedict - that the Church may be a sign of love and unity for all humanity. Lord hear us.

For all the Engaged couples on our Deanery marriage Course, that the Unity of Christ and his Church will be in their bond of love all the days of their married life. Lord hear us.

For all our friends and relatives who are sick and suffering that the Lord in his mercy may reach out to them and strengthen them and give them courage to do His Holy Will: Michael Boyd, Kitty Higgins, Hugh Kelly, Peggy Walsh, Donna Quinn, James Brady Junior, Father Paddy Connolly, Pat Creamer, Rosaline Condon and Joyce Ruddy. Lord hear us.

We commend to the Divine Mercy the souls of all who have died recently in our community: John Fagan, George Hurst, Mary Power and Lettei McCann And FOR ALL whose anniversaries fall about now; Tom Burke, Michael and Thomas Fadian, Martin Connolly and Sister Francis Teresa Cawley (9am), John Vincent and Siobhan O'Connell, Raymond Lydon, Thomas and Lily Fagan, Beatrice, Margaret, Henry and James Regan-Blackburn.

May their souls and the souls of all...

Mary is the mother of all the Redeemed and stood by her Divine Son from Bethlehem to Calvary - may her prayers help us now for we are her children in Christ... Hail Mary, full of grace...

Priest: O Lord and Heavenly Father of our Lord Jesus Christ - Jesus our Head has gone before us and won us the Victory over evil - hear and answer our heartfelt prayers which we make. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.