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Sunday 4th May 2008



My Dear People,

I want to wish you all a happy feast of the Ascension. On this day our Lord left in his bodily presence to return to the Kingdom of Heaven from whence he had come when the Word was made Flesh. The apostles and disciples were heartbroken when he promised he would be going away. But our Lord told them that they should be glad for if he failed to depart he could not send the Holy Spirit on them. Without the Holy Spirit, the followers of Christ could not complete their mission which was to carry the Faith to the ends of the earth.

Our Lord had to leave this space which we call "time and place" otherwise he would not be universally present in his Church for he would have to keep appearing as it were. But no - the Holy Spirit was to be sent from Heaven at Pentecost and he would renew the face of the earth. He would be the One who would animate the Church Christ established here on earth. He would inhabit the Church as the soul inhabits the body. He would be the soul of the Holy Catholic Church until Christ comes again at the end of "time - space".

Our Lord has now withdrawn from this dimension. Remember when Mary Magdalene thought he was the Gardener at the tomb on Easter Day- clung to his knees? Jesus told her not to cling to him like that for he had not yet gone back to the Father ...remember that? Well - that was because he would be present in the future not through touchy-feely things but through the Holy Spirit and in Faith. He would be closer now than ever before for he would dwell in our hearts through Love forever.

Our children next Sunday 11th May (St Edwards 25th May) at St Kentigerns, will receive this Gift of the Third Person of the Trinity to dwell in their innocent and pure souls. Jesus will be present to them in a way far more intimate and immediate than Mary's clinging to him which could not last forever.

Yet our union with Christ does and can last forever and we can cling to him spiritually in the Holy Spirit throughout our lives until we see the vision of God in Heaven itself. Our Lord is so near to us and especially in the Seven Sacraments and in the Magisterium (Teaching) of Holy Church - Christ's pure Mystical Bride. He is present to us in one another - fellow members of the Body of Christ as we are formed into a community of faith and love by the same Spirit. The Church, through the Holy Spirit constantly enabled the humblest of its children to taste the fruits of the Lord's Banquet which he sets before us and which enables us to enter into the very mystery of the Triune God. We have become Co-Heirs in Christ and we live with His Risen Life. God is dwelling in us. The call to holiness of life is universal - all can enter the marriage feast of the Lamb as an honoured and most welcome guest.

It is Pentecost - next Sunday and the end of Easter and the Paschal Candle will go back to its place near the font and the statue of our Lord - Rising from the dead will be put away for another Easter. The It will be Trinity Sunday and you must have made your Easter Duties by then.

Come O Holy Spirit , fill the hearts of the Faithful.

Father Tom Connolly

Sponsor Forms for the Manchester Marathon. Cello is running the Marathon for Cafod Famine Relief so if you want to sponsor him take a form from the back.

READERS The Sunday 25th May is the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of the Lord - Corpus Christi.

Kamilah Penistone aged Twelve who was so tragically killed last year, had a Mass offered for her at Loreto High by Fr Flynn the chaplain on Thursday - the anniversary. The young people processed over to her grave after the Mass to pray. May she rest in peace.

WEBSITE. Did you know that we have a website/ It is www.stkentigern.co.uk. Iain Emberson created the new one and keeps it updated every week with the Bulletin and the Bidding Prayer Intentions, and lots of other items of Catholic and Christian Interest. Why not have a browse and learn something. New Photographs are posted after big events or feasts. The Easter Altar was photographed and posted on the website for the church to be seen in all its Easter beauty.

Schools News

St Edwards and Bishop Bilsborrow will go and make way for a brand new school on the Maine Rd Site. Name to be decided. This was finally approved when no objections were made last week.

"St Thomas Aquinas" is totally re-structured and has many new staff and new roles and way of teaching and is re-named Loreto High School, Chorlton associating with the prestigious name of the Loreto Sisters who have run schools all over the world for 150 years. The Loreto Mother General has approved of this use of their name. It is the official feeder High School for our Parish and you should give it a go if you are a prospective parent for here we have something new.

St Kentigerns got an award for Excellence on Friday presented by our MP Sir Gerald Kaufman. The Quality Award cited that the Inspection etam found every one they spoke to felt esteemed and respected and valued. These things come from the Top and Mr Jackson is to be congratulated. Mrs Rabbett was appointed Assistant head on Friday last. Congratulations to her.

Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers for the Ascension of the Lord 08

Priest: On this Day the Lord Jesus was taken out of our sight into the heaven of his Father's Kingdom. Let us pray that he who has gone before us to prepare a place for us, will now hear our heartfelt prayer in all our various needs.

Reader: The Lord was taken from our sight but he lives with us in our Holy Mother, the Church. We pray to God for the Church spread throughout the entire world as the largest community of faith and love and communion, that She may always be the true Bride of Christ- radiant in beauty. Lord Hear us.

For all who lack vision and do not know their divine destiny and noble calling - that our witness may bring them nearer to the day when they acknowledge Christ as Lord and God. Lord hear us.

We pray for religions of the Book: Islam, Judaism and others who share our origin in Abraham of old - that all may see in the ascended Jesus Christ the true prophet and their future and their hope and its fulfilment. Lord hear us.

For those who gaze into the skies instead of believing in the one who is risen - that all who follow horoscopes and fortune tellers may find the error of their ways and trust in God's providence in their lives. Lord hear us.

For those who are sick and who have asked for our support in prayer that the vision of the Heavenly Christ may help them to recover: Martin Bownes, Fr Pat Keane, Sheila Devanney, Betty Wallace, Kevin McNulty, Vincent Corley, John Francis Walsh, Kevin Devanny, Mary Farren, Baby Abigail McDaid.

Lord hear us.

For all who have died and who have lived by the vision of the eternal glory Christ has entered into: Ann Whitty, Paddy Boyle, John McDonald, James Keating, Lizzie Callaghan, Teresa Flanagan


For those whose anniversary occurs at this time: Eileen Thompson, Brendan Forkan (11am) Seamus McKeown (Vigil), Carole Silk, Carmine Rizzo, Tom Forkan, Mario Lorenzo Mini-archie, Margaret Mary Eugenie Collins

May their souls and the souls...

Mary you are the Queen of Heaven and the star which guides the way to the Harbour who is Christ - pray for us pilgrims. Hail Mary...

Priest: May the Good Lord who has gone before us as our Brother and Friend welcome us all one day into our eternal Home and give heed to our prayer . He is Lord for ever and ever.