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Sunday 13th January 2008



My Dear People,

What a great feast we celebrate today. God has visited His People and made them to share His Divine Life. "This is my Son - the Beloved. My favour rests on Him."

With these words - and the vision of the dove like decent - visible to the Baptist- on the sacred body of the Lord we have before the eyes of faith the acclamation of the other two Persons of the Holy Trinity , THE Father and the Spirit.. They too - in a different way than to the shepherds and the Three Magi - acclaim Jesus as the One - the Long Awaited One.

He is the Messiah, the Lord, the Saviour. In him humanity is raised up to a new dignity - a new status - higher than before our fall from grace for we now are given the power to become children of God, sharing His Divine Life. We have been grafted onto the Tree of Life - who is Christ the Lord. Through our joining with him in Baptism we begin to share the "sap" - the life of the Holy Trinity. We share in the life of the Three Persons - the One God, by our adoption by Him - not by our own power. These things are put before us today as our Lord begins again to complete the Christmas Threefold feasts (The Nativity, the Epiphany and the Baptism).

This feast also marks the beginning of our Lord's Public Ministry - he has prepared for this in the silent years of Nazareth where he lived with Joseph and Mary and was known as the son of the Carpenter. So - all you chippies - cheer up - you have the same job as our Lord and St Joseph! (They didn't swear like you though.) From this moment on at the age of Thirty, our Lord begins his way to the Cross. That would be his final goal and complete his Mission. His three years passed very fast - the twelve apostles are chosen already ( the weekday Mass Gospels this last week witnessed to this) and the stage is set. Our Lady is behind him all the way and she is today. St Joseph had died by now and our Lord and our Lady would have attended to him and that is why he is the patron of the dying.

On Sunday night the crib will be dismantled for another year so it is the last opportunity today to visit the crib and to venerate the holy Child and his Mother.

All is set for us as a Christian Community to come down after the great festivities marking Christmas of 2007 - never to return - and to get on with our hand to the plough - being faithful to Him who is the Way and the Truth and the Life.

Lent is early this Year - Ash Wednesday is the 6th February - a month away. It is enough for us now to show our love for Him and live each day with the Morning Offering prayer. "O JESUS, THROUGH THE MOST PURE HEART OF MARY, I OFFER TO YOU ALL THE WORKS, SUFFERINGS AND JOYS OF THIS DAY FOR ALL THE INTENTIONS OF YOUR DIVINE HEART IN THE HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS."

God bless you all,

Father Tom Connolly

GIFTS FOR THE POOR CHILDREN : Thank you so much for the response to the parcels for needy kids. The Rescue Society was delighted with a huge contribution and so we the Homeless families units of the South side of our City. They asked why I did not have the Press to photo the gift. It is God we are pleasing - not the Press!

Mini Bus Driver: Kay Byrne

SPUC: This Sunday is LIFE SUNDAY when we have a second collection for the struggle to reverse the Abortion Act of 1967. The Victims of natural disasters are small in comparison to the millions of babes in the womb who have gone missing from the table of life. The most endangered species in the western world today are babies in the womb. Some groups systematically abort baby girls - so much for "wimmin's lib." Now I know you have been asked to give a lot recently but this is a cause worthy of a great struggle so let us not give up. One day this Act will have to be reversed because there will be no one left if we don't. No society which destroys its young in such great numbers and then prevents others being conceived by contraception can survive for long you know. Don't say I did not say!