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My Dear People,

Today (Mr O'Keefe's) and next week at 11am Mass our St Kentigern's children will receive their First Holy Communion and then on the third week the children of St Edwards will receive their First Communion. So it is a feast of First Communions at this time of the year - near the feast of Corpus Christi.

I can still remember my First Holy Communion at English Martyrs, Whalley Range in 1955. I was Miss Branston's Class and how I bless the Lord for such a good Catholic Teacher. People like Miss Branston and Miss Hedwig (God reward them) were like bright lights in the constellation. They never frightened us and they were so kind to us even though there were 49 in our class and none of us showered daily in those days!!

How they taught the Faith and I knew at the age of Seven the entire doctrine of the Church on the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. I knew it as clearly then as I do now and not one lecture in seminary has ever added to the Faith I was taught by my teacher in that class. We practised with Walls Ice Cream wafers so we knew how to swallow. The lessons we learn then are with us for life and I have never doubted the Lord's Bodily and Real Presence in the Holy Sacrament and Sacrifice of the Altar.

So I thank the parents for bringing these lovely children to this Sacrament. I thank them for turning up at all the meeting and for turning them out so very smart today for Mr O' Keefe's class and Miss Worswick's next week. They are even more smart in their souls for they all went to confession just before they made their First Holy Communion. The are each given a medal after they have made their First Holy Communion to wear around their necks showing St John been given Communion by our Lord at the last Supper. What a joyful time it is as our children receive our Lord for the first time in their lives the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity our Saviour.

I pray for you all that you will remain faithful to Jesus who gives himself so generously to you in the Sacrament. May they be like the followers of Christ described in the readings today with the call of the Twelve Apostles. I pray that one of these boys will be called by God to be His Priest too like the Apostles were. They were the ones to receive our Blessed Lord at the Last Supper for the first time in the Sacramental forms of Bread and Wine which were changed by our Lord's words into the Lord's own Body and Blood. He had promised this gift to them in John Chapter Six and here it is fulfilled the night before he died. Jesus had said to them "I have longed to share this Passover with you before I die" - then He took the Bread, said the Blessing and said "This is my Body, given up for you take it and it - do this in memory of me". The Catholic Church has been doing this ever since. And so for the first time today for our young ones.

The Apostles all became one with Jesus by offering the Mass in the places they established the Church - the Body of Christ. No matter how far we wander our Lord awaits us in Penance and in the Blessed Sacrament to come back and be loved by him. He has longed to give Himself in the Mass to these children since their Baptism and now the time has come.

God Bless them all and the families and us all,

Father Tom Connolly

Mrs Marjorie Walsh and family wish to offer their sincere thanks to Fr Connolly and Fr Flynn and the parishioners of St Kentigern's for all their love and support received during their sad bereavement. God Bless you all and thank all who sent Mass cards and letters of consolation.

THE CATHOLIC CHILDREN'S RESCUE SOCIETY of the Diocese of Salford has had to close its operation for adoption following the hostile laws our Government has passed forbidding Catholics from living their religion . These pagans have made it illegal for our Catholic children to be placed into the hands of married people unless we are able to also provide gay people with the facility of adoption also. The children will suffer and I am sure the consequences of this immoral law will be grave. Some Bishops have held out and are waiting to be taken to Court - the Cardinal and the Bishops of Leeds and Lancaster so far. Watch this space.

Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers for the 11th Sunday of the Year A (1st Communions)

Priest: The Lord called the Apostles because the harvest was rich and needed labourers to bring it in. We turn to the Lord of the harvest on this First Communion Sunday for all our needs.

Reader: For all the children of the Universal Church, throughout the world, who are making their first Communion at this time - that they will always be faithful to the Lord who gives himself to them for the first time today in the Holy Sacrament of his body and Blood. We pray that our Lord will call one of these boys making their fist Communion today to work in the harvest as a priest of God. Lord hear us.

For family life in our parish - that our parents will be handers on of the Faith and be an example their children can follow in word and action. Bless all our parents today. Lord hear us.

On Father's Day - we pray for all fathers and our own fathers in particular and that fathers be given their due place in the upbringing of their children Lord hear us.

For the Rescue Society of our Diocese as its adoption service is closed down by new laws, hostile to the Christian teaching and way of life - that those who work for our children may not be discouraged. Lord hear us.

For all our dear sick and those who care for them that the good Lord will minister to them his saving grace: Betty Wallace, Pat Creamer, Paschal Fagan, Mary Page, Mary Greenhalch, Francisca Poka, Frances Condliffe. Lord hear us.

For all who have been called by God recently from this earth to himself: James Sullivan and Elizabeth Drinkwater


For all those we have loved in life and do not forget in death on their anniversaries, Jim Higgins, Mary Ellen Crehan, Bernie Crehan, Charlotte Miller, Susan Doherty, John Scannell, Mary Duggan, Margaret Williams and Tom Waring. (Wednesday)


O Mary Conceived without sin. R/ Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Mary is the light of the new Dawn of Jesus Christ, the light of light. Hail Mary, full of Grace...

Priest: O God our Father, hear the heartfelt prayers of your people and grant us the grace to respond to the Divine call for labourers in the harvest. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.