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Sunday 25th May 2008


My Dear People,

The abortion vote in the Commons.

Sadly those who rule us have passed laws which allow still the destruction of babes in the womb up to 24 weeks in gestation and of course up to birth if they judge the babe to be "handicapped" - the slightest one as well.

They have passed Laws which will allow lesbians to have only their on names on the Birth Certificate. Hence the Birth Certificate for our Country will now not have "father" - "mother" but "parent" - an in one fowl swoop FATHERHOOD is done away with as a concept in the order of nature. The child will have a father biologically but the State will tell a great lie and proclaim both women to be "Parents" when only one is a parent as such. Strangely this does not seem to apply to a similar situation with two men.

Also a law was passed to allow crossing between human tissue and animal tissue to the use of experiment to research cures for all kinds of defects but you know - these never come to anything and they get rid of "defects" by abortion so they are hypocrites. What happened in Nazi Germany is happening here but the object is not Jewish people anymore but the babe in the womb and all those who love God and have a religion which dictates an ethical stance - like "Thou shall not kill".

Our Rescue Society might well have to close down its Adoption and fostering Services. Nottingham Diocese has done already. The Government has passed a Law which says that Catholic orphans or children in need of adoption or indeed any child in need of adoption must be able to adopted by gay people and gay couples in particular notwithstanding the wishes of the parent of the child who desire that their child be brought up in the Catholic Faith.

My dear people - what is this but a striking out of public life any believer who has a conscience? The law now is against religion. We are not allowed to look after our orphans but must be open by law to let them be fostered or adopted by gay people. Now with no offence to the gays - does not the child have a right to a normal family life after the traumas of the process which has led to their being adopted n the first place.? It is a deliberate attempt by Government to drive out of the culture of our country the idea that being heterosexual is normal and healthy and marriage is a good and God made way of life. I am not being extreme - it is a fact.

Sir Gerard Kaufman our MP voted against all these laws and we must write to say "well done" for standing up against such an attack.

Fr Tom Connolly

Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers for Corpus Christi.

Priest: At the supper to which all are invited, Christ gives his Body and blood for the life of the world. Earnestly we beseech him, in his name we pray...

Reader: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, you have commanded us to celebrate the Holy Mass in remembrance of you- enrich your church through the worthy celebration of these holy mysteries. Lord, hear us.

Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal High Priest, you have committed to your priests the ministration of your sacraments- help our priests to do their part in your work with unfailing gladness and genuine charity. Lord, hear us.

For every Christian community throughout the world today who celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi that the Eucharistic Sacrifice may unite us all as one with the Holy Father and with all the bishops and holy people of the church of God. Lord, hear us.

Lord Jesus Christ, Heavenly physician, you give an eternal remedy and a pledge of resurrection to those who eat your body- grant health to the ailing and real hope and we pray for- Tommy Mimnagh, Pat Creamer, Brendan Byrne, Mary Greenhalch, Maureen Waring, Betty Wallace.

Lord hear us

Lord Jesus Christ - Bread of Heaven, we know that whenever we celebrate these mysteries we proclaim your life giving death until you come in glory - give to those who have died the vision of your Glory.. Nora Booth, Paddy Boyle, Gerard Whelan, Margaret McGhee, Baby Harvey James Nash, John Francis Walsh and Jack Foley


All those whose anniversaries fall about this time: Joan Featherstone, Anne Whitty (Month's Mind) 6.30pm Sunday), Peter Halfpenny, Kathleen Colohan, Anthony O'Neill, Seamus and Maureen Keegan, Pat McLoughlin

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace - Amen.

O Mary, Conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee.

Mary is the Holy One who gave us the Lord Jesus to become our Food- she brought him forth in Bethlehem which means The House of Bread- we salute our mother - Hail Mary.

Priest: Lord Jesus, unseen guest at this Sacred Banquet, carry these prayers to the throne of grace and in your mercy answer them. We ask of you who lives for ever and ever. Amen.