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SOLEMNITY OF ALL THE SAINTS Year B + 1st November 2009. Year of the Priest


My Dear People

Today is the feast of ALL SAINTS.

This feast of All Saints has been kept for as long as we can remember on these shores. This feast reminds us of the doctrine we proclaim every Sunday - "we believe in the Communion of saints", that is the communion of the baptised. We share a common life in Christ if we are here on earth or have died.

The Feast of All Saints (1st November) and All Souls (2nd November) has almost been lost in Britain because of the "Halloween" effect. People have forgotten that Halloween is the Old English for the Eve of the feast of the hallowed ( Holy) Souls.

All Souls College, Oxford for instance was built by Henry VII to honour and to pray for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory who had died as a result of the War of the Roses - the Houses of Lancaster and the York - the Tudor Dynasty. Even some Churches were dedicated to All Saints and All Souls. All Hallows means all saints.

Now - that is our destiny too, willed by Christ and made possible by his Paschal Mystery, so it is truly our feast. One day, and for some of us in not so longer while - we will be one of the "all saints or and "all souls". My family will have Mass offered for my soul on my anniversary of death and then I will have to rely on our Mother the Church to pray for me until I reach Heaven if that does not come quickly. Most of us do not leave this world already saints do we? Yet we cannot take the glory of Heaven and the beatific vision with sin damaged souls. Our spiritual eyes could not take that glory of the Living God, his sheer beauty. So we become one of the Holy Souls - waiting patiently for the fullness of Redemption, in that place of blessedness but purification.

We can and must pray for our Dead whom we have loved in life. We can pray for them and they can pray for us. One of the best ways of praying for them is to have Mass offered for them in November and on their anniversary of death and to commend them to God in General when we say the "Eternal Rest give unto them" prayer. The deepest grave you can dig is that of forgetfulness. Many of the younger generation I have noticed do not ask for their parents to be prayed for in Mass when their anniversaries come about. They should do so out of filial love and respect. Parents, ask your children to do this for you when the time comes as it will and instruct them that you want a proper Funeral Mass and not just a trip to the Cremation or the Cem!! Write your wishes down and let them know.

We have the opportunity today to take an envelope from the porch of the Church and to enclose in it a list of those names you want to commend to God during the November month of the dead. Many Masses will be offered for all those souls you have mentioned. Their names will be places near the altar where the Sacrifice of the Lord is renewed for the living and the dead each day. So do that as soon as you can and place the envelope in next week's collection or put it in the Presbytery door. If you have no new names o add just put your offering in and many Holy Masses will be offered by your clergy for those souls during November.

The Jesuit Theologian, Karl Rahner wrote about the issue of remaining in touch with those who have died. He says: "The great and sad mistake of many people, is to imagine that those whom death has taken, leave us. They remain! Where are they? In darkness? Oh no! It is we who are in darkness. We do not see them but they see us. Their eyes, radiant with glory are fixed upon our eyes...Oh the infinite consolation! Though invisible to us, our dead are not absent...they are living near us, transfigured into light, into power, into love." They are in Heaven with God or are on their way to Heaven and now a Holy Soul in purgatory.

God bless you,

Father Tom Connolly

Requiem Mass at St Dunstan's Church, Moston and St Mary's Chapel, Wardley on November 2nd at 11am for all those buried in these cemeteries.

PRO LIFE prayer. The prayer vigil outside the Maries Stopes Clinic each Saturday Morning.

LORETO COLLEGE wants you to know "A parents Conference for parents of 16yr olds" is to be held in the Loreto College, M/r on Saturday 7th November 10am - 1.30pm. A number of specialist speakers will provide parents with a "survival pack" which will help them to cope with their sons / daughters concerns...fear of failing, adolescent friendships, spirituality, money, stress and the demands of study. There will also be information about he new Advanced Level Curriculum and you will have the opportunity to tour Loreto's brand new college. Please telephone 226 5156 and ask for the Taster Day coordinator who will send you an application form for further details."

Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers for All Saints

Priest: With so many witnesses in a great crowd on every side of us, we encouraged to run steadily in the race we have started. We pray to Christ for he is the author of our Faith and he will bring it to its fulfilment.

Reader: O God, you are the source of all holiness, the glory of your gifts shine out in all your saints - we glorify you for the riches revealed in them. May our lives on this earthly pilgrimage - be marked by their friendship and example. Lord hear us.
Father, you have moved the saints to offer their lives to you, and have showed us in them the face of your Son: move us to follow in their steps - to journey in hope - whatever our calling be it married family life, single, or the consecrated life. Lord hear us.

In the saints you reveal your presence and your care for us - look on the work of the peacemakers, console the families of the child victims of terror, on those who have lost their dearest through war or disease epidemic, for the peoples of the Middle East, Iraq and India. Lord hear us.

We pray for the children and the families in the care of the Rescue Society. Enable them to grow in love and maturity and to achieve their potential to live in love with all the saints. Lord hear us.

For those who bear their pain and sickness with forbearance and patience and for all who look after our sick we pray for : Betty Wallace, Tom Mimnagh, Mary Keady, Marian Johnson, Martin Hoystead, Jean Corrigan, Tony Phelan, Father Wilson, Maureen Waring. Lord hear us.

Welcome all our departed brothers and sisters into the company of Mary, Joseph and all the saints, through their intercession, grant us a place in your kingdom. We pray for those who have died recently: Bernard Cummings, Bridget Boyle., Maria Breslin, Michael Sheerin, Cath Connolly, Mary Fox, Veronica Motherway.


For all those we have loved in life and do not forget in death and whose anniversary of death falls about this time: Elizabeth Toner, Patrick Downey, Ann Williams, Mary Kennedy, Fred Robinson, Jack Robinson, Marta Mini Archie, (9.30 6th Nov). May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Mary is the peerless soul of great beauty, chosen by the Lord as Queen of All the Saints - may her motherly prayer for us her children, gather us into heaven. O Mary Conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee. Hail Mary, full of grace...

Priest: Father through the sacrifice of your incarnate Son, you have bound yourself forever to mankind, as we celebrate this feast and brings these petitions to you, we pray that we will be numbered among the saints who see your Face. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.