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My Dear People,

On Tuesday the 15th December we begin the Christmas Novena to the Holy Child Jesus. It will be recited after the Gospel until Christmas Eve. How near is Christmas?


What wonderful things our Saviour has done for us. The rejoicing in the Scripture readings for this Sunday is present, everywhere. Our God is coming - What marvels the Lord worked for us! Indeed we are glad.

Our Lord came to us as a result of a long line of promises given by the great prophets of the Old Testament. Baruch today promises that the exiled people of God would be lead back rejoicing to their land and the Holy City, Jerusalem. On their way back, and to make it easy for them, every mountain will be laid low and the valleys will be levelled - the trees of the forest will provide shade and give a lovely scent so that the people will really experience the "light of God's glory." Even nature helps the pople along.

John the Baptist quotes a passage from the Old Testament when he announces the coming of our Blessed Lord, his cousin. The "making straight" of the paths is a reference to us - to our hearts and souls and minds. We have to smooth the way for our Lord to come to us so that we will see the salvation of our God.

If we spend Advent well we will hear in the Mass all of these promises made to God's People over the centuries. Advent is a time for looking back and being filled with delight at God's fidelity and to look forward to God's future fidelity to us in continuing to send his Son in the life of His Holy Church. We look to his coming with confidence. He will be the Judge and the Saviour for all Mankind. He will not come again in his glory as a child in the manger but as our Mighty God and the very elements of created nature will respond to it. Have no doubt - we belong to the winning side.

How often the Life of Faith seems snuffed out by harsh and persistent persecution and then we see the emergence into a new spring of the Faith. Think of the millions of Chinese Catholics belonging to the Underground Church - that is the True church in communion with the Pope. All that suffering they underwent in Mao's time and yet here they are now full of faith and spreading it. The Church thinks in eras of history - not the tomorrows of these times we live through. Christ is always Coming is he not? He abides in the souls of all believers and is active in the Holy Sacraments and present in his Risen Body in the Blessed Sacrament and IN THE HEARING of The Word of the Scriptures. He is present in the unity of married love too and in the souls of newly baptised children. He is amongst us as the Supreme Pastor and Teacher in the person of His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI. He is always coming to us and will never leave us orphans.

So let us press on to welcome the Christ child and relive that great feast of the original Incarnation - of God in human form in our Lord Jesus Christ. As we come nearer to his birthday - our joy will increase.

God Bless,

Father Tom Connolly.

APPOINTMENT OF THE HEAD TEACHER AT ST KENTIGERNS. The Governors on Tuesday appointed Mrs Lee Kane to take over the headship from Mrs Paul Jackson in September 2010. We are very fortunate to have such a class act to follow Mr Jackson and the Governors and me have every confidence that Mrs Kane will do a great job in developing St Kentigern's School. Congratulations are due to Mrs Kane who is also a parishioner.

PRESENT FOR POOR KIDS. Can I rely on you for your usual kindness in buying a modest and well wrapped present for a child up to the age of 12 and make it with a nice label say "for a special Boy/Girl". Place it under the Sacred Heart (Christmas Tree. Do it soon for too near Christmas makes it impossible for us to deliver to the needy.

Bidding Prayers


PRIEST: As we hear the voice of John the Baptist we pray for the grace to respond to the call for preparation of the heart for the coming of the Chosen One this Christmas.

Reader: Christ is the light of the Years and the One the world longs for. May the church he founded be a light for all men and women of goodwill who seek the truth. Lord hear us.

Christ is the Prince of Peace - may the members of the Armed Forces of our parishes be keepers and establishers of peace wherever they are and bring them back to their loves ones safe and sound. Lord hear us.

For all our children in this time of great indulgence that those who care for the them and love them will have the wisdom given my the Holy Spirit to treat them wisely in the goods of this world. Lord hear us.

For all our dear sick that the Lord's healing hand may touch them from his place in Heaven as he did when he walked the face of the earth: Stephen Lohan, Mary Molloy, Thomas and Tine, Martin Hoysted, Mary Colbert, Jean Corrigan, Peggy Forkan, Father Wilson, Iain Emberson, Philomena Gaughan, Tony Phelan, Maureen Waring.

Lord hear us

We commend to the Christchild's loving mercy the souls of all who have died recently: Vicky Commons, Nequi Collett, Sarah Byrne, Ann Nolan


Those whose anniversaries occur at this time: Matt Clinton, Peter Cleary, Doreen Cahill, Martin Murray, Mary O'Grady, Afram Zaer, Mycola Osiuk, Veronica Lawson

May their souls and the souls....

Mary is the Morning Star who ushered in the Son of Justice, Christ the Lord- O Mary, conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Hail Mary...

Priest: Key of David, Son of the Most high - hear us as we seek the fulfilment of all our needs for you live and reign for ever and ever.