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My Dear People,

The Transfiguration is described in the Mass assigned today. How necessary that vision was for it must have put heart into the apostles after the terrible experience of seeing the Lord tortured and crucified.

I find it more and more difficult to watch a film or on telly any form of violence. Violence is ugly and dark and distorted and utterly abhorrent to God's creation. No soldier glorifies in it and wants to forget it when the battle is over. You never hear those brave men and women describing the terrible hurt and the wounds and the shouts and agonies of the victims do you? Yet our Lord who is the gentlest and loveliest of the Sons of Men was utterly disfigured by the terrible violence he suffered at the hand of scumbag thugs - forgive them. This is all to show the price of our sins.

We were ransomed say St Peter - at a great price. The price was the precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. His body was one great mass of whip wounds and blows and stabbings and nail holes. His head was covered with the wounds of the huge thorns, his back almost down to showing the rib cage.

But today - in the Gospel of the Transfiguration, in his very body he is seen brighter than Moses was, when he spoke to God and his clothes whiter than any whiteness you can imagine and the Father spoke as he had to Moses - "THIS IS MY SON, THE BELOVED. LISTEN TO HIM."

Oh how we must listen to him and not refuse him!

The Church is his Body of which we are a part and we must listen to him and draw near to him. The Catholic Church has the great task of witnessing to a fallen world which is being crushed under the weight of sins. The Film CABARET showed the decadence of Berlin as Hitler and the Nazis rose in prominence. The world dripped with corruption and in the body politic the corruption spread like a virus. When the crunch came - the evil rose up like a great monster and consumed Europe and in the end, most of the world. It was a terrible evil and I believe that with the slaughter of 180,000 unborn children in England and Wales alone each year and the campaign Governments of all parties have opted for, to corrupt the youth into really sensual and sinful ways through supposed, sex education that is leading to a break down of unprecedented order.

The Audit Commission's review of Children's Services provided by local councils this week demonstrate this really bad breakdown in caring for children who are the most vulnerable - hence the murder of so many of them. When children murder children or youth shoot a little boy for fun, we know it is the tip of the iceberg. Pray this Lent for our nation and the Western World. Big trouble has begun and still those leaders hold forth the same insane message as a solution - "choice" is all they are interested in - freedom of choice. Maybe with the economic turn down folk we realise that choice is not the be all and end all. God the Father says "Listen to my Beloved Son."! That is the invitation and it is for us to choose with all our hearts to listen to the Son. In listening to him in his teaching church we will find life and joy and indeed eternal life.

Keep up the prayer.

Father Tom Connolly

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HOLY WEEK READERS. In St Kentigerns there is a list on the notice board for the extra readers we will need for Holy Week. Would all Readers please see to it and put their names down against what they can do for the Triduum Holy Thursday night, Good Friday at 3 and Holy Saturday Vigil at 8.30pm. Let Peter Ramsbottom know please.

BIG CHANGES. The Bishop called in to see me on Ash Wednesday to inform me that he was appointing dear Father John Flynn to the Chaplaincy at the University of Salford and press Officer for the Diocese of Salford. You can imagine my emotion - depressed!! I am very glad for Father Flynn although I would have loved him to be here for another year or so but - he will be a great apostle of youth in the thousands of students at the University and it will put him on the National level of being known in a wider circle of Church life. He is eminently suitable of course and the Bishop is a wise Pastor. HOWEVER - the Bishop told me that he has no spare priests to put here so folks I am going to have to cut drastically the Mass obligations we have taken on. When I took over St Edwards I did not reduce Masses here or there. Being by myself I will have to measure myself and cut the cloth accordingly and so do you.

I think that after due consultation both places we can only manage one evening Mass on a Sunday night. I also think that at St Kentigern's we will have to combine some Sunday Masses. It will be tight but I think I can do it alone if need be. I will try to get other priests to help me and I will be able to get the services of an Indian priest but I do not know for how long. So - pray for more good priests to be called and formed to serve the community of the Faithful. Have more children you young couples and pray that your generosity with life will produce a priest for God's work. My sugar is not under great control at the moment and we have suffered a lot of stress with the foundation of the new school at Main Road - The Divine Mercy RC Primary which does not help. However I am watched very carefully by the diabetic clinic at Withington Hospital so I am hopeful it won't affect my apostolic output. Fr Tom

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