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My Dear People,

Today is the last of the three feasts of Christmastide. Each of the feasts of Christmas are associated with the MANIFESTATIONS of Jesus Christ to the world.

The first one is Christmas Night when the Hosts of the Heavenly Army in the night sky over Bethlehem, announced to the poor shepherds that a Saviour had been born "who is Christ the Lord". Then they began the Gloria harbouring in Peace to people of God Will in the world for the Christ who would save the whole of mankind was born and the shepherds were given the sign of the a child in a stable. They accepted the message from God and found the child lying in a manger with his mother close by him and they adored and worshipped and then told our lady what had happened.

The second Manifestation was to the Three Wise men - the Magi who came from the East for they had seen a new Star that had risen in the sky and it indicated to them a new Born KING. They followed the Star which hovered over the house where the child was and they entered that house and WORSHIPPED Him. They brought precious gifts, gold to indicate a King, Frankincense to indicate a Priest and Myrrh to indicate his Destiny - to die for our salvation. Jesus was manifested to them who were not of the Jewish race and so the three wise men represent the wisdoms and sciences of the Gentile peoples and the showing forth to them of the new Born Saviour.

The third MANIFESTATION is the Baptism which we celebrate today. God the Father Himself manifested the presence of His Divine and Eternal Son, born in Time. The Holy Spirit too shows Christ forth and hovers over him in the waters of the River Jordan. The Father's voice is heard to Manifest His Son: "YOU ARE MY SON, THE BELOVED; MY FAVOUR RESTS ON YOU." You will notice the Holy Spirit descends on Jesus like a dove descending. The Dove and the Water remind us of Noah and the end of the Flood which washed all the sinful generation away. The waters of the Jordan are the same creature we were baptised in. The sacred Body of the Lord, descending into the waters gave he power of regeneration to the water we use in Baptism. The miracle at Cana is associated with these Signs for St John has the Cana miracle of the huge amount of water turned into wine as a "Manifestation" of His Divine nature to the apostles "they believed in Him".

The Christmas feasts are brought to a close and we begin the Second Sunday of Ordinary time nest week. Thus the Liturgical Year rolls on - unfolding for us the Life and the Mysteries of Christ our Lord, his teaching and works, his miracles and his actions.

Thank you once again for all your manifestations of kindness on the occasion of Christmas.

God Bless and Happy New Year from Father John Flynn and Pilar (St Edwards Pastoral Assistant) and me!

Father Tom Connolly

Mass on Tuesday is a funeral Mass of Mrs Teresa Hamilton and it is at Midday so NO 9.30 MASS TUESDAY

Prize winners of the St Kents Grand New Year Draw were .. (I WILL SEND THEM TO U). Thanks one and all who sold the tickets.


THE RED MISSION BOXES A,P.F Mill Hill WERE EMPTIED ON WEDNESDAY AND RAISED A GRAND TOTAL OF 1060. Many thanks. Medals and Certificates are awarded by the APF to Mr and Mrs O'Keefe for such long erm commitment to the Missions. Well done Sheila and Sam.

Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers for the Baptism of the Lord. 09

Priest: On this day the Father revealed his Only Son and commanded us to listen to him. In obedience we now come in his name to seek God's help in all our needs.

Reader: The Father's Voice was heard acclaiming the Son in the River Jordan. May the world listen to the cry of the unborn and change the unjust laws which end the lives of so many of our children in the womb. Lord hear us.

The Holy Spirit was seen like a dove descending - may the Holy Spirit today descend on us and all God's people to enable us to be witnesses to that Light which is Christ our Lord. Lord hear us.

For all those undergoing Instruction in the Catholic Faith - that the light which has led them to us may continue to illuminate their hearts and minds. Lord hear us.

For married life and the sacrament of Holy Matrimony blest by Christ at Cana, and for all those who share in this sacrament - that their love and unity be apparent to the whole world and so witness to the unity of God with his Church. Lord hear us.

That on this White Flower Sunday, we pray that the Church in our day will find new ways of communicating the reality of Christ to a people who stand in such great need of redemption. We pray that we be delivered from the scourge of abortion and cloning of human life and the growth of embryos for spare parts for siblings and all anti life movements and philosophies. Lord hear us.

We commend to God all our dear ones who are ill and suffering: Joe Christie, Elizabeth Wallace , Mary Geraghty, Bernard Murray, Margaret Dunne, Sam O'Keefe

Lord hear us.

You have called your servants to Eternal Life - grant that happiness and peace O Lord. We pray for Teresa Hamilton, Arthur Strafford, Grace McDermott, Blanca Loynes, Margaret Ester Nattras, Doreen Gregory.

AND for all those souls whose anniversaries fall about this time: Philip Walsh , Michael Gilhooley, Tom Kennedy, Michael Byrne, Noel Bohan, Tom and Sarah Carpenter, Margaret Deignan, Austin Hopkins, Sheila Delaney, Finbar Sheehan, Mary Sheehan, (Vigil)Tim Moloney, John Maloney and Mary Cleary (15th)


O Mary conceived with out sin. /R Pray for us who have recourse to thee.

Mary Most Holy, Mary Most humble servant of the Lord we seek your motherly prayer: Hail Mary, full of grace.

Priest: On this most holy feast of the Baptism of Our Lord we pray to you almighty Father for these and all our needs and the needs of the whole world. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.