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THIRD SUNDAY OF LENT. CYCLE B + 15th March 2009.


My Dear People,

Today our Blessed Lord is showing his perfectly righteous anger (not sinful anger) at the abuse of the Holy Temple. The myriad of money changers and animal Marts had turned the Father's house - His Father's House - into a den of thieves. This means that our Lord knew that many of these merchants were dishonest in their dealing with the people. To cheat or short-change anyone anywhere is a bad and sinful thing but to do this in the name of God and in His Holy Place is even worse isn't it? Somehow wrongdoing in the name of religion is always worse because religion is pure and holy.

Our Lord makes a whip and goes through the whole place overturning the moneychanger's tables and scattering the coins. It was pretty radical really don't you think? The authorities asked by what authority he did these things and then our Lord did not hesitate to describe the Temple as belonging to His Father and then said that he could rebuild it in three days.

This we know is a reference to the death of Christ and his lying in the tomb for Three days and nights. His critics did not get that meaning. His zeal would lead to his arrest and death in order supposedly to save the people from the wrath of the Romans but we know it was to save the whole of humanity from their sins.

His Body is that Holy Temple now. It is no longer in stone it is in his Living Risen Body that we find the Living and True God and we are conjoined to His Body in Baptism and have become living cells in the make up of his Body.

We too must be zealous for the Father's House - the Church Catholic, Roman and Universal. We belong to Christ's Holy Body and we must live accordingly. That is what we make an extra effort during the Holy Season of Lent.

St Patrick's Feast is getting near on this Tuesday 17th. It would be a good day to come to Mass and pray for Ireland that the militants do not win.

Support your parish club on this great dance night.

The Manchester Irish Festival is one of the most important events in the calendar for the City of Manchester and the Council and it began with a great evening of entertainment in he Great Hall last Friday 7th March. It would make you proud to have Irish connections.

I hope the rest of Lent goes well for you.

God bless you all,

Fr Tom Connolly.

Father George has agreed to come from Easter Monday to assist me in the parish ministry. He is a Post Graduate student too, so has to devote time to studies but at least I will have his help in covering he Masses for the two parishes and the four schools. He is Syro-Malabar Rite but can just as well offer he Holy Mass in he Roman Rite.

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Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers 3rd of Lent.

Priest: Almighty and ever Living God, In You is the fountain of eternal life and no ones is refused the life giving water through which you save the world. Listen Lord to the prayers of the faithful.

Reader: For the places in the world where catastrophes are happening and where folk are left without shelter, clothes or nourishment - that the corporal works of mercy practised by us as a community may bring relief in the name of the Lord. Lord hear us.

Reader: For all those undergoing Instruction in the Catholic Faith - that as they near their reception or baptism this Easter - they may know the sweetness of the Lord and always rejoice in the faith they profess with us. Lord hear us.

For our Holy Father Pope Benedict - that as Vicar of Christ he will show forth the power of the Petrine Office in service of the whole Church. We pray for all those in union with the Holy See that they may build up this unity as the most certain will of Christ. Lord hear us.

For all who are victims of exploitation in their bodies - and especially women - preserve them O Lord in holy purity and give us all a greater love for the virtue of chastity so that we may serve you in greater freedom. Lord hear us.

For all our sick and those who look after them and who minister to their needs: Betty Wallace, Maureen Waring, Agnes Halligan, Elizabeth McDonald, Teresa Regan, Steven Tivnan, Martin Joyce, Sam O'Keefe, Philomena Gaughan, Florence Ackroyd... Lord hear us.

We commend to God's tender mercy the souls of all who have died recently: Tommy Coyne, Dennis Keyes, Sean John Meighan, John Joyce, Martin Bownes... and those who have died in the armed forces.


All those souls whose anniversaries fall about this time: John Scannell, 9am Leticia Jackson, Harold Williams, Sheila Driscoll, Thomas Carpenter, Seamus Crawford, Patrick Garrett, Benny Cunningham (11 am), Delia Rafferty, Edwards Williams, Ivan Bilyk, Mary Molloy, Mary Bohan, Jerry Dunne.


Our Lady showed forth the power of God in all its radiant beauty. May the Sinless one who is full grace help us now - her children. O Mary, conceived without sin. /R Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Hail Mary, full of grace...

Priest: Hear the prayers we make, O Lord our God and draw us to the Heart of your Divine Son so that we may always find refreshment at the fountain of Life. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.