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My Dear people,

On a rather "unspiritual" note can I just remind you that we have the parish Bazaar THIS Sunday beginning after the 11am Mass. I hope you all come in great numbers. Have A an Irish Coffee and have a go on the Wheel of Fortune and see Father Christmas and buy a CD or something. Meet your old friends.

And so we come to the Solemnity of Christ the King and National Youth Sunday. Here is the ideal of all the young generation. Christ is the model an d the mentor for each rising generation. If Christ's Universal rule is to be re-established the hearts and minds of the Youth, the young have to be sparked up.

This feast was instituted in the 1920's, when the world was experiencing the rise of many evil regimes of the communist or fascist kind which threatened the whole of humanity.

Pope Pius XI was engaged in teaching the truth against "Pure Race" eugenics and artificial contraception. Folk like Hitler and Stalin and Mussolini were all strutting their stuff as though they were God Almighty and demanded the obedience of their populations. The Catholic Church stood out against these evils and was alone in many ways. Eugenics was the idea that you could breed the poor and the thick out of existence by selective "breeding". To do this you had to have control of how people had their babies and many of the women's lib heroes of today were full of this effort to abolish the lower classes who were unintelligent or handicapped. Marie Stopes had a Post Office Stamp with her mug on it last year and she was a pioneer of this horror. The handicapped were to be quietly done away with as non productive. The Jews were seen to be vermin and the Slavs were to be slaves. It is a lot like now where the weak can either be aborted or commit suicide.

Indeed in the end it took the deaths of millions to put the terrible beast that was born, down. It has arisen in the first place because of the negation of Christianity and particularly Catholic Christianity in the old continent of Europe. Russia was the first to fall and then many followed. It was during this time that the great persecution of the Church in Mexico began when all churches were closed and priests outlawed by the Masonic secular arm of the Mexican ruling class. Everywhere dictators were rising preaching a gospel of hate and they all persecuted the Catholic Church which stood against them in proclaiming Jesus Christ as the only One to be adored. Dictators always want to be worshipped you know.

It is difficult for us to imagine the atmosphere of those days if you did not live through them. The storm clouds of war was everywhere and in the end after the terrible slaughter of the First World war, within twenty two years it had begun all over again. Sadly were are in the same culture of Death nowadays.

Our Lord is truly a King and he witnesses to this in front of Pontius Pilate himself. "Yes I am a King" Jesus says and we are his subjects and acknowledge him as our Lord don't we? We are not to serve those who would tell us by Law to tell our children about how they can commit serious sin and evil (Ed Balls - Minister of Education - please note).

The image of the Last Judgement of our King is that of the Shepherd - King. Our Lord tell us in picture form what it will be like when He comes again in glory to judge the Living and the Dead. All the good and bad we have done will be accounted for in a great audit. The King will come, escorted by the angels and take his seat on the Throne - (all signs of Kingship) and all THE NATIONS will be assembled.

You see there is a kind of community aspect to this - a nation will be gathered with many other nation-states and the people of these nations will be sorted. They will be sorted like a shepherd sorts the sheep from the goats. The criteria for judgement is if we have done the Corporal works of Mercy

  •   1. to feed the hungry
  •   2. to give drink to the thirsty
  •   3. to clothe the naked
  •   4. to harbour the harbourless
  •   5. to visit the sick
  •   6. to visit the imprisoned
  •   7. to bury the dead.

The list is summarised by our Lord in his description. So we have a clue don't we about what we must do to express our love and obedience to Christ our Universal King. So many in our parish do just that and the work of the Universal Church is the greatest outpouring of love on humanity from the heart of Christ. Long may it be.

God Bless,

Father Tom Connolly

ADVENT. The new year of the Church begins next Sunday with the First Sunday of Advent and the lighting of the Advent Wreath. For Readers note is Year C.


ALMANACS ON SALE FOR 2010 AT 3.00 This gives you the whereabouts of every priest you ever knew and the times of Mass everywhere and loads of Information about he Diocese of Salford. DO BUY ONE.

"Walk with Me" Advent booklet from the Bishop is free - one for each household.

Next Sunday is the 1st of Advent Cycle A Readings.

THE YEAR FOR PRIESTS. I hope you like the lovely banner hung for the Year of the Priest. This year was proclaimed by Pope Benedict on June 19th the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - hence the image of the Sacred Heart depicted on the banner. Our Lord wears the vestment called the Stole a sign of priestly ministry. This year will last until the same date in 2010 which will also be the 150 Anniversary of the death of St John Mary Vianney, the Cure of Ars, a true example of a pastor at the service of Christ's flock. The theme of the year is "The Faithfulness of Christ, the Faithfulness of the Priest".

Bidding Prayers

Christ the King Bidding prayers

Priest: On this solemnity of Christ our Universal king - we come to pay him homage and to offer our faithful service and to seek his help in our universal need.

On this Youth Sunday we pray that all our youth may realise the esteem and love have for them in Christ. Lord hear us.

Reader: For all the nations gathered on this earth of ours that they may learn to live with one another in mutual respect and harmony and particularly we ask the work of the United Nations Organization and Commonwealth will be a force for good in our world. Lord hear us.

That the Laws of our country and of other nations may be in accord with the Divine Law as revealed by God and His only Son. Lord hear us.

We commend to God our Youth who are our joy and consolation. We pray that they may find in Christ their Friend, their Brother, their Mentor and their God. Lord hear us.

We pray for all Prisoners of conscience - and especially for those of the Faith who suffer persecution for following the Church's social teaching - in the cause of right for the sake of Christ and we commend them to Christ the Liberator. Lord hear us.

That Christ the King may conquer our illnesses and comfort us in our wounded nature and restore to health those who are sick, , Joe and Eva Christie, Betty Wallace, Agnes Hallighan, Kevin Murray, Maureen Waring, Martin Hoysted, Lord hear us.

May Christ the King bring to eternal life in His Kingdom the souls of those who have died: Mary Davies,mTom Sharkey, Mary Keady AND For all those whose anniversaries occur at this time and all those on the November Dead List,Frances Swann, Sean Murray (11am) Robert Lewer (VIGIL) Margaret and Michael Cullen (am) David Coffey (11 30 Sat 21st) Mary Greenhalgh.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace.

O Mary Conceived without sin. R/ Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Mary is the Mother of the Great King and reigns with him in the Kingdom of Heaven - may she pray for us her children on this great feast of her Son's Kingship...Hail Mary, full of grace...

Lord our God and Universal Kind to love you is to reign with you. Listen to our prayer which we make in trust and in humility and as we commend our Youth to your care, bring us all to eternal life. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.