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SEVENTEENTH SUNDAY OF THE YEAR . 26TH JULY 2009. + CYCLE B. Year of the Priest. 40th year of our school.


My Dear People,

Holiday time is here. I was absent for twelve days up to last weekend in Rome (Where I prayed for you all at SS Peter and Paul's tombs) and Father Flynn will be going on holiday soon and then he will moving to his new apostolic assignment at the University of Salford as Chaplain. Father Pinto, a priest studying in Belgium is here for two months to help us out. Father George will be remaining thank God and will help us survive the loss of dear Father Flynn.

The new school of The Divine Mercy on Main Road will be handed over by the builders on the 10th August. I think it is the first school to be called by that title in this country. It replaces St Edwards and Bishop Bilborrow and is built on the old turf of Man City's ground.

In the Gospel today is the famous miracle of the Feeding of he five thousand.

Since the days of the underground Church in the Catacombs, the Miracle of the loaves and the fishes has always meant for us the gift of Christ's Body in the Bread of the Blessed Sacrament, the Holy and Most Adorable Eucharist.

In Christ's hands there is enough for all to eat plenty and in Christ's hands now he gives us his own self as the Bread of Eternal life. In Christ's hands all things become possible even though the apostles just gave up on the amount of bread which would be needed to feed the thousands. They obeyed the command of Jesus and all were fed and plenty left over. Now, there is a lesson which can be applied to every part of life eh?

If our Lord could make the bread and the fish go round then he will never leave us without. Mother Theresa used to say that we will never experience God's loving providence if we do not allow him. She knew how much she was looked after by her Divine Master. In the whole world - even the most hard nosed would melt when faced with a request from Mother Theresa and give, and she would have enough then to minister to the poorest of the poor as her Sisters still do - and her brothers in Miles Platting.

In our Lord's hands everything is possible. Whole nations are converted in no time at all. Teenagers are converted to the sweet and delightful path of virtue attracted by Christ's pure invitation. In our Lord's hands everything becomes abundant and plentiful and overflowing. It was an amazing thing that after all those folk had been fed there was twelve baskets left over of the scraps.

That is why this miracle stands for so much more than the immediate effect. It is symbolic of the way God works. He takes our humble offering of a few loaves and fish and makes of our offering so much more than we could have ever done. I feel that very much with being a priest. My poor humanity was offered and Jesus, by the laying on of hands transformed my humble and inadequate manhood to the dignity of the priesthood so that I can do his work in such an abundant way - ministering Jesus Christ to my brothers and sisters in a way that is out of this world in fulfilment and satisfaction. (Fr Flynn celebrated his third Anniversary on Wednesday).

You can imagine in the early days of the church when the Roman Greek paganism was so strong everywhere - that Christ's little flock read this miracle in the light of just how much Jesus would do with their little offering. Little did they know how the Faith would replace all those horrible Gods and Goddesses and their vile and impure practises within a few generations.

So - folk - whatever it is - place your inadequate offering in our Blessed Lord's hands and see what he will do. The saints experienced this and you too will. I am sure many of you, my dear parishioners have already experienced it too in your Christian lives.

God Bless,

Father Tom Connolly

ROSARY CRUSADE Platt Fields. Saturday 12th September between 2.30pm - 4. 30pm. Please come and witness to the Faith.

St Kentigern's school walked away again with all he prizes in the Athletics recently. Well done.

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