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FEAST OF THE HOLY FAMILY 27TH December 2009. Year of the Priests.


My Dear People,

The Feast of the Holy Family always comes so close to Christmas that it sometimes can get a little lost. It is very fitting to have this feast now because we have just been gazing upon the Holy Family in the Crib of 2009 with Mary and Joseph venerating The First Born Son who has come from Heaven to earth in an exchange that is full of tender Divine love and mercy. The Holy Family is a kind of icon for us all.

I give a plaque of the Holy Family to everyone getting married here in the two parishes. If they can live together in peace and unity and have at the centre of their home the love of Christ they will not go far wrong will they? This year just before Christmas Feast the Pope was giving an address to the people of Rome on the feast of the Immaculate Conception as he crowned the statue of Our Lady at the Spanish Steps (with the help of the Rome Fire Brigade). In his Homily he referred to the opening of the Copenhagen International UN Conference on "Climate Change". In it the Pope said "Often we lament the pollution of the air, which in certain parts of he city is impossible to breathe. But there is another kind of pollution, less perceptible to the senses, but just as dangerous. It is the pollution of the spirit; it makes our faces less smiling, darker, and stops us from greeting each other and looking each other in the eyes." To see others as God sees them is to have the heart and eyes of our Lady. She teaches us to open ourselves to the action of God who looks upon us with mercy and with a love of infinite tenderness especially for those who are vulnerable.

He mentioned the language of creation with regard to being a man or a woman. God made male and female. This order of creation should be respected and esteemed just as you respect the nature of the Rain forest and conserve it. So the Pope says that gender bending is "a destruction of God's work". Promoting homosexual activity as equal to the language of creation is not respecting "human ecology". You know what Pope Benedict means. He will get a bad press but he speaks the truth as Vicar of Christ.

We are in danger here of promoting the opposite of male and female marriage and I have told you this many time. The Secularists are on the war path and they have many troops. The PM himself told a gay Magazine recently that it was the Governments foreign policy to spread same sex partnerships to all nations. Now how about that as a militant anti religion agenda on the taxpayer? But none of this makes it right. There is a campaign to devalue marriage as the norm for society and yet it is the God given design for all of mankind. The Feast of the Holy Family would be laughed at by many in our society but so was our Lord.

There is no better way to be found yet of bringing up children. A faithful husband and wife are the key ingredients to a child's happiness and proper formation. It is the lack of family life in this way that causes so many of our young ones to act in a way which is inhuman and cruel. Mrs Harman says the Government has no obligation to support Marriage for it is only one arrangement and there are many. How right she is but how wrong in saying that they should not support Marriage. It costs them millions of pounds a year to rectify the moral vacuum kids experience because of their lack of mum and dad.

Let us pray that our Nazareth will be real in that in our house Jesus is loved and adored.

The Holy Family Feast reminds us of this. May our Lord protect our family life and our young ones. A Happy New Year!

Father Tom Connolly.



See the sick last week: Peggy Forkan , Infant Ava Barkoe

Lately dead - Mary Christine Murphy, John Joseph Keating.

Anniv: Joyce Cook, Bill Cook, Freddie King, Harry King, Patrick Dolan, Robert Burke, Peggy Collins, Vera Jones, Phil Walsh, Patrick Garrett and Marjorie, Michael McDonnell

Driver: Kay Byrne

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