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My Dear People,

What a week it has been. My Galway Aunt Mary and two of my cousins and a second cousin and husband were all over staying with me along with Marci Kovacs and brother Paul, students from Hungary. We had Frankie our Seminarian too and every bed was occupied bar one fold up! It has been hectic indeed - a Monday to Thursday visit and I could not keep up with my 86 year old Aunt who along with her twin Eileen, are the last of my dear fathers' side of the family. It was hard to keep up with them and I beat them to bed each night! It must be something in the genes that allows the Irish born to stay up so late and not flag.

We also had the sad, sad news on Tuesday morning, very early from The Divine Mercy School that Semelia Campbell, a six year old girl who was a pupil at our school had been accidentally killed by an electronic gate in the Bilsborrow Close area of the new Maine Rd Estate Blue Moon Way.

On Thursday we had a big school Mass for the little girl and family at 11am in the new school hall and her friends read some Bidding Prayers and some others read out tributes to her and how much they would miss her. The children had made up these verses and tributes themselves and they were very sensible and wise and full of confidence in the abiding goodness of God, despite the tragic death of one so young.

Semelia's dear grief stricken mother was present and kept great self control and dignity throughout along with her extended family.

I told the assembly that there are few pains worse than the loss of a little child and that despite the shortness of her life - her life had been lived and was a great gift and that she would have gone straight to heaven. Not all of us have a long life. We celebrated the Mass of the Angels and wore white Mass Vestments for the child.

GRADUATION Frankie Mulgrew our resident Seminarian Graduated on Wednesday from the University of Durham, so congrats Frankie for studying so hard and gaining a good degree in Theology and Pastoral Ministry. He will make a good priest I know.

Talking about Ministry; today we have the famous account of the sending out of the Seventy Two on their first Mission. They were given specific Instructions for this Operation from the Master's own lips; "carry no haversack,, no purse, no shoes, greet no one on route...greet the man of he house with PEACE (I always do this when I enter a house as Christ's priest), eat was is set before you, do not move around, heal any sick and tell them The Kingdom of God is very near." If they get snubbed - they are not to waste time but to move on and wipe he dust from the feet and go to a new place.

Now - it worked a treat and the miracles multiplied like they did when the Catholic Faith was first preached in these Islands by Augustine and Patrick and Columba.

But - Jesus said to them when they returned, all excited: "Rejoice that your names are written in Heaven" - you see they were the ones to receive he gift of salvation first so that they could tell others. Our Lord saw Satan falling from the sky with the disciples Missionary Journey. He has been falling ever since and will fall again and again and his Church will arise again and again.

When Pope Benedict comes to us on 16th September - the Kingdom of Christ will be greatly strengthened and those who not believe will be in wonder of His Holiness. I know and I have experienced it. Christ's Vicar is very, very near the Master. Believe me God Bless,

Father Tom Connolly

NEW BOILER has been fitted into the Presbytery of St Edwards and now I am working on a new Boiler for the Church of St Edward. I wish someone would leave us a legacy!!


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