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Sermon for 5 September 2010



My Dear People,

Our children at the St Kentigerns and The Divine Mercy start back on Monday. Both are led by new Headteachers - Mrs Kane and Mr Walsh. The teachers have done three days of in-service training already (WHICH INCLUDED A Holy Mass) so we wish both schools a good term. They will go from strength to strength I am sure.

Loreto High did so well this year in the GCSE Results and St Peters High too, all improved their results in the GCSEs this summer.

We have a local saint this week - St Ambrose Barlow who was martyred at Lancaster in 1641. Barlow Moor Rd and Barlow High etc are named after the same family and saint. Chorlton Golf Club- House is the house he lived in. He became a monk of the St Benedict but carried out an active ministry here in this part of Lancs so he is a real local. His skull - once displayed on the Church now known as Manchester Cathedral after his execution - is now held on the Bishop's Staircase in Wardley Hall, Worsley. Bishop Holland had it examined by Manchester University forensics and they found traces of the red hair he was known to have on his skull. Part of his jaw is kept in a shrine in St Ambrose's, Princess Parkway.

Another local priest martyr was celebrated last Wednesday - St Edmund Arrowsmith (d: 1628) of Haydock. He was betrayed to the authorities by a young Catholic lad who did not like being corrected by Faher Arrowsmith that he was committing a sin by not marrying the girl he was abiding with! Now Fr Arrowsmith "worked out the cost" did he not? St.Anne Line of Congelton also has a feast on Monday - martyred for harbouring Catholic priests. She had sat down and "worked out he cost" of following the Catholic faith and laid down her life.

If you oppose the Pride week our city has just staged and dissent from the lack of morality you might get charged with a crime. So - "work out the cost". Cllr Karney wants to prosecute the poor little group of Protestant Christians who stood by John Rylands library with some quotes from the Bible about misuse of the Body. The Vicar of Withingon thinks that our Blessed Lord would have been in the Parade !!! How untrue can you get? Ah well the Holy Father is due soon and all of you who put your names down to go will be going. You will hear the Pope teach as Christ teaches. Listen to his wise words and find Christ in the midst of all this confusion. They are like sheep without a shepherd and our Lord would feel pity for them.

Do we want to be liked at any cost? Are we required by God's law to oppose an evil even if it is proposed by a close member of the family? Well - our Lord is telling us in the Gospel today that we must put God's truth first even if it means incurring the dislike or displeasure or even rejection of those who are closest to us. I remember once a parent refusing to attend a wedding a daughter in a Registry Office because she said it was not a true marriage. The daughter was very angry with her mother for a long time and the mother suffered a great deal of anguish. However - the daughter in the end respected the mother and put her marriage right with God soon after the mother's death for she knew that her mother taught her the truth for her good and for her salvation. Not all stories end with the same joy and the mother in question did not live to see the day but that did not matter did it? With God we cannot hold back and preserve a private part of life for your own secret values which are not of God. So you must measure your discipleship against the true cost - my ALL - I must love God with all my heart, mind and strength and neighbour as myself. So - no holding back even if to please or to be liked.

To be out of step with the age is essential for Catholic people. We are not called Left Footers for nothing and the world admires it you know if we don't slack. The Media loves to hate us and makes all kinds of false accusations against us but rejoice and be glad as our Lord says - that is how they treated him.

God bless you all,

Father Tom Connolly

Lectio Divina

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Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers for 23rd Sunday year C.

Priest: let us pray for the grace to respond to God's Call to follow him whatever the cost. On this Sunday for Racial justice may we live with each other in goodness and peace.

Reader. We pray for those called to leave homeland to build up God's Church overseas that they will not be concerned or worried at the cost to themselves but see the gift they make as one totally worthwhile of God who deserves our love and fidelity. Lord hear us.

For all places of education that our youth be formed in God's image in wisdom and in intelligence in all the arts and sciences available in our institutions for the good of all and the greater good of mankind. Lord hear us.

For all our people and for the nations that we never suffer another 9/11 - that all mankind live in harmony with one another and all those who acknowledge Abraham as their father esteem one another. Lord hear us.

That the Good Shepherd will watch over his Vicar on earth - Pope Benedict as he comes to these shores. May his words and witness draw many to the beauty of Christ himself. Lord hear us.

For all those who are ill and have sought the prayers of this community - for: the Chilean Miners, stuck underground. For Kevin Cullen, Mary Colbert, Martin Hoysted, Ronnie Molloy, Betty Wallace, Jean Corrigan, James Bret, Ida Sheehan.

For all who have died recently that they may see the face of God in heavenly bliss: Molly Winsor, Michael Dwyer, Nathan Maguire, Pat Brennan, Alan Bradley, Betty Murphy, Sylvia Royle.


For all whose anniversary of death falls now: Eileen Fitzgibbon, John and Ann Molloy, Pat Moran (Vigil mass).

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace Amen.

Mary is the one who launched out into the deep as the dwelling place of the Incarnate Word - may her prayers form heaven strengthen us her dear children. O Mary Conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. Hail Mary, full of Grace...

Priest: O Lord and Heavenly Father listen to the prayers of your humble people and in your mercy answer them, through Christ our Lord. Amen.