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Sermon for 15 August 2010



My Dear People,

We come now to the great feast of the Church - the little Easter - the Assumption of Our Lady, body and soul into Heaven. The greatest artists on earth have tried to depict this scene and with great success. Yet nothing can describe the beauty and the splendour of this feast.

Our Lady was born Immaculate. She was preserved from the stain of Adam's sin therefore she did not inherit the "death" gene.

She who gave her whole reproductive faculty over to the Eternal Father who created her - brought forth from her holy womb whilst still a virgin - the Son of Justice - Christ the Lord, the Saviour of all humanity and who was to be, the First Born from the dead.

It is supernatural I know, but it follows in a way doesn't it? If Mary did not inherit Adam's sin gene, then she did not inherit "Death". She is the mother of life and death has no part in her or power over her.

You will notice that the seers of Knock and Lourdes and Fatima and Guadalupe all see our Lady as a most beautiful young woman with a loveliness beyond any earthly comparison. Mary is, according to the longest tradition of the Church, the Second Eve. She is the one who stood by the tree of the Cross and said YES as opposed to Eve who stood at the tree in the Garden and refused God her trust but believed the devil, the father of lies.

It is all in the Plan of God for our salvation. He wanted us to be saved by one like us - Jesus - and to a mother who would be a wonderful model for us in her faith and her love.

Wherever Mary's presence is experienced on this earth there is always a great outpouring of God's love and mercy. Go to a Marian shrine and see what you see. Tens of thousands come from all age groups bringing their sick and handicapped and take part in intense prayer and wonderful celebrations of the Holy Sacrifice of her Divine Son in the Mass. People are reconciled and converted and people are prayed for back home for many , many reasons. Where Mary is, there is the LIFE of her Son in superabundance. Where she is, the family of God gather round. That is what a mother does isn't it? She makes the Nest for us all to snuggle into and that is how it is today. We can gaze upon her utter beauty but she prefers us to simply unite ourselves with her self offering and give ourselves to Him who is the Author of all that is good - Jesus Christ our Lord.

We too one day will have our body glorified and brought to Heaven if we live faithfully and die faithfully in Christ. "Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I give you my heart and my soul".

So - Happy Feast everyone on this Lady Day.

God Bless,

Father Tom Connolly.

WEDDING BELLS. Congrats to Sam and Trudy Singh who married on Saturday in St Kentigerns. Sam was baptised and Confirmed and made his firs Communion at the Vigil Mass last week. May they enjoy a wonderful new life together.

NATIONAL MALTA DAY 2010 TO BE HELD IN WESTMINSTER CATHEDRAL AND THE PRECINCT. It celebrates the feast of Our Lady of Victories - Malta's patron. All Maltese people are invited to this London event on 11 September from 10am - 2pm. See the poster.

Sick - add James Brett, Delia Connolly, Jean Corrigan, John Barr, Iain Emberson.

Lately Dead Sarah Keane, Leonor Modica, John Lydten (Reception 6.30, Thurs. Requiem Mass 9.30am Fri).

Anniversaries: John Scannell (11am), Marie Silk

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