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My Dear People,

Soon the Marriage Course for our Deanery will begin in the Parish Club Marian Room and will run from 31st January through the to last Sunday of February. Usually we have about thirty something couples taking part. What better time to begin than to reflect on the Marriage Feast at Cana ? There is a lay Organisation called "CANA" for married people to renew their lives in Christ and in the sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

The miracle at Cana was a kind of "epiphany" of Jesus but this time to the newly chosen Apostles. The Gospel tells us that, "Jesus and his disciples had been invited". You see, straightaway after our Lord's election of those who would follow him they were seen as an "item". If you invited Jesus you invited the others. You who have arranged wedding invitations know the feeling! Yet this was a great development for St John for it was the first time in our Lord's public life that the Twelve were given that status belonging together with the Master. Guess what ? To complete the picture Jesus' mother had also been invited (Joseph being dead). Do take notice my dear people. This is important for St John is painting for you a picture of the Holy Church of God - a kind of model. We have Jesus, His mother and the Apostles and disciples and Incarnate Son of God (the Heavenly Bridegroom) all present at A Wedding. Is it not a sign of ultimate joy - a wedding? What could be more delightful to celebrate but the vowed love of a husband and wife, the union created by the Creator would result in the growth of the human family. Christ is the Bridegroom now and his Church is the Bride).

Our Lord blessed this marriage with his divine presence and it is commonly chosen by couples for the Wedding Ceremony Gospel.

However something else is going on in the background which the rest of the guests know nothing about - only the Steward of the feast (The equal to our Banqueting Manager) and the waiters knew and Our Lady. It was this - THE WINE WAS RUNNING OUT.

Now a few years ago I know that feeling because we had a power cut on the bar at St Kents Club on of all nights - St Patrick's Night!! Imagine not being able to draw a pint on the 17th March??? Luckily Paul Henehen was there and being a sparkie he leapt over the bar and the night was saved.

The future role of our Blessed Lady was demonstrated in this panic. Our Lady noticed the couple's dilemma and knew who could solve the problem and so she INTERCEDES WITH HER SON. "They have no wine". Our Lord seems to be a bit harsh - "What is that to me???" But Mary knows her loving Son and she knows he will refuse her nothing she asks and in all confidence she tells the servants "DO WHATVER HE TELLS YOU". This is just as well because the poor servants were told by Jesus to fill up again the 6 water jars with fresh water - 12 gallons each - and when that was done - the miracle was complete and it was much better than the previous wine. The hills would flow with free wine the prophets had said about the time of the Messiah and here we have it. "HE LET HIS GLORY BE SEEN AND THE DISCIPLES BELIEVED IN HIM". Thus St John completes the story.

This first sign or miracle achieved not only great relief for the wedding but an outpouring of confident faith in the MASTER in the disciples and apostles. It also becomes the model of his Mother's power of intercession and it raised the dignity of marriage to a new state because the Divine Presence was fully present to the Couple he had joined together as from creation. So you see there is a lot more going on here in this account than simply the end result.

God Bless you all,

Father Tom Connolly


Did you know that Father George celebrates his TWENTY FIFTH JUBILEE OF ORDINATION this year? He was ordained in January so the date has gone but on February 13 - Saturday, we are having a special celebration of his Jubilee with the 6.30pm Vigil Mass at St Kentigern's Church. We are having a Party in the Centre afterwards where we will have fine speeches and Indian Music and demonstration of the Young Keralan's Dancers and some Irish dancers too. There will be food for all tastes on the night as well so make a date in your calendar won't you? I know Father does not look old enough to be ordained 25 years for there is not a grey hair on his head!!


MARY'S MEALS. There are some boxes for you to take at the back of church. Mary's Meals is a Catholic Organisation which is new and spends nearly every penny on providing food - no politics or pressure groups or paid employees - all goes to the hungry. I have given from the Poor Box to them and we are going to have a charity night run by a group of women who have got involved - watch this space.

FIRST COMMUNION CHILDREN. Parents - we meet at 3pm in St Kentigern's school hall this Tuesday - to help you to know what the children are doing. On Sunday next at 11am Mass the Presentation of the Gospel takes place for each First Communion Candidate. "WE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO LISTEN TO GOD'S WORD" IS THE FOCUS OF THIS UNIT.

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