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Sermon for 26 September 2010



My Dear People,

Well - my oh my...where do we go from here. As I predicted the Holy Father dazzled the lot. Even the most cynical BBC and Guardian and Independent could not resist the wonderful and holy presence of he Vicar of Christ on earth. You could feel even through the telly - the awe that was felt in his holy presence. The numbers were not down - they were overwhelming and serious. They were there to listen and to worship and to join with the Holy Father. What a gift. In Hyde Park where I was the crowds were gathering from 1pm and never stopped and the Pope did not come until 6.45 and spent two hours with us. We witnessed the crowds on the processional route - 12 deep and cheering. He took the nation into his arms and heart for four whole days. So many were glued to their television. Who else on the face of this earth could attract he yards of print and TV coverage that our Holy Father did? No one and that is the truth. So folks, there is more thirst for God than you imagine and the Papal Office given by Jesus to Peter and his Successors is still hugely reverenced even by non believers. Thanks be to God it all went well. Now we must listen to what he said for his words are golden and not one wasted. As our Lord says to the rich man dressed in fine purple (read Amarni) you have been warned and the Pope has warned us to love Jesus and to follow his teaching and way of Christian life and to resist the stream of disbelief and non practise or rejection of the fundamental demands God makes of us. He even warned our Bishops at the end not be afraid of sating the truth even when it goes against the popular way of thinking.


My dear friends - the retired priests of our Diocese are in a bad way or will be if we do not do something about it. There are 58 retired priests. Their pensions from the diocese costs £580,000 per annum and the income for the Sick and Retired Clergy Fund is only £160,000. Now anyone can tell you that that is not good! The diocese could top it up from Interest on our Capital at the Bank. But, as we all know - the Bank is giving nowt in Interest so the Bishop is asking us all to cough up.

Priests like Father Morrow and Father Stanley and Fr Morrissey, who worked this part of the Vineyard are now retired along with allthe other 55 priests. So we have to help them.

I am giving you an envelope and a leaflet this weekend to take away for you to make a direct donation "Retired Priest's Fund" for cheques or cash. Read the leaflet and respond as generously as you can. You can make donation in cash or Standing Order at your Bank and if you pay tax you can gift Aid it by ticking the box and putting your name and address on the envelope. You can even make a donation on line by going to :www.dioceseofsalford.org.uk

Please take the leaflet and the Envelope home with you and bring it back next week. I particularly appeal to you folk who could make a permanent Standing Order even for a small about per month. If the 300,000 Mass goers in our Diocese did that it would make a big impact. The numbers of retired priests is growing - 58 now but many more to come. If they need a nursing home or rest home it costs more than they can afford, so please help.

We priests have been asked by Bishop Brain to make our own donation and for our Parish to make a donation and I will consult with Mrs Henaghen (St Kents) and Michael Geoghegan and Mike Maguire (St Edwards) to see what we as a Parish community can afford.

In the meantime, one of the Commandments of the Church is the Support of your Pastors. Priests do not live high life styles do they and if they need your help then they need it. Be kind and just eh?

God Bless us all,

Father Tom Connolly

Xaverian 6th Form College open days for parents and students Open Days Sat 9th Oct 10.30 - 2.00 and Sunday 17th Oct 12.30 - 4.00. Tel: 224 1781 for more info.

APF the Red Mission Boxes will be emptied soon so have them ready by 6th October. Mrs C. Booth (Hon Sec)

Baptism of Amal Kader who is from Eygpt. Amal has been Instructed in the Faith for many months by our parish qualified and official catechist, Mrs Pauline Emberson and at the 6.30 evening Mass at St Kentigerns she will be Baptised into the Catholic Church, Confirmed and make her First Holy Communion. Well done Amal - she is a Doctor back home.

LORETO 6TH FORM COLLEGE OPEN DAYS SAT 9TH OCT 10AM TO 1PM SUNDAY 17TH OCT 11AM - 2PM TEL:226 5156. Catholic Youth should go to a Catholic Sixth form especially for the Christian ethos.

The Little Sisters of the Poor are selling tickets outside St Kents. Today.

Bidding Prayers



Priest: The Lord is merciful and just and therefore we come before the throne of mercy confidant that God will hear our plea.

Reader: For all those whose wealth blinds them to the needs of others that they may have within them the grace of God to see the Lazarus at the gate and reach out in brotherly love. Lord hear us.

For all married people that with in their families they may nurture a sense of justice and goodness and kindness in the young. Lord hear us.

For all the students who have begun a new term and especially those who have just begun University and are away from home - that they may be happy and work well in their new surroundings and find our parish a place of welcome. Lord hear us.

For vocations to the Priesthood and the consecrated life - that the Lord may grant us zealous and holy priests to extend the Kingdom on earth and to sustain God's People in the glow of Pope Benedict's visit to our country. We commend to God all the retired priests of our diocese. Lord hear us.

For all our dear sick and for those who have the care of them that the power of the Risen Christ may comfort them in their weakness: Rose O'Sullivan, Mary Colbert, Martin Hoysted, Brenda Lynch, James Brett, Ida Sheehan, Mary Little Lord hear us.

May the light of Christ shine on those who have died recently in our community and we pray for: Chrissey Byrne, John Marshall AND For those whose anniversaries fall about this time: John Morris (Junior), 2nd Oct. Bill Everrit (VIGIL) Patrick Garrett, Austin Brady, Eileen Kennedy, Stuart Dale, Frances Dutton, Margaret Mooney, Gladys Jones, Margaret Howard and John Hopkins

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

Mary IS "THE HOUSE OF God" and the "Tower of Ivory" and yet the humblest of all creatures and the holiest - may she teach us to love as Christ wants us to love - O Mary conceived without sin. Hail Mary..

Priest Concluding Prayer: Almighty and ever living God listen to our ardent and heartfelt prayers which we make in trustful faith through Christ our Lord. Amen.