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Sermon for 29 August 2010



My Dear People,

I have been to a few weddings recently and I am sure you too will remember the care you take when find "your place" at the wedding feast. These days you would not dream of sitting yourself at the top table would you unless you were the Best Man or Chief Bridesmaid but obviously in our Lord's day it was a bit different. Very sensible plans are put up so you can find your place with ease.

Our Lord was invited to the Big Guys' feast but they were all there these Pharisees with their beady eyes - watching our Lord whom they did not like. He knew and they knew he knew that they were puffed up with spiritual Pride. Now that is a very serious sin. It excludes God because you are so full of Self. (Such is the Gay Pride so called festival).

Our Lord does not miss the opportunity to watch them coming in a hovering over the best places at table - Oh, the humiliation of sitting too high up the table and another big guy arrives and you are asked to get further down the table.

Well our Lord could always pick a teaching opportunity and he does. The Divine Master says - hey - when you come to a wedding feast choose the lowest part of the table and you might be asked to Come Higher. You see even Humility has its rewards. People get very high ideas about their status don't they?

Even better our Lord tells them - when you have a feast invite those who won't be able to repay you in return. In other words kindness to those who cannot pay back - whatever form that is. It does not have to be a meal. The reward will come at the Resurrection of the Just.

So - a lesson in humility. If you are a genuinely humble person you will know your need of God and your place in the order of things and not be puffed up at all and that makes for a very lovely person. That kind of person is liked and likeable. So - we all become winners. As Jesus said - The Son of Man came to Serve and be served.

God Bless,

Father Tom Connolly

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