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My Dear People,

Well - we all heard last week our Lord making a big impression at the Nazareth synagogue. He sat down having read the prophesy concerning the Messiah and then he opened his mouth and began to speak.

Wait for it - the crowd did not warm to what he said and they rose up in a foul rage and bundled him out and tried to throw him down a cliff. In other words - they hated him - our Saviour.

His Church is being treated like that now by those who hate us. The rich and powerful gay lobby and the feminists see the Catholic Church (and some other faiths) as the last bastion of prejudice or discrimination against them. They cannot ever understand that anyone in their right mind would ever think that the moral agenda they have is not the total truth which everyone must be forced to believe in like Smoking is Bad for your Health.

They wish to enact in law that we must teach our children even in Faith schools that such things are perfectly normal and must be accepted as equal to marriage etc. This will be included in the legal syllabus for our schools - laid down by Law I tell you. We will have to teach 7 year olds about "body parts" and teach them about "inappropriate and appropriate touching". The teacher will be expected to get the small kid to talk about gender stereotyping - you get the meaning? Seemingly this is all agreed to and is about to become Law next year. 15 year old will have to be instructed on where and how to do the contraception - avoid STDs, get terminations etc - all of these things deeply abhorrent to the Christian Faith. It is like saying to the MPs that the National Front should be allowed membership of their party. Religious faith is of no consequence. Our children will be forcibly indoctrinated by the false ideology of those who rule us. They say it will bring down teenage pregnancies. We have the highest in Europe seemingly. The reality is that 30 years of this kind of stuff in our High schools has not proven successful. Kids get pregnant because they want to - not because they don't know about the facts of life or the means to prevent. Often the kids have no supportive family or have gloomy future prospects so having a little one to love seems and is attractive. The Policy will not have the outcome Ministers say I promise you. But the real problem is the deep and angry rejection of the rights of the Believer to bring their children up in the Faith and the Moral teaching of Christ and his Holy Church. They fly in the face of us. Having forbidden us to have our children adopted by straight couples only - they now move in to eradicate fundamental Christian teaching on Male and Female, Fertility and Chastity, Self Control and mutual Respect. We are expected (the cheek) to teach their new Morality - utterly untested and against the 10 Commandments and the Teaching of the Catholic Church. They would not leave Jesus alone and they will not leave us.

Sir Gerald Kaufman has written on my behalf with my complaints to Ed Balls and the Ministers reply confirms the worst, Our MP is behind me on this thank be to God. It is a sad time for our country and pray my dear people that this rot which is being operated against our youth and youngsters will not succeed. Time is running out and the Opposition seem no better on these Big Issues. Do not be deceived - Jesus Christ is hated by these people. Judgement will come upon them one day.

Good news - 35 couples begin the Marriage Course this Sunday so that can only be GOOD NEWS eh?

God Bless,

Father Tom Connolly

Bidding Prayers


Bidding Prayers 4th Sunday of Year C

Priest: "They all marvelled at his gracious words". Listening to your word we are filled with confidence Lord as we approach the throne of grace and mercy in all our needs.

Reader: That the liberating words of our Lord and Saviour will be spread throughout the world by trustworthy and effective messengers of the gospel in our own day. Help all catechists and teachers and priests to be eloquent in their words explaining the Catholic faith. Lord hear us.

For all those undergoing instruction in the faith at this time that they will find in the world made flesh abundance of new life and love. Lord hear us.

For the welfare of our children and orphans looked after by our Catholic Children's Rescue society - that this society be safeguarded in its work and find a way to continue its work despite the new legal ban on Catholic Children's Adoption societies. Lord hear us.

For deliverance from the evil forces of Secularism moving now against the Church in our country on every front in welfare and education - that this new enemy be vanquished by the power of Christ. Lord hear us.

Our Lord slipped through the mob. We pray for all the victims of mobs and violent conspiracies that they be comforted and healed. Lord Hear us.

Be with all the Engaged Couples who begin their Marriage Course here today for our Deanery Parishes and keep them loving and united. Lord hear us.

For all our dear sick and those who care for them we pray for: Agnes Hallighan, Peggy Forkan, Martin Hoysted, Mary Colbert, Jean Corrigan, Sheila O'Keefe, Gerry Gallagher, Hugh Kelly and Doreen Carmichael. Lord hear us.

For all those who have died recently: Velia Neirri, Julia Wallace, Dorothy Coulter, Owen King, Teresa Murray, Greg O'Brien. Margaret O'Neill


For all those whole anniversaries occur about this time: Mary King, Denis O'Sullivan (9am), Michael Dunne (11am), Bill Nuthall, William McLaughlin, Anne Kinsella.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

Mary - your are the mother of the Saviour and felt his hurt as the crowd turned on him - look to us now and protect your Faithful ones. O Mary, conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Hail Mary...

Priest: Lord, hear and answer these heartfelt needs of your People who gather around the altar as your family. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.