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Sermon for 14 August 2011



My Dear People,

Here we are at the Solemnity of the Assumption - It is called "Little Easter" in the Eastern part of the Church and by the Orthodox and rightly so. Our Lady's Assumption is the supernatural consequence of the fact that she was born into this world without Sin.

Mary is Sinless so that Death could not consume her and she experienced at the end of her earthly life a Bodily Resurrection brought about by the power of her Son.

She is the first born from the dead after THE FIRST BORN - Jesus Christ - the Resurrection and the Life. We too hope to follow.

How could our Lord allow his mother’s spotless body to decay in the earth? He could not and so he assumed her, body and soul into the heavenly glory, where she now reigns as the Mother of us all.

Whenever our Lady appears on earth the seers always say how beautiful she is - not to be compared to any earthly beauty. Our Lady always looks young as well - it is as though age does not touch her as you would expect once you have passed out of this time perspective. It is a great mystery isn't it and yet it is a doctrine we all hold to be true even for ourselves. We proclaim in the Creed - "we believe in the resurrection of the body and life everlasting". So my body too will rise again and be in heaven with God. It will not be subject to decay again or to sin. I will gaze upon God in my body. It will be a real body but not like my earthly one in the sense that the seed is not like the fruit.

Mary - the immaculate one is the fairest of all creatures and the splendour of God's creation. In her we have the singular boast of our race. However, never think that she cannot relate to us because of her exalted status in the Church. She is so near to us in all the conditions of life and has been the beacon for many a nation when they were suffering their darkest hour and the hope for many a sinner who could not face God and who sought her help.

May our Lady's Feast today fill us all with a holy joy and fixing our eyes on our Heavenly Mother may we find the way to Jesus more easily and more faithfully than ever before.

Sadly we need this more than ever in the light of the thieving hordes who laid waste our city and other parts of the country in the last few days. They are the fruit of Godlessness. Marriage and family life, the honouring of Father and Mother, Thou shall not Steal - all these great truths have not been taught them and we reap the whirlwind and the cops seem to just look on and let em according to the MP Graham Stringer. The 14 year old Manchester looter said it all when he commented to the BBC that the Jails were full so they could not put him away - Asbo he could live with, his mum would not "ground" him and he now had all these designer goods he could never have afforded is he had not looted them. Not a thought from him about it being Theft!

God bless you.

Father Tom Connolly

CHURCH REDECORATION. Over the next few weeks our church will be repainted. It is 1998 when it was last painted and I think you will agree, it stands in need. You would not allow your living room to look like this. We will remain with the colour scheme which has served its purpose. It should all be finished by Marriages in September!

FATHER MARTIN ASTUDILLO from Argentina is doing very well don’t you think? He is a great help to me and his command of the English Language is excellent. He is studying Church Law in Rome.

NEW TRANSLATION OF MASS. THE English of the new translation can be used ffrom 12 September so we are getting near. I have decided that we will have Sunday Leaflets with the whole Mass printed in large print form. Leave them behind you for the next Mass. I also have little booklets at £1.30 with the whole of the New Mass – all Eucharistic Prayers etc for you to keep - pocket size.

Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers for Assumption

Let us praise the Father who chose Mary as the Mother of his Son and wanted all generations to call her blessed. So we pray in confidence on this great feast of our Lady’s Assumption to Heaven.

Through the prayers of Mary, our mother, heal the sick, comfort the sorrowful, pardon sinners, grant peace and salvation to all. Lord hear us.

For our society and the great violence committed by some of our community – that they be converted from their evil ways. Lord hear us.

For those who have suffered loss of property, loss of homes and work through the fires and the looting this week – have mercy on us all O Lord. Lord hear us.

That our vision be raised up from this earth to guide our ways - that our model of faith and charity – Mary Assumed - will encourage us and give us hope and joy in the future. Lord hear us.

For the Gathering of the World's Youth with the Pope in Madrid taking place now - that they young people ‘s faith will gladden the heart of the Pope and that they themselves will have their faith and love strengthened. We pray especially for Lorraine the Youth Leader, for Paul, David and Jamie from our parishes. Lord hear us.

We commend to God those who are sick and feel in their mortal bodies their frailty that this feast of the Assumption will raise their spirits:Martin Fadian, Sam O’Keefe, Peggy Banahan, Mary Tivnan, Mary Molloy, Geraldine Leyden, Loreto Barnett.

For the those who have died and await the glory of the resurrection: Mary Rowley, Barbara Duffy, Patrick Murphy, Kieran Hayes, Pat Connolly, Jim McGough.

Father you exalted the Blessed Virgin and crowned her as queen of Heaven, may the dead enter your glory in the kingdom of heaven: John Scannell (11am), Marie Silk. John Bohan. Kathleen McHugh (6.30pm), Robert Burke, Tony Hallinan, Danny Cassidy, Marion Davies.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed - O Mary Conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee.

Hail Mary, Full of grace.

Priest: O Lord and heavenly Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, in your tender mercy listen to the prayers of your people which they make in faith and trust. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.