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Sermon for 16 October 2011



My Dear People,

Bishop Brain was very pleased with his visit to us and the school. We welcome Father Gabor from Budapest, Hungary who is with me for a fortnight. He has been coming here for 17 years now so he knows the place. Even he though, is bowled over by the New Translation of the Holy Mass. He sees it too, as we do, as great improvement on the old one. For two days last week I took Father Gabor to Northumbria area in the steps of St Cuthbert and St Bede - great Northern saints. I mention these for these were the ones who laid the foundations of a new Christian civilisation. St Bede wrote from his monastic cell a huge commentary on the Sacred Scriptures as he taught the young monks but also the History of the establishment of the Catholic Church in these Islands. In fact it is the first History book written about these Islands. In it he describes the tension and the struggle between the forces belonging to the Tribal Kings and chiefs and the new Faith brought by the monks of St Benedict when Pope Saint Gregory sent them to the shores of the Anglo Saxons.

St Bede describes the gradual conversion of these landed chiefs who were not used to submitting to anything but brute strength and here was the gentle yoke of Jesus Christ being offered them. Their blood revenge was lethal and many a young one had to die to satisfy the blood revenge that was part of the deal in those times which were gradually embracing the Faith. The Vikings who used to come sailing in on their Long boats and cause havoc by their plundering and murder and desecration were eventually converted and received Baptism.

The new Christian civilisation laid the foundations for a nation that would one days come to be seen a Britain. The kingdoms would gradually come together and the new Faith gave them a bond and a principle of unity. They were in contact with the rest of Europe through trading but even more by the common faith the successor of St Peter proving a dynamic and life giving focus of unity and ecclesial unity. This was not without cost. Many died in the process. In the end though one could say that here we had a land whose religion was no longer the worship of the sun and the moon but the Son of God. That Christian teaching and values permeated our mentality and culture and the monastic life with its great centres of learning and farming and shelter and continuity over hundreds of years provided the cement for Christian life in marriage, family life, transactions, liturgical expressions, legal institutions and Government and Kingship. The new set of Stamps to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee show the implements and regalia of a Christian Monarch.

So when our Lord says “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God, what belongs to God” he was talking about the demarcation that often happens when one does not live in a Christian civilisation or like St Thomas of Canterbury and St Thomas More and St Oliver Plunkett who lived in times where Caesar (the State) was demanding what belonged to God.

This is the case now. Our PM wants Marriage to be reassigned so it is no longer the bond of a man and woman but two of the same sex. It is part of the de Christianization of Britain. Remove the word marriage and Spouse from the Social Security Forms and remove Male and Female e from the Passport application and you are re designing the way people think and form categories. The labelling of the child in the womb as an embryo so you can abort a baby at will is another example. Abortion was one of the things abolished by the Christian faith. Stalin brought it in to Russia almost at the beginning of the Soviet State. It was all part of the secularisation and atheistic propaganda. The ban on us having our children adopted within the Church community because we will not break God’s law and give these little ones to same sex couples in another example. These things take from God what is His. The State cannot change what God has established. Believe me this State and these Laws will be seen as a bitter legacy one day. The killing of the handicapped and the very weak and ill is almost law inas much as the Chief Law Officer has said that he will see “mercy killings” as sometimes justified and no action taken against the one who does the killing. You see – life belongs to God and it is not within our power to decide if it is worthwhile or not.

So - there is a lot of moral choices to make now for many people who follow Christ and the atmosphere is becoming more hostile to the believer. Be careful and always seek the advice of a priest if you are in difficulty in this regard. "Render to God what belongs to God".

God Bless

Father Tom Connolly

MRS SMITHERS CLASS are at the Vigil tonight helping with the reading and the offertory and they are most welcome.

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