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Sermon for 20 March 2011



My Dear people,

Well Lent is well and truly with us now - the second week. The Gospel of the Transfiguration demonstrates many layers of meaning. Christ is the Second Moses whose face shone so brightly when he had spoken to God that he had to cover his face with a veil and here we have the Divine Son whose whole body and garments take on a light Brighter than the sun according to the witnesses, Peter, James and John.

Remember too that these same three were the ones our Lord asked to stay closely by him in the Agony in the Garden. They witnessed him sweating blood. Our Blessed Lord realised that Peter, James and John, Pillars of the apostolic community, would be greatly stressed by the sight of their Master in his Agony and his Passion. Here he strengthens their understanding of his Mission by showing him talking to Moses and Elijah - "The Law and the prophets", in case they should doubt that he fulfils them in his coming Passion.

THE THREE APOSTLES EXPERIENCED THE VEIL HIDING OUR LORD'S DIVINITY BEING DRAWN BACK. They were so deliriously happy that Peter cried out - let us just stay here. But it was to end and the cloud disappeared , the Voice of the Father saying "This is my bellowed Son – listen to him" was silent and only Jesus stood there with them and commanded them to tell no one until after his resurrection and of course they had not a clue what he was telling them but they did afterwards.

We too will see "afterwards". There is no growth without the Cross. There is no light without the darkness and no heaven if we have not passed through the passion with the Redeemer. We have to die to sin and live to Him. That is what all of life is about and we focus on this constant truth in Lent. Remember the Lenten Message of Pope Benedict to “gaze upon the One who has been pierced. ” and His Holiness adds “ In the Lenten Journey in which we are invited to contemplate the Mystery of the Cross we are meant to reproduce within us the Pattern of his ||Death and so effect a deep conversion in our lives. We are to firmly orient our existence according to the Will of God – freed from egoism and the instinct to dominate others and open to the love of Christ.” Let us do it.

God Bless,

Fr Tom Connolly

MANCHESTER IRISH FESTIVAL. SEE THE POSTER AT THE BACK OF CHURCH AND TAKE A BOOKLET. Kevin Fitzpatrick was invited to the Irish EMBASSY IN London last week to meet the Ambassador in recognition of his part in organising the Irish Festival in MANCHESTER. We had a great St Patrick's Night.

Bidding Prayers



PRIEST: On this day of the Transfiguration of our Lord on Tabor we reflect on the nature of Christ and in earnest and faith filled prayer we approach the Divine Mercy for all our needs.

Reader; For all those who need the veil lifting for them to see the mercy and goodness and beauty of the Godhead in their lives - that God will disclose himself to them and so fulfil the hope laid up in human hearts. Lord hear us.

For the persecuted Church of God : that the sight of Christ's human body transformed in the Divine Light may give them hope and courage in their suffering and deprivation. We pray especially for those imprisoned for the faith in China and for the suffering Christians of Pakistan and Iraq. Lord hear us.

For God's people in this holy season of renewal of sprits - that the Lord's Lenten graces may visit and enliven our faith and our charity towards all. Lord hear us.

For those weighed down with guilt and sin - that the sight of Christ's glory may give them the confidence to return to Him and find life to the full. We pray especially for those of our own families who have lapsed from the practise of their faith. Lord hear us.

For the sick and the suffering and the dying that God may touch them and help them find hope in bearing the cross of suffering ill health: Tom Colbert, Patricia McGrotty, Chris Murphy and Mary Tivnan,Elizabeth Wallace and all the victims of the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami. Lord hear us.

For those who have died recently we pray for: Tommy Mimnagh, Ann Donavan, Marjorie Barrett, Michael Kelly AND For all those whose anniversaries fall about this time: Andrew McGolgan, Tommy Fallon (11am), Stephen Sharples, (VIGIL), Mary Bohan, Kathleen Lally-Lomax (21st) MAY THEIR SOULS AND THE SOULS OF ALL.

Mary is the Protector of all Christians - may her prayers support us now. O Mary, conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Hail Mary, full of grace...

Priest: God our Father - you sent your only begotten Son into this world to be its true light. Pour into our hearts the spirit of adoption so that we may truly be your sons and daughters. Hear and answer our prayers through Christ our Lord. Amen