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Sermon for 25 September 2011

Twenty Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A 2011

A message from the Assistant Priest

My Dear Friends,

God is waiting for us being changed and doing his will.

There are many words in our daily conversation we often say 'yes' or 'no' to many questions. There are people who simply promise sun or moon or even stars. But we can't rely on their words because they are just empty. They don't really mean it. Their promises all dissolve like salt in water .Their word is worthless. Do you imagine how painful is to deal with such people. There is not one of us who has not experienced the pain of being let down by someone who failed to keep his word. But there are others who are slow to answer yes. But if they answer they would sincerely answer. It is lovely to deal with such people. When the father in Jesus' story asked his two so ns to go and work in the vineyard one of the sons said an immediate yes but he did not keep his word. The other son said the word 'no' but he changed his mind immediately and did his father's wish (Mt.21:28-32). In our daily life we meet people who keep promises or not. This story said by Jesus was an invitation by him to examine our faithfulness to God and our faithfulness to one another. We call ourselves Christians that we would follow Christ but are we faithful to our baptismal promises or vows or wedding day oaths. Fine words cannot substitute fine deeds. Faithfulness is one of the greatest and necessary things in life. But it is costly it demands self- sacrifice. In the letter to the Philippians we read Jesus conformed to the will of the Father. His generosity is well founded in his acceptance of the human condition, suffering and death on the cross. Although he was equal to God the Father he emptied himself and took up the cross. (Ph.2:6-8).

The Letter to the Hebrews clearly states: nothing in this world can substitute self offering. Jesus said absolute yes to Heavenly Father. "And he has entered the sanctuary once and for all , taking with him not the blood of goats and bull calves, but his own blood (Heb 9:12). Those who share the priesthood of Christ shouldn't look for substitutes either. The blood of rams or bulls cannot represent us. There is no offering like self offering, no giving like self giving. There is no happiness for the one who gives his word but fails to honour it. But there is great joy for one who gives his word and being faithful. We may say no to God sometimes in our life but later we change that no to absolute yes. St. Paul before his conversion always said no to Jesus. But later he had changed radically. St. Augustine gives us another example. He said no to God in his youth. But suddenly he realised his mistakes and said yes to God. Every day we can turn one of our no's to yes. For that We need Our Lord to touch our hearts with compassion. Last Wednesday we celebrated the feast of St. Matthew. He was a 'talented scribe' and a tax-collector. He gave up his career as a tax-collector to be the herald of the Gospel. He made use of his talent as a writer to spread the Gospel. God is inviting us every day to do his will and say yes to him. Let us try to be a better person every day in our relationship with God in our attitudes and in our behaviour in being helpful to others. Finally the choice before us is the imitation of Christ.

God bless,

Fr George

Bidding Prayers


Priest: God our father leads us forward with great love towards the joy of the day when we enter into his rest. We turn to Him in our Lord's name.

For the sick who bear the cross of Christ in patient suffering that they will find courage in our Lord's passion: Eddie Kenny Baby Francis Xavier Price, Maureen Waring, Mary Tivnan, Sam O'Keefe, Ernie Booth. May they know in Christ the fullness of life and love. Lord hear us.

Father - we pray for our Pope on his visit to Germany, guide him and bless him in the great work you have given him to do in your name. Lord hear us.

Lord, you found nowhere to lay your head, - succour those who are homeless and lack shelter though our almsgiving. Lord hear us Bless those who work on the land, may we receive the fruits of the earth with thankfulness. Lord hear us For all our dear students as they return to their studies or begin them afresh, that they may be guarded and guided by the Holy Spirit. Lord hear us.

For all the faithful departed that they might pass quickly into the glory of Heaven and the see the face of God: Baby Oisin Flanagan, Johnnie Rochanski, Martin Fadian AND For all those souls whose anniversaries fall about this time: Tom Egan, Patrick McCormack. Brian Williams, Bill Everett (VIGIL) Seamus O'Hara ( Month's Mind at 11am), Austin Brady (9am), Pat Creamer AND Patrick Garrett. May their souls and the souls of all Mary is the mother of all the Loving - - we salute her and seek her maternal support - O Mary conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee: Hail Mary, full of grace.

Priest : Give us perfect peace, Lord so that we may delight in serving you all the days of our life and at last, with our Lady's help, come safely into your presence. Through Christ our Lord. AMEN