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Sermon for 27 February 2011

Eighth Sunday A + 27th February 2011.


My Dear People,

Lent will soon be with us. We only have one more Sunday to go before Ash Wednesday 9 March and then the Season of Penance will be upon us in order for us to be prepared spiritually for the Great Feast of All Feasts - The Resurrection of our Saviour from the dead.

The Gospel today is a good one to prepare for Lent for it is about the right relationship between our Bodily NEEDS - food and clothes and our spiritual needs - and our Lord gives as an example.

Jesus says to each of us "Why are you worrying about what to EAT and what to WEAR?" The body is more of a gift to you than what you wear- Life , a greater gift than what you PUT INTO YOUR MOUTH!

This great truth becomes a reality does it not when we are very sick - ? Everything you got your thrills from before become totally worthless if only your body or the mind could return to health.

It needs to be said you know. The food and slimming industry is worth millions each year and yet most people in the world find it a challenge to get enough nourishment into their stomachs. Mary's Meals is a great success because it answers a terrible need; food for the Body and food for the Mind (schooling).

Those of you who love nature appreciate what our Lord is saying when he tells us that the birds of the air and the flowers of the field are more glorious in their "clothing” than royalty. The Creator has given them this loveliness and they do not worry about it- they just show their glory.

The beauty of a child is without measure and reflects God in all his Goodness. Mother Teresa was no pin up was she but she was utterly magnetic in her attraction. Where ever she went the crowds and the Press gathered to catch a glimpse. The Habit they wear – the white tunic with the white and blue stripe on the veil she designed and each nun has only two of them and a plastic bucket for a suitcase! Radical eh? One of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s sayings was "Do something beautiful for God”.

So our Lord says – set your hearts of doing the right thing and all these other needs of the body – food and clothes will be answered and met by God loving and generous hand.

Do not worry and fret – God is looking after you. Do not worry about the future – each day has enough to go on—Trust in God. Set your hearts on Christ’s Kingdom and everything will be just right- Honest- I know.

God Bless you all,

Father Tom Connolly

The Fraternas (the Marian Community of Reconciliation) who work in our Diocese and live in St Edwards and Blackley, got their final approval as a community of Women of Consecrated Life the other week from their Bishop in Peru. Our Bishop and Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury came on Friday night and we had a Special ceremony abd Mass of renewal of their Vows. It was not a public event but I was there a PP and friend. Pilar came back from Italy for the occasion too.


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