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Sermon for 2 September 2012

TWENTY SECOND SUNDAY b + 2nd September 2012. CYCLE B Readings.


My Dear People,

"Clean and unclean" - these categories mark the great world religions you know - or did until our Lord came to us and pronounced all things to be clean. St Peter had to be given a vision of the sheet with all the animals in it. A voice said "kill and eat" and St Peter said "I cannot - they are unclean." God said "Who said they are unclean?" From then on the dietary laws of the old Covenant were abolished. Even today there are many religions which forbid certain animals to be eaten or even any kind of flesh and are effectively veggies. The Muslims and the Jews do not touch pork for example and Hindus do not eat meat and some not even eggs. Vegans do not eat animal products at all. Father George is a veggie out of taste and he says that elephants are very strong and they do not eat meat!

Our Lord teaches us that it is not the food that goes in the mouth that makes us unclean but rather the things which emerge from a man's heart or even his soul. It is there that the evil intentions are formed and Our Lord lists them. Here they are: fornication, theft, murder, adultery, avarice, malice, deceit, indecency, envy, slander, pride and folly. All these evils come from within - not from outside through food. Think upon that. What would our Lord say about the Gay Pride Procession in Manchester!?

Our poor society is polluted by many of the vices our Blessed Lord speaks of in today’s Gospel and pollution of the souls of men leads to damage to the body politic. Children grow up in an atmosphere marked by sin and sin so often described s a "good" - indeed as, "diversity" when all it is a real biblical vice. Catholics should not get drawn into the diversity policy. Even the police are taking it up. They do not say that certain stealing is not a crime but they take away prosecutions as though it was no crime. There is a failure to call good, good and evil, evil. How do people know how to do the right thing when there is no moral agreement in society about what is the right thing? Is there is no moral foundation for our actions? The last Pope wrote an Encyclical on this topic : THE SPLENDOUR OF TRUTH. There is wrong and Right. St John the Baptist died for proclaiming to Herod his unlawful marriage with his dead brother's wife and paid the price.

Lots of folk now describe the person they abide with as "partners". Well - if you are cohabitating and acting as a married couple you are obliged by Divine Law to be married - not partnered - I notice even 80 year olds when bereaved describe the one who has died as their "partner". It sounds like the Lone Ranger! Did you know that even the Social Security forms now do not mention Spouses but Partners! Now with same sex Marriage proposal, Marriage will be altogether destroyed for it will not even define anymore the fundamental building block God has given us for male and female mutual sharing and bringing children into a secure and loving home. Man is not free to refuse to serve God. If he does this he is on the road to ruin and not just personal ruin but the ruin of Society. Our children constantly pay the price don’t they as they are the flotsam left behind floating on the muddy waters of the adult catastrophes?

Listen to our Saviour's sacred words and abide by them ever more closely and young people - be warned- happiness and fulfilment is found by discovering Jesus Christ and living in accordance with his loving commands.

Fr Tom Connolly

SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES BEGIN THIS WEEK. Loreto High did very well at GCSE. IT GOT 90% WITH FIVE A*-Cs and 44% with the same in MATHS AND ENGLISH. Thanks to the excellent leadership of Mr Luke Dillon and his staff. St KENTIGERN'S SATS results were restored to former glory under the careful Leadership of Mr Jackson our esteemed Head, The teachers are doing In Service Training all this coming week and the pupils begin the week after.

So all is in hand and if Catholic parents continue to send their children, the school will do brilliantly with them. I hope all the parents of St KENTIGERN’S will choose, to register their children with Loreto High School. We wish all staff and students a good term ahead. Xaverian VI Form College which did brilliantly again - well done to all.

BUILDING REPAIRS ARE FINISHED AND HAVE BEEN FOR WEEKS BUT WE AWAIT THE SCAFFOLD BEING TAKEN DOWN. The re-pointing of the brickwork for the whole house the repairs to the ridge tiling and the renewal of the flat roof of the presbytery which you cannot see except when you are up there, has been carried out to the highest standard. There is now new deep guttering and down pipes installed and new double glazed windows have been fitted everywhere.

WEDDING BELLS. Nicola Cahill and Thomas Finnegan got married in the Lord here at St Kentigern’s Church on Friday last. May they have a long and happy life together in the Sacrament.

Bidding Prayers


Priest: My dear friends let us pray to the Lord who has made all of us clean through the cleansing waters of Holy Baptism that from pure hearts we may seek the Lords help in all our needs.

Reader. For the great religions of the BOOK - that the God of Abraham may bring all to Christ his Son. We pray for all who are called to leave their own nations to bring that message to a waiting world abroad and we pray for the missionary work of the Church. Lord in your mercy.

For all our fellow Christians who are persecuted and especially for those churches in Iraq and Egypt destroyed by those who hate us - for the Christian and fellow Catholic people of Iraq and Egypt in their hour of need. Lord in your mercy.

For the economic situation and for all whose jobs are going or have gone – that they do not lose hope – that life itself is still a great and wonderful gift. Bring jobs for people to earn their bread O Lord. Lord in your mercy.

For those who parade glorifying immorality - that the Good Shepherd may bring home the wondering sheep. Lord in your mercy.

For all our young ones – going to Higher Education or new jobs - that God will secure them and give them fulfilment. Lord in your mercy.

For all who are weighed down by sin that they may approach our Lord in the Holy sacrament of Penance and find pardon and peace for their souls. Lord in your mercy.

For all our dear sick that the Lord in his power may heal them and restore them if it is his holy Will: Anne Marie Martin, Rose Regan, Ann Martin, Jimmy Rogers, Ann Bowens, Father McGarry, Kathleen Burke, Margaret Martin Maria Car-uan-a. Lord in your mercy.

May God let his face shine upon us and let his face shine upon those who have died: Francis Higgins, Peter Henry, John Jack Connolly, Michael Brennan, Mary Geraghty, Margaret Quinn, Arthur Higham, Kevin Cosgrove, Pauline Anderton AND For all those who we have loved in life but do not forget in Death - Patrick Cahill,(senior) Joseph Malynn. Joe Page, John Bohan (11am), Martin Fadian (Vigil), Bridie Greally (6.30pm Sunday) Thomas Roach, Gerard Murray May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed...

Mary is the one God Chose to bring His Son to a waiting world - O Mary, conceived without sin. R/ Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Hail Mary, full of Grace.

Priest: O Lord and Eternal Father of Mercies - you to listen to our heartfelt prayer. In your tender love for Christ's flock - hear and answer our petitions which we make through Christ our Lord. Amen.