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Sermon for 4 November 2012

Bidding Prayers

31st Sunday of Year B

Priest: Christ the Lord is mindful of all who need Him, and does great things for love of them. Let us not be afraid to ask him for all our needs as we pray.

Reader: Lord we know that the good things we have received have come to us as a gift from you- may we receive them with thank fullness and learn how to give. Lord in your mercy. Hear our prayer.

Saviour and light of all people keep those on the missions under your special care- may the light of the Holy Spirit burn strongly within them. Lord in your mercy.

In thanksgiving for the fruits of the earth and the sea at this harvest time - may we always appreciate the abundance of God in nature and give him thanks for and say our Grace before Meals. Lord in your mercy.

For who build our cities, for craftsmen nd artists, architects and designers who make the world a lovely place Ė may God guide them in their creative work . Lord in your mercy.

For all the orphans and troubled children and youths of our diocese and those who try to alleviate their suffering- that the love of our needy ones will always be expressed effectively for their well being. Lord in your mercy.

Christ healed the sickness and pain: may he heal our sick and comfort them: Agnes Halligan, Mrs Keegan, Fr McGarry, Margaret Burke, Margaret Martin, John Lydon, Anthony Dwyer, Ronnie Mollooy, Andrew Moore, Michael Nolan, Peter Ramsbottom. Lord in your mercy.

Give rest to the Faithful departed and bring them to praise you in eternity: Kaya Summertino, Trevor Jones, Josephine Smith and Paddy Hynes AND All those in our November Dead List and the Dead of the World Wars and Jim Ward, Peggy Kenny Dowling (7th Nov) Mary Reddington, (11am) , John Mitchell, Mary Foran, Brendan Forkan, Pater Pulimalayil (9am) Marta Mini-archie.

Mary is the living Gospel of Christ whose love for us all exceeds whatever we can imagine- we pray - O Mary conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee. HAIL Mary.

Priest: Almighty Father, let your light so penetrate our minds that walking by your Sonís supreme commandment of love, we may experience your providential care. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.