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Sermon for 9 December 2012



My Dear People,

What wonderful joyful news we all enjoyed during this week- the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant and the Prince and she rejoiced along with the entire world News Media – stacked outside St James’s Palace and then the King Edward VII Hospital.

Notice no one was talking about an embryo – it was a BABY. Let us never forget this. Our Lord was a BABY too in gestation in his mother’s womb. "Blessed is the fruit of thy womb" we say in the Hail Mary don't we.

The whole of Ireland is now in a struggle with the culture of death which cannot wait to bring in the ability to destroy these little lives gestating as they are. They want abortion in Ireland to "bring Ireland up to date". You must know that 200,000 abortions a year here, are for social reasons – not medical. It is always the same – which ever country- you cannot have selective abortion. If you have it – it opens the floodgates. Since 1967, millions of little lives have gone - destroyed by places like the Marie Stopes Clinic whose daily task is to destroy new life in the womb. Pray that Ireland has the courage to say No. It has the safest neo-natal rate in the world because doctors are wanting the baby to be to be and have life and act accordingly. Human life is still treasured and in the womb. The whole campaign is supported by the Media and Politicians who cannot wait to get their hands on the offspring of the womb. They are all like Herods but only worse. Herod wanted to destroy baby Jesus and murdered a lot more trying to eliminate the risk. Our modern Herods just believe in the principal that it is "a woman’s right to choose". It is not anyone’s right to CHOOSE to destroy another life. The last words Blessed Pope John Paul II spoke as he boarded the aircraft taking him from Irish soil was "Ireland- semper fidelis= always faithful." I witnessed the Saintly Pope saying those words and I will never forget them. I pray that his prayers from heaven will help the struggle to keep Ireland "Always faithful" now at this present moment.

The Health Minister says that we must train our Nurses in COMPASSION. Imagine having to say that? You would imagine it goes with the job eh? But in my opinion once you take away the Christian ethic from society through measures like the 1967 Abortion Act - you begin to destroy the fabric of the Christian culture. Compassion is a Christian virtue - unknown in pagan times. Well the effects are beginning to be seen. You cannot have the Christian ethic without the Christian faith that goes with it. Virtues grow in rich soil of the Faith and are nurtured by Faith in Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten One who made us in HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS.

The new Chief Executive of the Girl Guides is the ex Abortion and Contraceptive Lobbyist in her career. Straight away she is going to eliminate the "Serve God.." part of the Girl Guide Promise. This will be done for diversity reasons - so atheists do not feel left out. It is ok for believers to be left out then! My dear people - the forces of secularism - atheism are very strong and we must resist them in the YEAR OF FAITH.

Prepare the Paths - make the ways straight says John the Baptist today in the Gospel. The Holy Father wants us to deepen our understanding of our Catholic Faith so that we are able to cope better with the making the paths straight. How can we help others to find Jesus, born in Bethlehem if it is not rooted in hearts and minds. We do not have to be clever - but we can all increase our understanding. I’ve placed some booklets at the back of church to help you in this way. I do not notice them selling like hotcakes - stop think about it and ACT on it please.

The Carol Services have begun. We had a wonderful Carol service and Readings and prayers FOR THE YEAR OF FAITH in St John's, Chorlton on Tuesday. Each feeder Primary had two carols to sing and one prayer and reading to say. Loreto High then had three carols to sing. What a great job they all did. I love it.

St Kentigerns' is doing the same with a Candlelight Carol Service a week on Thursday and Divine Mercy will have the same with the schools performing the Nativity Plays acting out the drama of the Incarnation of our Lord.

God Bless you all,


Father Tom Connolly

Heart Gives Unto Heart Catholic Internet Radio Christmas special – Sunday 23rd and Monday 24th December.

Programmes will include St Mungo’s Children’s Cantata recorded at St Mungo’s Cathedral, Glasgow, a story for Children from Wind in the Willows, a modern nativity play, Celtic Hearts and Friends Live special Christmas treat and Noel Bell presenting Your Favourite Carols. We do hope you’ll be able to join us!

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Bidding Prayers


PRIEST: As we hear the voice of John the Baptist we pray for the grace to respond to the call for preparation of the heart for the coming of the Chosen One this Christmas.

Reader: Christ is the light of the Years and the One the world longs for. May the church he founded be a light for all men and women of goodwill who seek the truth. Lord in your mercy.

Christ is the Prince of Peace –that the child in the womb and the integrity of marriage between male and female according to God’s Law and Divine Will be honoured and upheld. Deliver our people from such evil efforts to subvert Marriage. Lord in your mercy.

For all who are with child at this time, or have just given birth and all those born of baptism, that they have happiness and joy in their new little life. Lord in your mercy.

For all our children in our schools at this time as they celebrate and learn of the Saviour’s Birth and act it out in plays and carols; that those who care for the them and love them will have the wisdom given by the Holy Spirit to teach them wisely the Catholic Faith. Lord in your mercy.

For all our dear sick that the Lord’s healing hand may touch them from his place in Heaven as he did when he walked the face of the earth: Mary Molloy, Mary Tivnan, Kathleen Burke, Chris Lydon, Margaret Martin, Anthony Dwyer, Peter Ramsbottom,, Rosella Devlin, Mr Azicate, Ronny Malloy, Bridie Ahern, Peter Bradley Phyllis Walsh, Debbie Egan, Michael Nolan, Walter Brady. Lord in your mercy.

We commend to the Christ child’s loving mercy the soul s of all who have died recently: Martin Giblin, Trevor Jones, Austin Reid, Elizabeth Josesphine Kirby (Sunday Evening) MONTH’S MIND, Tom Quinn AND Those whose anniversaries occur at this time, Doreen Cahill, (11am), Bridget Walsh ( VIGIL), Martin Murray, Mary O'Grady, Afram Zaer, Veronica Lawson, John Charles McKenna, Bridget Lambe. May their souls and the souls.

Mary is the Morning Star who ushered in the Son of Justice, Christ he Lord- O Mary, conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Hail Mary.

Priest: Key of David, Son of the Most high – hear us as we seek the fulfilment of all our needs for you live and reign for ever and ever.