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Sermon for 18 March 2012

FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENT + Laetare Sunday (Rose) + 18th March 2012. MOTHERING SUNDAY, +


My Dear People,

Cyrus, King of the Persians woke up one day and thought that he had a mission which was to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem and to let all the Jewish people who had been exiled to Persia to freely return to the Holy Land of their people. Now no one expected that and no committee achieved it. God inspired this pagan king to do this great deed.

The Chosen people had deserved this exile because they had adopted one infidelity after another - copying the pagan nations in their vile and immoral practises. They had mocked God's Messengers and despised their words and laughed at them. So – the pay back time followed. You cannot do that without incurring God's wrath. That is the way it is you see. You think you get away with it for a time but the Divine Law catches up with you in the end. BUT, God's mercy never comes to an end. After a few generations and when they had been purified by their exile – they were able to return to the Chosen People’s own land again and so the story of our salvation unfolds.

Our Blessed Saviour in his grief was rejected too as Simeon told our Lady at the presentation in the Temple - "This child is destined to be rejected that out of many hearts, thoughts maybe revealed". This rejection was intimately connected with our Blessed Mother too for Simeon also said to her at the same time “A sword will pierce you very soul.” You see people do reject God and his Messengers. They rejected Jesus Christ who was not only a Messenger but God Himself. The consequence of his rejection was the fall of Jerusalem in the year 70 AD. “Weep not for me but weep for yourselves and for your children” Jesus said to the weeping women of Jerusalem as he left the gate on his way to Golgotha to be cruelly put to death for witnessing to the truth. But men , as he said, who do evil deeds prefer the dark against the light (the Light which is Jesus) for it shows them up for what they are – thugs and scumbags and rebels against their Creator. As the Pope said in his Encyclical Letter Spes Salvi - the good and the evil do not sup together in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus says that nobody who believes will be condemned only those who themselves CHOOSE to be condemned. They will condemn themselves just as the just live by the truth and come out into the light. That is how it is. We have only to look to the Holy One who is lifted up from the earth (upon his Cross) and who draws all men and women to himself. Then we will be healed. Moses lifted up the brass snake on a cross like stick and those who had got bitten because hey has been secretly sinning - could find healing for their bites. It was a type of the Cross of Christ. In fact Manchester University which began life in 1834 as a Medical School sill has the snake wrapped around a T as its badge. It is all to do with "healing" you see.

Ah how our generation mocks and laughs at God’s law and his Messengers. We will win my dear people as long as we do not sign up to the modern agenda and become like the non believers. We belong to the Catholic and Apostolic and Roman Church and our head is a fearless and wonderful shepherd and his name in Benedict and he is Christ’s Vicar on earth and speaks Christ’s truth to the nations. We must take heed and be counted among those who belong to Christ’s flock.

The attempt to make Marriage something it is not an can never be will become another hammer to hit the Church with. We will be accused of all kinds of "discriminations and phobias" but it is the enemy who has distorted reality. These powerful and influential forces released in the Western World are deeply disordered and evil and will not result in people’s happiness. A society which rejects the Divine Plan for Marriage will find itself with now unit of formation for the children. Lack of marriage and easy divorce laws have created mayhem for the young who are abandoned by the adults as they walk off into yet another "relationship". To degrade Marriage even more by same sex "marriages" will be the final blow - believe me. The Pope says it is a form of "pollution" of society . Father Tom Connolly (Yet to be Prosecuted for speaking the truth)

Happy Mother’s day all you mothers. More flowers are sold today than St Valentine's Day - so there you are. You deserve a little bunch of dafs we give you today after blessing them at Holy Mass. You have brought forth new life to the world and born God’s own children - destined for eternal life. What an honour you mother and fathers have and we are very grateful to you for having us and bringing us up. "Honour your father and your mother" - one of the Ten Commandments still valid you know!!

God Bless,

Father Tom Connolly

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Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers 4th Lent B

Priest: Christ the Lord has made men into a new creation. He gives them new birth in the waters of Baptism and nourishes them with his word and his Body. And makes them children of the Light, Let us pray.

Reader: You interceded with the Father to forgive those who were nailing you to the Cross - help us to love our enemies and do good to those who hate us. Lord in your mercy.

Through the mystery of your Body and Blood strengthen the faint hearted, give courage to the dying and fill with hope those who long for your coming. Lord in your mercy.

For all mothers on this mother’s Day. We give thanks for our mothers who gave us life and pray that the life that mothers bring forth may be always seen as a gift of God, to be valued and treasured, nurtured and loved. We pray also for all who are expecting a Child. Lord in your mercy.

For the sick who share the suffering of the Saviour - we pray for Christine Booth, Maureen Waring, Mary Ryan, Robert Delaney, Agnes McQuinn, Julie Daly, Ryan Lally, Denis McLoughin, Sadie McLoughlin, Paschal Fagan, Kathleen Burke, Betty Wallace, Mary Burke, Margaret Martin, Chris Lydon, Margaret Flannery

Lord in your mercy...

Light of the world, you gave sight to the man borne blind - give eternal light to those who have died: Lawrence Leavy, James Cunningham, Bridget Burke, Margaret Gillen, Paddy Cunningham and the Victims of the Belgium coach crash in Switzerland AND for those we remember on their anniversary: Stephen Sharples (VIGIL), Mary Bohan (11am), William and Moira Serredge, Patrick Garrett, Michael Griffin (6.30 Sunday) John Scannell

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. Mary, you stood at the foot of the Cross of your Son and you stand at the foot of countless crosses with us on life’s journey. O Mary conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Hail Mary, Full of grace...

Priest. In your bounty Lord give us the Holy Spirit who alone can teach us to ask and seek what is right and according to your holy will. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.