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Sermon for 25 November 2012

A message from the Assistant Priest.

Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King. Year B. Year of Faith 25th November 2012.

National Youth Sunday.

In Church this Sunday we celebrate the feast of Christ the King. This Sunday is the last Sunday in the current Church year. This feast gives us a very special opportunity to start a new year with Christ because Christ is the Universal King. Feast of Christ King is an invitation to love the King of our minds and hearts. At the trial of Jesus Pontius Pilate asked Jesus. Are you the King of Jews? The answer Jesus gave was "You yourself said this". Jesus again said “Yes I am a King .I was born for this. I came into this world for this: to bear witness to the truth: and all who are on the side of the truth listen to my voice. John 18:33 Jesus claimed his kingship. But Jesus very clearly stated that his Kingdom is not of this world and not political. He is the king of ages. Rev. 14:17.

The Kingship of Christ differs from the Kingship of other earthly kings and Queens. He is the king of peace and righteousness. Christ clearly mentions about his divine Mission of Kingship. The kingdom of God is in your midst (Luke; 17.21). Political Kings generally try to rule over the subjects. But Christ’s Kingship is for service and to impart his love for his folk. His Kingship is that of truth and friendship. Christ as a king is not looking for crown and splendour instead love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness. In Christ’s kingdom authority and ruling has no point instead love and service is much appreciated. He is the king who invites his for a personal friendship with him.

Christ the King reveals the truth about the ultimate realities of God and also our own lives. When we accept the authority and dominion of Christ the King there is no need to be fearful. Fear and insecurity has no place in his Kingdom. He safeguards us from all evil and demons because he got all authority in heaven earth over all forces. Nothing can conquer him because he conquered even death by his resurrection. Christ the King always shows us the right path to follow and live with. There are kings and queens in history in different countries for a particular period of time but the kingship of Christ extends to all people and all places for all times.

Since Christ's kingdom is not of this world and not political those who are in his kingdom will enjoy divine splendour. Prayer and sacramental life helps one to be part of his kingdom and to experience joy and peace of Christ the King. His kingdom is a kingdom of peace and no warfare. It is a kingdom of joy. Christ is an end of War. Christ the king unites people of disunity and division. When we accept the authority of Jesus as our King we accept his rule in us and in our family. Where ever he rules he brings unity and love. Christ is the King who washed the feet of His disciples. Christ is the King who laid down his life for us. Christ is the King who has taught us to serve than to be served.

When we celebrate National Youth Sunday today on the feast of Christ the King we pray that all young people receive light for their lives from Christ the Universal King.

God bless,


Bidding Prayers

Christ the King Bidding prayers

Priest: On this solemnity of Christ our Universal king - we come to pay him homage and to offer our faithful service and to seek his help in our universal need.

On this Youth Sunday we pray that all our youth may realise the esteem and love we have for them in Christ. Lord, in your mercy.

Reader: For all the nations gathered on this earth of ours that they may learn to live with one another in mutual respect and harmony and particularly we ask the work of the United Nations Organization and Commonwealth will be a force for good in our world. Lord in your mercy.

That the Marriage Laws of our country and of other nations may be in accord with the Divine Law as revealed by God and His only Son. Lord in your mercy.

We commend to God our Youth who are our joy and consolation. We pray that they may find in Christ their Friend, their Brother, their Mentor and their God and so find life in abundance. Lord in your mercy.

We pray for all Prisoners of conscience - and especially for those of the Faith who suffer persecution for following the Church’s social teaching - in the cause of right for the sake of Christ and we commend them to Christ the Liberator. Lord in your mercy.

That Christ the King may conquer our illnesses and comfort us in our wounded nature and restore to health those who are sick, Mary Molloy, Kathleen Burke, Father McGarry, Gabriela Shaw, Anthony Dwyer, Peter Ramsbottom, Phylis Walsh, Peter Bradley, Debbie Egan, Bridie Ahern, Mary Tivnan.

Lord in your mercy.

May Christ the King bring to eternal life in His Kingdom the souls of those who have died: Edward Healy, Thomas Porter, Jo Kirby, Roger Martin McGowan, Madge Burke, Eamon Devanney (11am) AND For all those whose anniversaries occur at this time and all those on the November Dead List, Frances Swann, George Halligan, Margaret and Michael Cullen, Desmond D'Silvan and Felix Khalco, Lily Williams.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace.

O Mary Conceived without sin. R/ Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Mary is the Mother of the Great King and reigns with him in the Kingdom of Heaven – may she pray for us her children on this great feast of her Son’s Kingship.Hail Mary, full of grace...

Lord our God and Universal Kind to love you is to reign with you. Listen to our prayer which we make in trust and in humility and as we commend our Youth to your care, bring us all to eternal life. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.