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Sermon for 26 August 2012



My Dear People,

Firstly can I remind you of the Requiem Masses being offered on Bank Holiday Monday 27th August for all those buried in Southern Cemetery at 11am near the RC Chapel. Bring a seat if you need one. If it looks like rain bring an umbrella.

Moston Cemetery and Wardley Cemetery are also hosting Mass at 11am on the same day. If wet for Moston Mass, go to St Dunstan's.

Today in the holy Gospel we have our Lord's sublime teaching at the conclusion of this Chapter 6 of the Gospel according to John.

He was willing to lose even the Twelve Apostles if they could not trust his word on his real presence in the Blessed Sacrament. The followers who had been devoted to our Lord said "This is intolerable language" and so it is.

It is the Mystery of Faith. The Bread and the Chalice raised at Mass is not Bread and Wine any more after it is consecrated by a true Priest. It is changed into Christ's Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. You see and taste bread and wine. The reality is THIS IS MY BODY - THIS IS MY BLOOD - TAKE AND EAT TAKE AND DRINK. This is our Lord's command. You must eat the flesh and blood of the Lord until he comes again in Glory if you are to live with His life. It is the Presence sacrament through which Jesus comes into our souls as well as our Tabernacles. It is the food sacrament for he comes as the Bread which brings us eternal life. It is the Sacrifice sacrament because it is Jesus's Eternal offering on the Cross continued through space and time and becomes the sacrifice which takes away the sins of the whole world and remits the sins of the whole world...

Now that is a lot to take in isn't it but it is totally true. Jesus Christ is bodily present in his risen state and therefore can pass into the bread and wine like he passed through the locked doors of the upper room to greet the apostles on Easter Day.

For Jesus to turn to the Twelve and say "Will you too go away.." is amazing. He was willing to lose them if they did not pass this test of faith. They did not know how Jesus would give us his flesh and blood to eat. Peterís answer is the one you would expect from the first Pope "Lord to whom should we go? You have the message of eternal life and we believe; we know that you are the Holy One of God". How about that for a perfect act of faith? Good Saint Peter - always says the right thing in the end and sums the faith up for all of us believers just like Pope Benedict.

May we never take Jesus' Presence for granted and especially in making a good Holy Communion and giving proper attention to our thanksgiving after we have received Holy Communion. Reverence the Presence of Jesus in the Tabernacle of the Altar when you enter the Church by genuflecting well as you are able - despite bad hips and knees - just do your best.

Hope you have all had a little break from the drudge of routine this summer.The Pope was speaking to the Wednesday Audience Crowds at his summer Residence in the Alban Hills the other day. He was saying how in holiday time we have time to reflect and gaze on the beauty of creation and so that creation has a heart because it is our Lordís creation and the work of His hand. How true. When you are on holiday and not in a rush you begin to actually observe things you would often miss donít you? At the Southport Flower Show last week I was struck by the immense beauty and variety of the flowers and plants - even the fruit and veg and honey were a sight to behold and rejoice in. Praise be God in his Divine Son.

Father Tom Connolly.

STOLEN BIKE. The third bike I have had had stolen on Tuesday. Jose the seminarian staying with us left it at the front door and it was GONE! Mr Kevin Fitz soon got him another one on the Net !! Another theft: of Mrs Heneghan's brand new car whilst the house was asleep. Christina does all the Financial Administration and returns for me. WATCH IT - THEY STRIKE AT 3 AM ISH THE TIME THE COPS ARE SWOPPNG SHIFTS I AM TOLD.

Bidding Prayers

Bidding prayers for 21st Sunday of Year B

Priest: The sublime Gift is Christ in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Ė with such a great gift he will refuse nothing we ask from his Father in his Holy Name.

Reader: Through the gift of Christ in Communion may our unity be increased and all men and women believe because of the unity in which we live our faith as Catholics. Lord in your mercy.

For the persecuted brethren burnt out of Iraq recently - that the good Shepherd may watch over them and protect them from those who hate them for their faith in Christ,. Lord in your mercy.

We pray for all who share in the Priestly Ministry. . May all priests be faithful to the High Priest in their celibate calling to love Christ and his people above all other love. Lord in your mercy.

For Christian Husbands and wives: that the Lord will assist them in all their struggles so that Christian marriage will be a witness to Christ's love in the world. We pray especially for the protection of Marriage from dilution into same gender attempts.

For the sick, who rely on the Lord coming to them to strengthen them: may the Holy Spirit help us to resist euthanasia pressing around us again:, Agnes Halligan, . Sylvia Cummins, Mrs Keegan, Maria Caruana, Eileen McCormack, Enrico Azicate, Kathleen Burke, Margaret Martin. Joe Sweeney Tom and Brenda Lynch and Fr McGarry.

Lord in your mercy...

For all those who have died, that Christ may show them his Holy Face in the bliss of Heaven: , Peter Henry , Arthur Higham, Gerard Murphy, Margaret Quinn, John (Jack) Connolly, Patrick Murphy, Pauline Anderson AND All whose anniversaries fall about now: Seamus O'.Hara, (11am) John Bohan, John Smith, Mary Geraghty, Salud O. Lustree. May their souls and the souls of...

Mary is the mother of all the living and the one who gave us her Divine Son. O Mary Conceived without sin. R/ Pray for us who have recourse to thee. HAIL MARY, FULL...

Priest. Listen O Lord to these prayers and petitions of the Holy People of God, Sustain them and sanctify them in your service and kep them unstained. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.