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Sermon for 5 May 2013



My Dear People,

Our Lord promised us the ADVOCATE who would in addition to Himself "who will be with you forever" - the Spirit of Truth whom the world cannot receive because it doesnot know God.

The older I get the more I see that the truth is the greatest victim of our age.Things that a good and wholesome and true are branded as false, untrue and ignoble. This is often done by the people we elect to govern us or who receive their wages from our taxes. They are Public Administrators. They would corrupt our kids wholesale if we did not watch the demons as they approach us with their "Equality" thugs and Booklets and their false truths.

The Catholic Church knows its own innermost Truth. The Holy Spirit reveals it constantly and our Blessed Saviour IS THE TRUTH AND THE WAY. Our Mother the Church will not deviate from the truth about marriage being for men and women - from the fact that God made our Children with a gender and a programme for procreation. The Devil has many ways of deceiving even using science but he is a liar from the beginning and those who follow his ways tell the lies now as Judas did and Pilate and all.

A Parish Newsletter is perhaps not the place to describe such things but children as young Primary age are considered to be an excellent audience for a Drama group paid for my our Education Dept of Manchester to perform in schools a playlet saying how being gay is good. Children have enough to worry about don't they?

But it is the pure propaganda that is being paid for from our rates and taxes to undermine Christian Morality. They invent a problem of Homophobia in our schools and then release all these funds to "combat" it when there is no problem. It is an old trick. I bet the schools which are mostly of the Islamic faith won't be allowing such things. It reminds me of the History of the last Century. Wherever the Red insurgents came they brought with them little banks of Party Cadres whose job it was to put on little shows for the local children playing out in drama form the "class struggle" or the "Peasants hiding the grain" and therefore being "the enemy of the people". The children had to agree with this or themselves be enemies. Yet it taught them go against their beloved parents. It happened in China, Greece, Vietnam, Russia and the satellite countries.

It is exactly the same method but this is not put on my communists but by our City Council Children's Services. They sent it to me some time ago now in the Post as Chairman of the Governing Body of St Kentigerns and St Edwards got the same. My dear people what a terrible lie they tell. Live and let live I say but these are not happy with that.

We are living through an era where we will feel the cold wind of persecution as we become more and more "left footers" - in other words - out of step with the ruling and dominant ideas. It might reduce Christ's Body in the Western to a rump but it will win and our Lord's Truth will triumph and when the childless age we live in has run out of population and we are overtaken by new cultures and religions - then they might turn to the True Faith again.

Do you know - my fear is that these new so called equal Marriage laws will become compulsory in schools but I feel that there is every likelihood that the Police will be sent around to interview me and other Governors and the Heads for holding "Views" that are now illegal. These of course are not "Views" but the morality of the Christian Religion. Is it illegal now to hold Christian moral teachings to be true and from God and guided by the Most Holy Spirit - the Advocate?

Our Lord will console us now "I will not leave you orphans, I shall come back to you" - Come Lord Jesus and send your Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth. On Saturday 18th May at 10am, Vigil of Pentecost, St Kentigern's children will be confirmed in the Holy Spirit. St Edwards children will be confirmed on THIS Sunday, 5th during 10am Mass, May he give them - the new generation the power to resist these evils.

God Bless you all,

Father Tom Connolly

WORLD COMMUNICATIONS SUNDAY IS NEXT Sunday 12th May. A collection will take place for the Office of Communication of our Church. The media is the message and the Church has got to be there giving it as it is.

Bidding Prayers


Priest: Christ has promised to make his home with the Father and the Holy Spirit within the hearts of the faithful. May we be worthy homes and welcome his Divine presence with all our hearts as we turn to the Living Father in his Son's name.

Reader: We pray for the Universal ministry of Pope Francis - we pray that the spread of the Faith will increase by the Pope's witness to the Divine Master. Lord, in your mercy. R/ Hear our Prayer.

For all our children being confirmed in our Parish and Divine Mercy School today that the Advocate will be with them always and that they will remain open to his Divine Promptings. Lord in your mercy.

For our country as it faces new political developments - that we may remain secure and at peace as a community. Lord in your mercy.

For all those who lack a home, a house and shelter - that through our good works and the spread of just institutions - all may find their dignity upheld and find a place to make a home. Lord in your mercy.

The Twelve Foundation stones described in the Book of Revelation are symbols of the 12 apostles - we pray for their successors, as the Bishops ordain men to the priesthood at this time. We pray for all those new priests of this year and the great work they will do in bringing God to the multitude. Keep them faithful and true. Lord in your mercy.

That God may heal and restore those of our community who are sick and infirm: Peter Ramsbottom, Patrick and Peggy Banahan, Mary Everitt, Peggy Forkan, Phyliss King, Enrico Azicate, Mrs Keegan, Mick Cassidy. Lord in your mercy.

For all those who have been called from this life recently:Marie Rowlands, Patrick Masterson AND for those whose anniversaries fall about this time: Brendan Forkan, Margaret Eugenie Collins, Timothy Collins, Ann McNamee, James Kain, ( VIGIL), Rose O'Sullivan (9am), Patrick Sweeney ( 11am), Father Pat Keane, Mary Page, Joan Heneghan, Paddy Boyle, Paschal Fagan.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.


Priest: O God of Tender mercy and eternal faithfulness, bring your divine presence to abide constantly within us and hear and answer our heartfelt prayers. Through Christ our Lord . Amen.