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Sermon for 6 January 2013

The Epiphany of Our Lord 2013. 6th January 2013 Year of Faith.

Message from the Parish Priest.

My Dear People,

First of all may I wish you all a Happy New Year with every grace and blessing of God upon you and the families of our communities of St Kentigern and St Edward. At the end of this Month I will, for the 14th Year begin to run the Marriage Preparation for the engaged couples of our deanery and sometimes beyond. I met a couple who had been on this course eight year ago recently and they were able to quote to me advice and wisdom they had remembered and practised from this Marriage Preparation.

It makes it all the more important then that each of you reading this letter buy a stamp and write a letter to our MP :

Rt Hon. Sir Gerald Kaufman MP,

House of Commons,



I want you to remind him that he has been very much a active supporter of the Catholic Community in this area since he became our MP. We seek his support in not allowing same sex unions to be designated in the way as Marriage. We hold marriage to be for men and women. We also know that despite assurances we will be taken to court for discrimination if we do not agree to perform same sex "marriages" if there is a change in the Law.

We can be certain of this for the Equality Act now has made it impossible for us to have our Roman Catholic children adopted by a Catholic person or man and woman if we do not also offer that child for adoption to gay persons. Now - do you think it will be any different? The Lobby against Marriage is already refusing to use the work Spouse and uses "partner" - you observe please on the TV news - spouse is almost abolished.

So ask our MP not to support this attempt to re-define marriage. The letter From Archbishop Nichols is for you to read. It is very well put. So - as the Star of Bethlehem shines out in this dark world let us beseech the Christ child to deliver us from these great evils of denying our God given nature. Man is defying God and re-creating his own identity - even the gender. This is a wakeup call.

God bless you all,

Father Tom Connolly

Father George is back on 10th January.

On Tuesday morning I have to have a "Sleep Deprived" EEG. Imagine trying to stay awake all night with no tea or coffee? It is supposed to show up the brain waves better.

SOCIETY FOR THE PROECTION OF THE UNBORN CHILD. (SPUC). On Jan 13th I will be holding the annual appeal for this great charity which along with LIFE and others constantly reminds our political masters and our schools that the child in the womb is alive and human and has rights to stay that way- at peace until they have their birth into this world. One of the great crimes our our civilisation is abortion of the young at 200,000 a year in England and Wales. Such a crime devalues human life and so many children then suffer from the fragile human relationships of the adults whose lives they depend on. So many damaged children my dear people and all because marriage is not considered seriously and relationships just become one boyfriend or girlfriend after another.

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