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Sermon for 22nd September 2013

Twenty Fifth Sunday C + Year of Faith


My Dear People,

Self interest is not a very noble thing is it? "Looking after yerself..." is not a compliment at all and indeed would be seen as something to be ashamed of. It is a common feature in today's culture though and one would be considered a fool not to practise it. "The more you do they more they want you to do" my mother used to say and she cleaned other folks house in order to help my dad save up enough to put a deposit on a house to better ourselves.

Anyway that is not the point - I digress. Our Blessed Lord was not behind the door you know in his observation of human nature in Nazareth where he grew up. He noticed how some people behaved and uses the lesson for our good.

The rich man he uses as an example, finds out that the guy he employs to run his accounts has been "wasteful" with his Boss's dosh. Note that he had not been dishonest with his property - simply wasteful and therefore lacking application to the task he was paid to do.

This is the reason why the Master is going to get the Auditors in and find out just exactly how wasteful he had been and then give him the sack. "You are not to be my steward any longer."

This makes the man sober up fast and he gets to work in self interest. He calls all those who owe his boss money and asks them how much they owe. Note how lazy and inept he was. He did not even know just how much they owed the Master - his Boss.

However he knows how he will gain their favour and therefore have "pay back time". He calls them in and finds out how much they owe - "One Hundred ? - here write down Fifty" and so on.

It is a good job it was not modern book keeping which is computer based. You cannot change amounts like that and halve them because they can be traced . The Chairman of the RBS found that out did he not-Big Time? However, our Lord uses the manís astuteness in looking after himself in money matters.

The lesson is to the children of God - learn from this man's pursuit of self interest (children of this world) and see that you invest in the grace of God and so inherit Eternal life.

Money is tainted but eternal life never gets inflated or burnt or wasted or lost or stolen. Pursue that with all the keenness that the lazy and wasteful steward did and you will benefit as children of the light. That is our Blessed Lord speaking to us. Take note and live it.

God Bless you alnd all you love,

My Blessing,

Fr Tom Connolly

CLERGY RETREAT. Next Monday to Friday Fr O'Brien and Fr Connolly are on Clergy Retreat at Ampleforth Abbey near York - a Benedictine Community, so pray for us. Fr George did his Retreat in India during the summer so he is in charge. Pray for us and we will for you. Fr O'Brien has a very stressful apostolate you know at the MRI and Christie and is on call by a buzzer on his waist 24 hours a day and is called, like Fr Egan, in the middle of the night or so early no breakfast and they don't moan.

CAR DRIVING - Fr Connolly will be much restricted for he has to give up driving through a medical condition. He has to be free for twelve months of this condition before getting his driving licence back. Pray for him. It will slow him down a lot and the laity will have to help by driving him to do pastoral tasks.

Bidding Prayers

-Bidding Prayers 25th Sunday C

Priest: O God our Heavenly Father, see your children gathered around your altar and pay heed to our heartfelt prayers.

For God's Holy People - that Christ's words and his presence on earth in his Holy Mystical Body may bring us all to a realisation of our dignity as God's beloved children made for eternal life. Lord in your mercy.

For the world in turmoil and especially Syria and Eygpt and the Holy Land with its wars and its divisions, its rebellion against God and its own strife - that the Spirit of the Living God will be poured out on our world to bring it healing and order and charity. Lord in your mercy.

That God's unborn little ones will know the love of their parents and bring them joy. Lord in your mercy.

For all our young people as they begin the academic year at school, colleges and University - that they will grow in wisdom and knowledge of life. Lord in your mercy.

That we may all pursue our salvation with the keenness that the unjust steward pursued his onw interest. Lord in your mercy.

For all our sick that God's healing hand may be with them to give them courage: Alan O'Donnell, Mary Mellor, Peggy Banahan, Margaret Duggan, Tom and Brenda Lynch, Michael Connolly, Chris Lydon, Jimmy Leonard, Mary Tivnan, Denis McLoughlin, Mary Everett.

Lord in your mercy.

May God grant to those who have died recently the blissful vision of his face in heaven: Sister Philip, Ann Hughes, Michael Gilesnan, Marie Sherrett and for all those souls whose anniversaries fall about this time: Mike Kelly, (9am) Bill Everett (VIGIL), John Morris, Vera Jennings, Patrick McCormack and Michael Rourke (11am)

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in Peace. Amen.

Mary is the gateway to man's heaven and our most powerful advocate on earth - may she pray for us all now: O Mary, Conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Hail Mary, full of grace...

Priest: Lord you always listen to our heartfelt prayer in the name of your Son. Be with us now in the following week and may your watchful hand protect us always through Christ our Lord. Amen