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Sermon for 23 June 2013

Twelfth Sunday of the Year C.+ Year of Faith + FIRST COMMUNION SUNDAY 23 JUNE 2013.


My Dear People,

"Anyone who loses his life for my sake that person will save it." These are the words of the Saviour after he had finished praying in front of the Twelve. Our Blessed Lord leads from the front and it was he who was to lay down his life for us to begin that gift of humanity which would take place by being baptised and believing in Him. It is his dreadful and cruel death which would be eternal life for the rest of us. Not only that - as the Pope says below - it begins a new pattern in human experience. It is not the will to power but the will to serve and lay down one's life that will actually produce the fruits of harmony and peace amongst human kind. To serve not to be served and to lay down oes life and you find life.

Today our first Communion children at the 12.30 Mass will be received by Jesus in the Sacrament which cost him his life. "This is my body broken for you.. this is my blood, poured out for you.." They will in their turn receive Him who made them and redeemed them at their birth and then their baptism and Confirmation. What a wonderful gift He is in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar. This is the food which "has come down from heaven that if a man eat it he will never die" our Lord said. It is His Body, risen and animating his Holy Catholic Church.

Pray for these children and their families that they will come to Mass more and receive our Lord more. The Enemies attack on humanity develops. You will have heard how the new leader of the Girl Guides now has abolished mention of God or country in the Guide's Promise. Guess what - the new Chief Executive of the Girl Guides is Gill Slocombe, the former Head of the Family Planning Association. They are world leaders in abortion provision and forcing the Third world not to have children!!! Surely she continues Satan's work.

God Bless you and all the family,

Father Tom Connolly.

ST JOSEPH: The Holy Father has decided to include St Joseph in all the Eucharistic Prayers and not just Canon One. (Pope John added St Joseph to the list of Saints in the Roman Canon and he died in 1963).

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