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Sermon for 26 May 2013

THE MOST HOLY TRINITY + 26th May 2013. Month of the Blessed Virgin mary and Year of Faith.


My Dear People,

It is Trinity Sunday and this is the day when we focus on the very heart of the Christian Revelation – the nature of the Triune God.

We would not expect the true God to be "simple" would we? We are very complex creatures and full of knowledge and the ability to love and to choose and to grow. In all these we reflect the nature of God in whose image we are made above all other forms of His creation. As the Psalmist says "you have man a little less than a god". So much for the Greens who see us as simply Carbon Footprints!

We would not know of the Holy Trinity unless it was for our Lord speaking about the Persons of the FATHER and the HOLY SPIRIT or ADVOCATE and himself as THE SON of the Father and him existing before "Time". We are talking of deep, deep things here and human language is straining at the edges to express the truth about the Divine Nature. After all we are all God's creatures, not God.

It has been the task of the Catholic Church throughout the ages to test the definitions of the Divine Nature to make sure they conformed to the truth revealed by God through His Only Son. Some fell into heresy in order to describe how Christ was divine and human. One would emphasise one to the detriment of the other and so forth. That is why we use the word “Consubstantial with the Father “ in the Creed. The danger now is that we make Christ out to be a social reformer or teacher of tolerance! The Church of Scotland says our Lord would approve of two of the same sex “marrying” !! We reduce the Christian Faith to being "nice and kind".

God is three and God is One as Cardinal Newman wrote in his famous hymn to the Triune God: “Firmly we believe and truly” All are equal; all have the One nature – the Divine nature. Christ by becoming man is not diminished or limited. It is God who died for us and rose again in his humanity but you cannot separate the humanity from the divinity.

In many places in Europe you will find the main Squares of towns and cities have monuments to the Holy Trinity. This is true of the old Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland, Austria and Malta and Italy. These are the cities and towns which were either overrun or threatened with takeovers by Islamic armies in the 17th C. or before. They are only too aware of what they were fighting for and struggling with – the very existence of a Christian civilisation. Pope Francis Canonised 800 of them from one town in Italy. They had a choice - convert to Islam or get beheaded so 800 of them were beheaded and now they are Saints, That was way back in the 1480s I think.

It is all very well to preach tolerance – which usually means tolerance for everybody and everything except Catholic teaching and Christian teaching and morals.

There would be no mercy shown to the Christian inhabitants of Constantinople when it fell. The whole area of Byzantium is now reduced to 100.000 Christians and yet it was an entirely Christian civilisation as was Libya, Egypt, Turkey, The Levant, before it fell to the Islamic Armies. In Spain the Muslims were not forced to be baptised they were simply told to leave and off they went to N. Africa from where they had invaded Spain in the first place. If they had won we would be all very different in our value and lifestyle and dress and belief about God. Cordoba Cathedral was a Mosque!

All that is history now but history teaches us many lessons. Religion has defined the culture of these Islands since Saints Patrick, Augustine, (his feast on Monday), Paulinus, Aiden and Columba came to us bringing the Catholic and Apostolic Faith. The values we have, the pattern of marriage and civil life and so on, are all dictated by Christianity defined as Trinitarian.

We need to value more and more our roots and our inheritance. We vote in the European Elections. The M.E.P.s can not even bring themselves to mention the Christian faith in their "roots" of civilisation reference in the Euro Constitution. They mentioned Roman and Greek civilization and the Enlightenment and that was as much as they wanted to say. They are in denial. Blessed John Paul held them to account for this treacherous lie but they ignored him. God forgive them. They walk in darkness, not knowing or wanting to acknowledge where they come from. It is no wonder they force such bad and unjust laws on us believers. The Pope has said that they must find their roots again in the Christian culture otherwise Europe will be lost.

Happy Holy Trinity and remember - Easter duties time finishes today.

God bless,

Fr Tom Connolly

FIRST COMMUNION SUNDAYS. St KENTIGERN'S is Sunday 23rd June at A SPECIAL 12.30PM Mass FOR THEM ALONE. The car park will be GETTING FULL V. SOON AFTER THE 11AM MASS, so avoid parking in it if you are regular - go to another Mass for your own sakes!

Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers for Trinity Sunday 2013.

Priest: God is Three and God is one – we firmly believe and adore the true God and seek his help in all our needs.

O Holy Trinity One God, we commend to your tender love all humanity as it stands in this moment of history - may it turn to the One and True God and so find Life and Joy in the Spirit. Lord , in your mercy. Hear our prayer.

For all who search for the truth that the Holy Trinity may be revealed to them as the very Mystery at the heart of the Universe and at the heart of every man and woman born into this world since time began. Lord, in your mercy.

For suffering Christians- especially in Iraq, Syria, China, persecuted for believing in the Triune God revealed by Jesus Christ. Lord in your mercy.

For all our dear students sitting Public Examinations or undergoing Job Interviews - to give them calmness and recall. Lord hear us.

That God will make right again the evil laws being brought in against the truth about Marriage God has created. Lord in your mercy.

For all the Special Ministers and Readers of the Word who have the privilege of ministering at the Altar and the Ambo, that they may fulfil their service with fidelity and zeal. Lord in your mercy.

Reader: For all who are poorly and weak with illness and we especially pray for: Joe Doyle, Eileen Dillon, Peter Halfpenny, Celia Maguire, Mary Everett, Phyllis king, Peggy Forkan, Pat Aldcroft, Enrico Azicarty, Mary Tivnan. Lord in your mercy.

We commend to God’s loving mercy those who have died recently Marian Kearney-Shaw, Ann Pauline Gallagher, Drummer Lee Rigby, Marjorie Walsh, Paul Sakora, Peggy Doyle, Terry Mitchell, Stanely Cain AND For all those whose anniversaries fall about now: Michael Deanney, (6.30 Sunday), Philip Smith, Joan Featherstone (Vigil Mass).

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

Mary is the Mother of the Lord and the giver of Life itself when she brought forth Christ to the waiting world - may she pray for us now… O Mary, conceived without sin. /R Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Hail Mary..

Priest: Holy God – Father Son and Spirit – Listen now to the prayer your people make in confidence and in holy hope. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.