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Sermon for 28 April 2013



My Dear People,

Saint John saw "a new heavens and a new earth - the city will be beautiful as a lovely bride and men's tears will be wiped away - no more death - no more mourning." How about that then as a Promise? This is what the Holy Church looks forward to half way through Eastertide. This vision of John is never lost and sustains the Church throughout the ages. In SPE SALVI, Pope Benedict’s letter, it states that suffering in this world stems partly from our finitude and partly from the mass of sin which has accumulated over the course of history and continues to grow unabated today. We are unable to shake off the power of evil which we plainly see and which is a constant source of human suffering. Only God is able to do this: only God who personally enters human history by making himself Man and suffering within history. So hope for the world's healing has emerged in history through our faith. Pope Benedict went on to say though - it is a hope - not yet fulfilled; hope that gives us courage to place ourselves on the side of the good even in what seems to be hopeless situations - aware that in the external course of history the power of sin will continue to be a terrible presence. Now this is how we must see the Gospel we read at Mass today.

It is the end almost of the Last Supper and our Lord has given himself superabundantly and intimately to the apostles in the Upper Room - the Cenacle and what does John tell us? At that very moment When Judas had gone Jesus said "now has the Son of Man been glorified". He uses the phrase our Lord used exclusively when addressing the Twelve: "MY LITTLE CHILDREN...I will not be with you much longer - (parting gift then) you must love one another just has I have loved you."

Even when Judas was going our to sell him for 30 pieces of silver, our Lord is talking about himself being GLORIFIED. You see the Christian way is different. Even in the midst of betrayal and deception our Lord is not at all perturbed; in fact he is already talking about his Passion being his Glorification. So we must see our lives in this light.

There are plenty of Judas's around even now and they come in all kinds of colours. They go out into the darkness to destroy God Made Marriage between male and female - destroy the innocence of boys and girls in Primary school with falsehoods and they continue to destroy 200,000 babies conceived every year before they can be born into life. Evil takes on new personas in each generation you know, but we must not lose our vision or our hope. In God’s good time all will be restored in Christ and he will reign forever and ever.

God Bless you all,

Father Tom Connolly

Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers for Fifth Sunday of Easter C.

PRIEST:Father - you glorified your Son with the glory he had before the world began and all through his death and resurrection. May we rise above the sufferings you send us with a spirit of faith in the power of the resurrection and eternal life.


That we may be empowered to live in our lives the new commandment given to us by Jesus before his death of loving, just as he loved us. We pray especially for those who have hurt us or have been unjust to us. Lord hear us.

We commend to God all who are called to witness to the power of Christ's love in the Missions fields of the Church and we particularly pray for our fellow believers in Syria and Egypt and Iraq who suffer much. Lord hear us

For the Jewish people who first heard your Covenant that they may find its fulfilment in the Resurrection of the Messiah. Lord hear us.

We commend to the healing hands of the Risen Lord all our sick and those who care for them: .Enrico Azi-carty. Tom and Breda Lynch, Mary Tivnan, Kathleen McGarr, Mary Everitt, Peggy Forkan, Phyllis King, Mary Grogan Pat Aldcroft, Mrs Margaret Keegan. Lord hear us.

Christ vanquished the power of death – bring to resurrection and eternal life those who have died - Kathleen Fretton, Peter Berry and those whose anniversaries occur about this time: Margaret Nutthall, Caterina Refreshmont, Henry Emberson, Maureen Waring, Willie Bromley, SARAH Lindley (1st May) Marjorie Garrett , Jimmy Radcliffe, (VIGIL) Rose O'Sullivan, Carole Silk, Mary Kerrigan, Elizabeth Coughlin, Michael Joseph Hill, John Costello (11am) Patricia Byrne, Kath Hillis.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of...

Mary is the Mother of all the living, our Advocate Help of all Christians:. O Mary conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee. HAIL MARY...

Priest. Look on your People with kindness and through the celebration of the Easter mysteries – bring our faith to its fulfilment in heaven. Hear answer our prayers, Through Christ our Lord.