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Sermon for 1 June 2014



My Dear People,

Our Lord will come again to judge the living and the dead but he now reigns over all from the throne of Glory in Heaven with the Father and the Holy Spirit. It that place of bliss and perfect love and order - Christ our Risen Lord awaits us. He animates his Church on earth with the Gift of the Advocate. This is the Advocate he said to the Apostles that he would send - the Spirit of Truth who WOULD REMIND THEM OF EVEYTHING HE HAD TAUGHT THEM.

That is how the Church is able to function today and have its Being as the Bride of Christ on earth. Animated with the Holy Spirit Christ speaks and loves through her Sacred Ministry. The saving Sacraments of the New Covenant are universally celebrated for the salvation and sanctification of souls. His word is taught and explained to countless millions (the Catholic Church is the largest educator in the world); his saving love is communicated in the countless works of mercy and kindness done in His name for and for His sake every minute of the twenty-four hours. You might be surprised that the Catholic Church cares for more sufferers from AIDS than any other single body. I have said that before but it needs repeating. Without the Charity poured out from the heart of Jesus the world would dry up altogether.

The spiritual ecology of this earth of ours has a most gifted Spiritual Head in the person of Pope Francis. In His Holiness' words and addresses and homilies you find in them a celebration of the truth as you find nowhere else one the face of the earth. The Holy Spirit is certainly "on him" and he speaks the words Christ wants us to hear in order to be enlightened and comforted whilst he is away from us and until He COMES IN GLORY.

The deep impression made by his recent Pilgrimage to the Holy Land indicates that there is another power working here.

Our Lord prepared the Apostles for his departure and when he assembled them in the one place. He then took leave of them commanding to go to all the nations to preach the word and to baptise and he promised to be with His Church until the end of time.

Today Christ has gone to Heaven to await us. He has gone away only to return. He has gone away only to "prepare a place for us". He has gone away but promises to "return to take you with me so that where I am, you maybe too.." But he say "I will be with you always."

Now that is worth living for isn't it? A Happy Feast of Ascension to you all.

Father Tom Connolly

EXAMS PRAYER :For the intercession of St Martin de Porres

Loving Saint Martin ask God to bless my examinations and my hopes for the future year. Obtain for me light and strength to make full use of all the gifts given to me. Help not to get over tense of confused so that I can use well the knowledge I have acquired. May the Holy Spirit guide me so that I can go forward in courage, hope and joy and give a worthy service to God and my neighbour all the days of my life.

NO MASS at St Edwards Monday , Tues or Wednesday next week because as you know I am away. Fr Connolly

Bidding Prayers

Ascension of the Lord Bidding : 2014.

Priest: On this Day the Lord Jesus was taken out of our sight into the heaven of his Father's Kingdom. Let us pray that he who has gone before us to prepare a place for us, will now hear our heartfelt prayer in all our various needs.

Reader. The Lord was taken from our sight but he lives with us in our Holy Mother, the Church. We pray to God for the Church spread throughout the entire world as the largest community of faith and love and communion, that She may always be the true Bride of Christ - radiant in beauty. We pray for our Children and Adult who were confirmed recently . Lord in your mercy.

For all who lack vision and do not know their divine destiny and noble calling - that our witness may bring them nearer to the day when they acknowledge Christ as Lord and God. Lord in your mercy.

We pray for religions of the Book, Islam, Judaism and others who share our origin in Abraham of old - that all may see in the ascended Jesus Christ the true prophet and their future and their hope and its fulfilment. Lord in your mercy.

For those who gaze into the skies instead of believing in the one who is risen - that all who follow horoscopes and fortune tellers may find the error of their ways and trust in God’s providence in their lives. Lord in your mercy.

For those who are sick and who have asked for our support in prayer that the vision of the Heavenly Christ may help them to recover: Mrs Keegan, Frances Howarth, Margaret and Patrick Banaghan, Peggy Forkan, Marie Hopkins, BeeAnne O'Grady. Lord in your mercy.

For all who have died and who have lived by the vision of the eternal glory Christ has entered into: Tommy Colbert, Tom Rowe, Cath Naughton AND For those whose anniversary occurs at this time: Jack Grady (11am), Anthony Riley, Charlene Stokes, Tony Walsh (VIGIL), Brendan Forkan, Tom Forkan.

May their souls and the ..

Mary you are the Queen of Heaven and the star which guides the way to the Harbour who is Christ- pray for us pilgrims. O Mary, conceived without sin. Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Hail Mary...

Priest May the Good Lord who has gone before us as our Brother and Friend welcome us all one day into our eternal Home and give heed to our prayer . He is Lord for ever and ever.