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Sermon for 3 August 2014



My Dear People,

The summer holidays are upon us and numbers are down as people go away for a break.

The folk in the Gospel today went on a break across the sea of Galilee to look for our Lord who had shown himself so great when he had multiplied he loaves and the fishes.

They were after more of the same - free food in any age is received with gladness after all. However there is a barb to this account.

Our Lord tells them that they are only coming because they got free bread and that they should rather work and seek the bread that lasts for ever.

Our Lord is talking about the Blessed Sacrament of course. Now we know that because we are believers. The apostles would have heard our Lord's words but not understood - at least not until the Last Supper when he said over the bread "This is my Body - take and eat". Just look at the way Jesus unfolds this new revelation which has been brought to the fore by the response he got from he feeding of he five thousand. It is not Moses (Manna) who gave you bread from heaven. It is my Father who gives you bread from Heaven - the TRUE bread which has down from heaven and gives life to the world... Remember always that our Blessed Lord was born in Bethlehem which means "house of Bread" for it is the land where most of the wheat grew to feed Israel.

Now - Jesus is revealing that he himself is the "true bread, come down from heaven". He was born of the Virgin Mary and truly came down from heaven to earth. He is existed before time began - he is the Eternal Son - there was never a time when he was not and yet he has come down from heaven and is the bread which gives life to the world.

Thousands of priests offer the Holy Mass everyday - and the Bread comes down from heaven and gives life to the world. The Mass is offered - the sacrifice of praise is made and the Bread of the Lord's Risen life comes to us and gives us life. Every tabernacle is a locus of eternal life emanating from the Blessed Sacrament.

The people said "Give us that bread always" and Jesus says "I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE". What more proof do we want that our Lord is truly present as the Bread of life under the appearances in the Mass of the host and the chalice?

What a wonderful unfolding of the mystery. Our Lord allows them to dialogue with him and gently shows them who is the Bread which they can eat and never again be hungry. This bread is Jesus Himself in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the altar. In this year of The Priest - remember that at the heart of every priest's life there is the Mass from which we receive the Bread that lasts forever. Pray that all priests will celebrate, daily the Mass, with zeal and loving devotion. Pray that many more young men will respond to the vocation to be a Priest. Pray that we will never be let without the Bread that comes down from heaven.

Safe hols and safe return,

Father Tom Connolly

Bidding Prayers

Priest: Christ is the true Bread come down from heaven to give life to the world. In the Holy Mass He gives us Himself. We approach the eternal Father in His Name.

Reader: For the Church Universal in its life throughout the world that she may always give to men and women of our world the Bread of Eternal Life - the Bread which lasts for ever and bring us to Eternal life. Lord in your mercy.

For the Couples marrying at this time and those still preparing - AND for those celebrating Jubilees of Marriage and Priesthood that all may give thanks for their vocation and live with love and fidelity. Lord in your mercy.

For those fighting against euthanasia in all its forms that the moral principle of life as a gift given by God be upheld, and the dying be treated with tenderness and loving care. Lord in your mercy.

We commend to God our dear sick and Frail; that the good Lord will give them courage to face life’s trials: Mary Rafferty, Michael Cahill. Patrick Banahan, Ciccy Corrigan, Kathleen Curry. Lord in your mercy.

We pray for eternal happiness for those who have died recently: Caroline Zareah-Our-rang. Maureen Joyce AND For all those souls whose anniversaries fall about this time: Doris Connolly, Tony Hallinan, Pat Scally, Collins family deceased and Groarke Family deceased, RoseMarie McFarlane, Edward Russell, and the fallen of the Great War of 1914-18 whose centenary is this weekend. May the Lord deliver us from War.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. O Mary, Mother of the Bread of Life - pray for us your children. O Mary Conceived without sin… Hail Mary..

Priest: O Lord and eternal Father, who gave us your eternally Begotten Son as our Bred of Life – listen to the heartfelt prayer of your people. Throu Christ Our Lord.