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Sermon for 14 September 2014


My Dear People,

This Sunday we leave aside the numbers to celebrate the Triumph of our Saviour on the Cross.

This feast was started in the Universal Church because a miracle.

St Helena in 326 AD, the mother of the first Christian Roman Emperor -Constantine the Great, made a pilgrimage to the Holy land and was led by God to the site where the cross bar of the Holy Cross had been discarded after our Blessed Lord's crucifixion.

She unearthed it and built a church over the spot which is still there today the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

The Triumph of the Cross is a real one eh? What was a terrible curse - the cross - the most vile punishment ever invented to kill and torture a poor soul taking many hours to bring death became in the Christian era a most blessed and holy symbol of the new Faith and the new and Final Revelation of God made Man. St Paul cries out - "the state of Jesus was Divine but he did not cling to it but emptied Himself to assume the condition of a SLAVE, even to ACCEPTING DEATH ON A CROSS. BUT GOD RAISED HIM ON HIGH, ABOVE ALL OTHER NAMES OR BEINGS AND EVERY KNEE IS TO BEND AT THE NAME OF JESUS. EVERY TONGUE IS TO ACCLAIM JESUS CHRIST AS LORD."

I guess that is why St Ignatius of Loyola called the Order he found the Jesuits - after the Holy Name. They carried the faith to the New World and fought the Reformation errors big time. Think of Edmund Campion SJ the priest and martyr and Jesuit.

The neighbour of ours - the Holy Name Church is called after the is devotion St Pauls explains in his letter to the Philippians.

We should all have a crucifix in our homes and bedrooms, in our classrooms and institutions operating under the sponsor ship of the Church. Perhaps to wear one round your neck would be good as well. It shows you are a Believer. The Muslim brethren don't mind showing outwardly what their faith is do they?

I am off on Pilgrimage to Fatima for five days with some priests of the Salford Diocese on 22nd Sept - Monday to Friday. I will pray for all of you, my dear parishioners at that holy place. Fr Jorge is returning here for a few days on 18th September. He was here to Supply a year or so ago.

God Bless you all,

Father Tom Connolly

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