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Sermon for 20 July 2014

SIXTEENTH SUNDAY A. 20th July 2014


My Dear People,

The parable of the Darnel and the Wheat continues our Lord's teaching on the nature of life in his Kingdom - the Church. Good and bad exist together and even look much the same from outward appearances. The darnel is sown by the enemy - Satan - the ancient enemy as our Lord calls Satan. He deliberately and intelligently "plants" these bad seeds so that the Church will look as though it is not the good Wheat that the power of God has sown. One only has to look at those who have let down Christ in public life and in history and even in the Bible (Judas) and given grave scandal to the people, and the Media make great show of it and act as though all of us are guilty.

It is a real fact that even in the most spiritual of circles you will get bad people who are intent on trouble and sometimes you just have to suffer it. To sort them all out NOW into the Good and the Bad would in fact disturb the roots of the whole fabric so our Lord wisely tells us that we must leave the final sorting out to Him who is the Final judge and then he will send his angels and – well you know the rest. It is not a good outcome for the Bad!

Those who want the Church to be only for the purest of the pure will not find themselves with us on this. They think that all should be perfect or well that way if they call themselves Catholic or come to Mass. Well it is not what our Lord tells us is it so we have to put up with a certain amount of badness in people and still live in hope that God will sort it out in His own way and in His Divine Wisdom.

The other growth parables today are the Mustard Seed which starts dead tiny and grows into a great shrub and gives shelter to all and the other is the Yeast in the flour which starts small but makes the whole dough rise. How our Lord must have looked at Mary his Mother making the bread daily in Nazareth for surely this is where our Lord got his examples from.

Never underestimate the Church. It arises from the ashes again and again through the power of God. The little yeast is so small and yet it makes the whole loaf rise and without it there is very poor bread. The Holy Spirit renews the face of the earth again and again and he raises up people to do it and they come out of the blue when everyone had given up hope. This "growth" principle is at the heart of the Divine nature of the Mystical Body of Christ. The Church is indeed holy because she lives within the Body of the Risen Lord. Jesus said to Saint Paul on the road to Damascus conversion – "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute ME?" So you see you cannot separate the Body of the Faithful from the Body and the Person of the Risen Lord.

Men can stand in the way of this growth and get left behind or marginalised. The growth will go on. How many of the young people of the Church meeting the Pope in Cracow, Poland for International Youth day will be touched by the presence of Christ in his Vicar on earth – Francis ? Many I can tell you and I am convinced Vocations will come from this Pastoral Visit to Youth of the Universal Church.

God Bless now,

Father Tom Connolly

CHILDREN of both St Kenitigern's and St Edward’s Parish schools (The Divine Mercy) had the Leaver's Masses this week. It is always a bit sad to say goodbye as the children leave us for Secondary School but they must develop and at least they have been happy with us since they began often at 4 years of age. God Be with them all and keep them safe in this dangerous age for youth. St Aloysius Gonzaga. Pray for them (Patron of youth).


MARRIAGE. Congratulations to Deborah Corrigan and Nathan Tyldley who were joined in matrimony on Saturday at St Kentigerns

Bidding Prayers

Bidding for 16th A

Priest: In the church God has make known to us his hidden purpose: to make all things one in Christ. Let us pray that his Will be done.

We give thanks for the presence and power of the Spirit in the church: - give us the will to search for unity, and inspire us to pray and work together - especially the different generation. Lord in your mercy We give you thanks for all those whose work proclaims your love in our hospitals and nursing homes. Be with them in their care of the sick and may they see our Lord in them. Lord in your mercy.

Care for all who serve you in the Ministry of Word and Sacrament - may they bring your whole family to the unity which the Lord prayed for. Lord in your mercy.

Your people have known the ravages of war...as we remember the anniversary of the First World war we pray for peace in our generation and healing for all our wounded forces and a safe return home. Lord in your mercy...

Fulfil the hope for healing for all our Sick: Cissy Corrigan, Kathleen Curry, The Child - Olivia, Jack Harrington, Peter Borsherds, Kathleen Nealon, Agnes Gilsenan, Tom Cummins, Brendan Byrne, Kirsty Rafferty, Eileen McCormack, Patrick Banahan, Marie Hopkins, Denis McLouglin. Lord in your mercy.

Fulfil the hope of all those who have fallen asleep in Christ recently , John Ward, Horace Greasley : bring them to that final Resurrection when you will be all in all and we pray for the souls whose anniversaries fall about this time: Marie Nelis (Vigil), Robert McAllister, Patrick Serridge, Jerko Protrka, Bill McDonagh. May ther souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace.

We turn to may most holy as we say Holy Mary, full of grace...

Priest: Let your people’s cry come into your loving presence Lord - hear their pleas and may they rest in your protecting hand. Through Christ our Lord.