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Sermon for 21 September 2014

TWENTY FIFTH SUNDAY OF THE YEAR A + 21st September 2014.


My Dear People,

The Largesse of God!! How kind and generous is Almighty God. How small we are in the context of the great Universe and yet God has humbled Himself and come down to us through Mary to reveal to us his nature and to give us a share in the Divine Nature. Modern man cannot find this possible. He says that even if God did exist we could never know him and certainly he would not care for us in every detail of our lives. The very idea of the Creator Lord being also our Brother (in Jesus) and our Eternal Father is beyond imagination. Yet our religion tells us again and again from the lips of the only one who can tell us (God made Man) that we are the supreme object of God’s tender and detailed love. He watches over us and gives us wonderful gifts each day.

His generosity does not follow rational lines as the Labourers in the Vineyard discovered. The ones who worked in the heat of the day for 8 hours get the same wage as the ones who spent only a few hours in the cooler part of the afternoon. The lesson is this – it is not a lesson in industrial relations… the lesson is that God will never give up even on the one who puts off entering the work of the harvest. For some the return to God might come later in life and they can grow in grace very quickly after the forgiveness of sins. Look at the Ugandan Martyrs. Some of these lads were still under instruction in the Faith when they were burnt alive and were therefore baptised in their own blood. Matt Talbot spent his life under the booze cloud but in the end became a "saint".

Our Lord is preparing the apostles for the entry of the Gentiles into his Church. The Church of the new Israel would not be by physical descent from Abraham but by Baptism into Christ. The Non-Jews would become part of God's Chosen People too, centuries after the time of Abraham and they would receive even greater graces from God as the Jews had before them.

This did not come easily to those who listened to the Divine Master. When our Lord says "the last shall be first.." they would have been offended. Our Lord points to generosity of the Landowner and the owner of the Vineyard is Christ and his Vine is US - "I am the Vine and you are the Branches."

The Vineyard was an ancient reference to Israel the Vineyard of the Lord and Israel was the vine which yielded good fruit or bad fruit. The Prophets would say that the Vineyard of Israel had produced sour grapes or that the weeds had been allowed to grow and the hedge protecting it had been broken and no one had repaired it. Well - we can readily understand this symbol in the light of history.

Today we pray that those who have come at the ninth hour will feel as welcome as those who have borne the heat of the day. God will not be outdone in generosity.

Monday to Friday remember I will be in Fatima doing Penance for the Conversion of Sinners - me being the first one!! I will be commending you all to our Lady of Fatima and three visionaries who are now all saints.

God Bless you all,

Father Tom Connolly

Bidding Prayers

Bidding 25th Sunday A

Let us ask the Father, from whom every family in heaven and earth takes its name, to send the Spirit of his Son into our hearts as we seek Divine assistance.

Reader: Lord, the creator and redeemer of all mankind, we humbly pray for men of every race in every kind of need and in particular the hostages in Syria and our own local Taxi man – that their lives will be spared. Lord in your mercy.

May the whole church be guided and governed by your Holy Spirit: let all who are called "Christians" be led into the way of truth and hold unity and truth. Watch over the Holy Father in his dangerous visits to Albania. Lord in your mercy.

For the peace and unity of the nations of these islands. Lord in your mercy.

We commend to God's care all that are distressed or afflicted; comfort and relieve them according to their need and grant them the love and consolation of your Spirit and our helping hands.

Let us all imitate the good son who did the Father's will and so found life. We pray for all our children and especially any of them who cause us anxiety. Lord in your mercy

Give to the sick and the housebound, the elderly and the frail the company of your people and comfort in their weakness. We pray for our sick, Ann Dolan, Julie Brady, Mary Mimnagh, Seamus McKenna, Mary Molloy. Brendan Burn, Peter Ramsbottom, Mary Gallagher, Anthony McLoughlin, Philip Keegan. Lord in your mercy.

Father give a place of light and rest to those who have recently died and may we share with them in the glory of the risen Christ one day. Frankie Dwyer (MONTH’S MIND 11AM), Mary Pook (MONTH’S MIND 6.30pm SUNDAY) and Harold Collins AND all those we have loves in life and do not forget in death: Jack Whitley, Brian Williams, Donal Frances O'Connell and Michael and Mary Kelly

May their souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed, thru the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

Oh Mary, you are the Mother of all the Living and the exalted member of our race- pray for us thy children…O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee…Hail Mary..

Priest: Listen graciously to the prayer of the faithful o Lord. They trust in you. May we find serence faith in your providence toward us. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.